Stocks Report: Friday 30th July

Date:    Friday 30th July
Report Author:    Matthew
Best Catch:    12 fish for Andy Hulls
Heaviest Bag:    Anton Gysbers 2 fish for 4lb 10oz
Best Rainbow:    Andy Hulls 3lb
Best Brownie:    Andy Hulls 2lb 8oz
Bank Rod Av:    3.4 fish per angler
Boat Rod Av:    2.7 fish per angler
Sport:  Although the weather has been pretty lousy today the fishing has not been bad at all! Bill Orrell wandered the shore from the jetty down to Barn Quarry and landed 8 good fish with the majority falling to his own black tadpole pattern.
Regular Anton Gysbers had some good sport early on with 4 fish coming to black mini lures and Diawl bachs. Anton fished the quarry corner with a floating line and slow retrieve.  Brothers Dave and Alec Hitchin had a short session with 7 fish between them Bell Point. Once again it seemed the fish were keen to snap up black lures with nomads been there top pattern.
From the boats its been one of those frustrating days for most with numerous dropped fish and plucky takes all day long! Andy Hulls however managed to keep hold of 12 fish! Andy fished a mini cat’s booby on a midge tip line with Barnes Quarry and Newclose Bay being the top spots. Andy’s boat partner Ray had too much cider last night and subsiquecially felt terrible all day and scared all the fish away from his end of the boat!
With temperatures creeping up slowly and just light rain forecast for the weekend there should be some good sport had.
Tight lines Matthew.