Stocks:thursday 29th july

Date:    Thursday 29th July.
Report Author:    Paul.
Best Catch:    Several anglers landed 5 fish.
Heaviest Bag:    4 fish weighing 8lb for Barry Foster.
Best Rainbow:    Several weighing 3lb.
Best Brownie:    3lb for Neville Pinheiro.
Bank Rod Av:    2.00 fish per angler.
Boat Rod Av:    3.80 fish per angler.
Sport:  It was a reasonable day weather wise here at stocks and there were plenty of trout caught with almost all anglers landing fish. As well as those trout caught anglers told me of missed takes and dropped fish, if these fish had stuck there would have been some great catches made, one of these days we are going to see some super catches. A variety of methods have worked well today including dry flies such as daddys, bibio hopper and black bits with these 3 surface patterns drawing a lot of attention from the trout. Subsurface favourites have included various lures in olive and cats whisker and buzzers with black and red being the best colour. When fishing subsurface patterns try not to strike into a take, try to ignore it and carry on your retrieve until the fish is very obviously hooked then a simple lift will see you attached to your fish, this is not as easy as it may sound  but give it a try, some of those pulls and nips that anglers are experiencing will be converted to trout in the net. Ben has just made another stocking of quality trout including some lovely looking brownies. I am out on the water tomorrow and cant wait to get amongst them! See you on the water Paul.