Stocks report: Wednesday 28th July

Date:    Wednesday 28th July
Report Author:    Matthew
Best Catch:    6 fish for David Watson
Heaviest Bag:    12lb 4 oz David McCabe
Best Rainbow:    Several for 3lb
Best Brownie:    2lb 4oz David Watson
Bank Rod Av:    2.5
Boat Rod Av:    2.0
Sport:  Well the reservoir certainly seems to be settling down now after the influx of water.  A drift down the middle of the reservoir is still a good bet with daddy long legs and hopper’s doing the trick.
David and Joan were on the water with Pete, between them they managed 8 good fish up to 4lb. All the fish came early on with the Dam and Grindy’s lawn producing the goods.
Paul had a cracking day too with Rob and Will Shelton. Although only 4 fish came to the net a total of 12 were hooked and played before loosing grip.
The weather seems key to how well it’s fishing at the moment and the forecast looks promising indeed.  Ben is doing a double stocking this week with hundreds of quality browns blues and rainbows.
Tight lines Matthew.