Stocks: Saturday 24th July

Date:    Saturday 24th July
Report Author:    Pete
Best Catch:    5 fish for  Stuart McCaughey and Steve Bland
Heaviest Bag:    3 fish for 7lb 8oz by Pete Williams
Best Rainbow:    3lb 8oz by Ray Whittle
Best Brownie:    2lb 8oz by Harry Smith
Bank Rod Av:    1.00 fish per angler
Boat Rod Av:    3.14 fish per angler
Sport: The Fish are starting to come back on the feed after the torrential rain earlier in the week. The day started tricky but improved as it progressed. The bank was a little quieter though with top rod going to Harry Smith and Dennis Duggan both with 2 fish. Dennis took both his fish with dries from Grindys Lawn. On the boats things are definitely on the up with Lee Cowking taking 4 fish by mimicking the same method Darren Booth used last week. Namely a booby on the point followed by two Dabblers and another booby on the top dropper, Lee commented on the fact that he had countless follows and bow waves after the flies that just came short. Top Honours on the boats today though are shared between Steve Bland and Stuart McCaughey. Steve started out the day pulling blobs but changed over to dries to finish the day with 5. The story was very similar for Stuart. With more settled weather on the way the fishing will improve day by day. See you in the lodge Pete.