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Stocks Report 17th-22nd May 2020

Stocks Report 17th-22nd of May 2020

Rod Average: 8.24

Best bags: Several cricket scores for our anglers this week!

Heaviest 5 fish bags: 18lb+ for Colin Gibbons, 15.5lb for Martin C, 14lb for Brian Shields, 16.5lb for Vince Marglotta.

Biggest Brown: 6lb for Bill Genmell

Biggest Blue: Several around 3lb

Biggest Rainbow: 12lb for Martin Griffiths, 8lb for Vince Marglotta, 10lb for Colin Fitzjohn, 8lb for Ian King, 8lb for Neil Birchall, 8lb 12oz for Mark Smith, 10lb for Frank Williamson

5 flies to try:
Cats whisker booby
Sunburst blob
Pearly cormorant
Foam black daddy long legs
Black hopper

Best bank areas:
The dam
Newclose bay
Along the east bank from the alders down to the willows
Best boat areas:
Open water between gull island and the buoy line
The Dam
Northern Shallows

The 17th was a busy day up here with plenty of anglers coming to enjoy some fantastic sport! On the boats Ian Gaskell shared a boat with son Liam taking 23 fish between them from all over the reservoir, Liam also had a stunning torpedo of a bow with a fully formed tail. Another Gaskell took to the water with a work colleague, Shaun is working on the frontline of the NHS at the moment and sharing accommodation with Joe Harris and some others. Shaun convinced Joe to give fly fishing a go and he managed 3 on his first session out! Brilliant stuff. Also on the boats Mark Tyndal fished the buoy line with boobies and sedge hogs to take a cricket score including a tag fish! Bob Kowalski fished the same area for another good innings all taken on a black pennel. Scott Graham had another cricket score in a similar area. Ryan Feber also had another great day taking fish pulling blobs. Llyod Edwards nymphed his way to a cracking score including a rainbow of 6 1/2lb!
On the bank Colin Fitzjohn had a cracking session landing 11 fish to doule figures on dries. Paul Banister and Josh Banister aged 8 managed 11 fish between them including a brown, blue and rainbow hawthorn dries were their best method. John Tyson had 7 on a diawl bach and Peter Moore took the same with a Kate Mclaren being his top fly. John Shaun landed 8 fish to 6lb+ in Newclose Bay.
Good angling everyone!

The rain came down on the 18th but the fish didn’t care! They continued to feed confidently which resulted in some cracking bags being landed. On the boats there were several cricket scores with fish being caught in the Newclose Bay/ Buoy line area. Jim Hunter found the way on the bank taking 18 from the dam mostly on dries. Mick Greenalsh also had a brilliant half day taking 15 fish to 5lb in Newclose Bay

Another good day here at Stocks with fishing being caught from all over the reservoir there were several great bags from boat and bank with dries and lures high in the water producing well. Newclose Bay was the clear hotspot with 10 fish+ bags coming from the bank and some cricket scores from the boats. Brian Shields landed 23 fish fishing blobs on a slow intermediate line, Brian fished the east bank and barn quarry to get the majority of his fish. Ian King landed a beauty off Ben’s Beach on a black buzzer the fish was around the 8lb mark. Ben Baylis took a half day boat to Newclose and the shallows fishing blobs on a fast glass line to land 14 fish. Neil Birchall had an 8lb fish in his bag of 8 on a Diawl Bach from the east bank. Mark Smith also took an 8lb fish with another 14 landed from various areas around the lake on an orange blob and intermediate line.

It was a hot and bright day on the 20th not the easiest of conditions! Tony Newall found the way taking 20+ fish ,washing lining with cormorants and a coral booby on the point, around gull island and the east bank. Good angling Tony! There were several other big scores from as well on lures and dries. On the bank an angler had a cricket score from the dam wall fishing a mixture of washing lined nymphs and lures. The Kirks (husband and wife) came up for another session after joining us earlier in the week and the day before we got shut down! They managed 21 between them with a bibio hopper being the top pattern. Alan Hall also managed a 5lb bow on a black zonker. Mr G Coorblett took 11 fish on white fritz lures with a 5 fish bag of 13lb 5oz 5 fish bag. Martin C brought a five fish bag of 15.5lb to the scales as well. Frank Wilkinson landed 10 fish from the bank including a 10lb+ fish!

The 21st was a calm and sunny day here and dries were the order of the day. On the boats we had 4 members of the Northern Drifters out, John Hood, Mike Laycock, Nick Halstead and Martin Girffiths. Nick took 19 fish and a 4 fish bag for 14lb, Martin landed a 12lb+ rainbow and I can’t remember John’s exact figures but I know he also had a cracking day! Mike Laycock fished back dries for most of the day only taking 2 of his fish on other flies. Mike was stuck on 19 fish and decided he wasn’t coming off until he had his 20th, when the 20th fish obliged and took his dry it turned out to be a tag fish! Fantastic stuff. Also on the boats Wayne and Aron Dent struggled in the morning with 2 fish, the afternoon was a different story with the final scores being 10 and 16 good angling chaps. Vince Margloith took a 4 fish bag for 16.5lb including a cracking 8lb fish the fish took a black daddy fished from a floating line in Eaking Shallows. James Dryden had a fantastic day on the bank landing over 20 fish washing lining with a ginked up sunburst blob on the point, good angling!

Windy! Not fantastic conditions but those who braved it caught! On the boats Derek Moore fished for a few hours taking 4 fish drifting despite the less than favourable conditions. Bill Genmel led the day with 12 fish from boat and bank including a beautiful 6lb brownie, Bill caught on small cats fished on a slow intermediate. Good angling Bill.

Just a quick reminder than there is no need to book bank fishing at Stocks and pre payment isn’t required as we have a pay station set up In the lodge door. We strongly recommend booking boats to avoid disappointment!

Thanks to everyone who has fished this week and we hope you’ve enjoyed your time up here.

Tight lines,
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BANK HOUSE FLY FISHERY REPORT: To book your visit call 01524770412

Bank House Fly Fishery has continued to fish very well. There have been great catches on washing lined buzzers with boobies or daddies on the point, on small dries fished in the shadows around the islands and on damsel patterns stripped back high in the water. Various patterns under the bung has also scored very well accounting for some big scores.

I have stocked some absolute monster rainbows into the high teens of pounds and the general stamp of fish is currently good with loads of 3lb+ fish. We have seen a fair few Spartic trout being caught as well as some cracking browns and blues. Tigers have been a bit more elusive, but they are still coming out. If you fancy targeting them, try small CDC dries fished tight to the islands, under the overhanging vegetation if possible.

Here are some reports that have been sent to me from the last week:

Iain Scott had a great day. Iain said that the fishing was hard first thing, but then the fish started to play ball. He had a 9.5lb rainbow and 5-6 lb brown the rainbow was caught on top with a small size 12 dear hair CDC on 7lb line and the brown took a size 12 fab on top when it landed on water. (Pictured) Iain ended up with 20 trout and his mate Darren had 19. Good angling fellers.

Chad Dixon also had a cracking session with 10 trout. He had two rainbows around 6lbs, got stripped down to his backing twice. Chad found a dancer stripped back on a floating line was highly effective. See pics

Richard Bamforth and his son Archie found success on small black dries. Crippled midge, F flies and parachutes all worked well. Well done guys.

Detailed individual angler reports are a bit thin on the ground, so please do text or WhatsApp me details of your visit along with any photos you have taken. My mobile number is 07896000939.

Please use the landline 01524770412 to make your booking and to prepay for your session. We are limiting the number of anglers on the fishery to 12 at any one time so there is loads space to fish and to easily maintain social distancing. Many thanks.

Stay Safe and Tight Lines Ben Dobson

Stocks is on Fire! 15th/16th May 2020

Stocks is on fire! 15/16th May 2020


Rod average: 11.28

Biggest bag: Several cricket scores for Robbie Turner, John Chippendale, Steve Smalley, Ryan Feber and loads more 20+ bags.

Heaviest 5 fish bag: 23lb 14oz Rob Flude

Biggest Rainbow: 9lb 8oz Rob Flude

Biggest Brown: 8lb John Romand (John also brought a 17 ¾ lb 5 fish bag to the scales)

Biggest Blue: Several of 3lb

Tag fish winners:

Peter Andrews won a £100 Tackle Voucher

Ryan Ashworth won a Fulling Mill Fly Box and 50 Dry Flies (to be collected)

Paul Whitley won 5 100m spools of Fulling Mill V2 Fluorocarbon


Top bank areas:

Newclose Bay round to Eaking shallows

The Dam

Bell Point


Top boat areas:

Northern Shallows

The Buoy Line

The East bank


5 flies to try:

Cats Whisker Booby

Black Daddy Long Legs

Black Hoppers

Orange Blob

Red Holographic Diawl Bach


Stocks has fished very well since re opening with fish confidently feeding after the break in angling pressure. Following on from the success of Wednesday and Thursdays bank fishing Friday saw the boats out and enjoying some fantastic sport. John Chippendale was the first to record a cricket score all on dries from the Buoy Line. John Romand brought f fish to the scales for 17 ¾ lb including a corking 8lb brown. The rod average was 17.1 at the end of the day! There were several more cricket scores taken the next day and 2 main methods were doing the damage, dry flies and pulling lures on lines between a di3 and a fast glass both methods took large numbers of fish from all around the reservoir with Newclose bay to the northern shallows being a hot spot. Saturday produced much of the same with Robbie Turner and his dad Anthony landing a cricket score Joe Root would be proud of. Rob Flude landed a cracking 9lb 8oz rainbow in his bag weighing 26lb 14oz, Rob caught on a Cats Whisker. On the bank John Tyson banked a 7lb rainbow from Hartley’s along with 14 more.

Myself, Big Ben (Dobson) and Paul would like to thank everyone who has respected the social distancing measures we have put in place and we hope everyone has enjoyed there first session or 2 since the lockdown was introduced.


We still have some boats available for the rest of next week and plenty of space on the bank.

Tight lines and stay safe!




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Stocks and Bank House Fly Fishery get off to flying starts.

Bank House and Stocks Reservoir both had fantastic reopening days.
At Stocks we had 20 bank anglers over the day. The rod average was 9.82 fish per angler.
Derek Moore was top rod with over 27 trout from two trees. The best of which was a fin perfect rainbow of over 6lbs. Derek used a fast glass with candy Fabs and boobies.
Brian Lomax had 15 trout on black humongous he lost a big brownie as well.
The best bag of five weighed in tipped the scales to 12lbs 8oz and was caught by Alan Daniels from Bell Point. His bag was part of his eleven fish catch. We saw trout caught from the Dam and East bank too.
Paul Whitley had a prize tagged trout from Grindy’s Lawn. He Won 6 x 100m spools of fluorocarbon.
No boats went out today. The first are due to venture out of Friday. It will be single occupancy only unless the two anglers are from the same household.
I haven’t got exact figures for Bank House Fly Fishery as anglers couldn’t leave returns. (My bad) However I know it fished very well and there were some big fish caught.
Ricki Newbolt messaged me with his return. He caught 20+ fish. His best brown was a belter of 14lbs, his best rainbow was 12lbs, his best blue was 5lbs, he had two Spartics but he didn’t manage a tiger to complete the set. Good angling Ricki. Hopefully more returns will be posted my way.
I am happy to say social distancing was respected on both fisheries and there were no queues at all.
Stay safe and tight lines. Ben


Stocks Reopens for Fishing from Wednesday 13th.

Stocks Reservoir is open for fishing from Wednesday 13th at 8am for bank fishing only. Boat fishing will recommence for the weekend. At the moment boats are single ocupancy only, unless you are from the same household.
There will be no access to the lodge facilities. However, we have set up a point of sale for tickets & tackle etc at the lodge entrance door. Card payments are preferred, but we do not require payment in advance for fishing at Stocks.
We do ask that all anglers think about their arrival time to avoid excessive queueing and that all social distancing rules are adhered to, (2m apart at any time and 15m apart when fishing).
I look forward to seeing you all on the water.
To fish Bank House Fly Fishery please call 01524 770412 where you can pre book and prepay for your ticket over the phone.
Stay safe, enjoy and tight lines. Ben & Charlotte.