Monthly Archives: October 2019

Stocks fishery report: 30th September to 7th October
Top Rod: Gavin Murray with 7 fish taken fishing hothead damsels and cormorants in the margins on a di3 sweep
Best Fish: 11 ½ lb caught by Duncan Watson on a hothead damsel
Rod average: 2.11
5 Flies to Try:
Hothead Damsel
Foam Daddy
Pearly cormorant
Sunburst Blob
Beaded Pea (Green Pea tied with a florescent bead)
Top Areas:
Hollins Bay to Bell Point
Northern Shallows
Hollins Bay
The Alders
Autumn has definitely arrived with colder temperatures and a full reservoir. The conditions and water level have settled down and the fishing improved towards the end of this week with a rod average of over 4 on Sunday. The fish are tight in and on the move so stay mobile and don’t be afraid to cast parallel to the bank. When the conditions are calmer fish are moving confidently in the surface and are being picked off by anglers fishing foam daddies and other dries.
We are hoping for more settled conditions and the continuation of the improvement in sport over the next week.
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Tight lines,