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Stocks fishery report: 23rd-29th September

Top Rod: John Sykes with 9 fish. John fished a slow intermediate and two foam daddy long legs, casting along the margins in the northern shallows and curry’s cast. Figure of eighting them back produced 9 fish including a 8lb 2oz rainbow
Best Fish: 8lb 2oz caught by John Sykes

Rod average: 2.45

5 Flies to Try:
Hothead Damsel
Foam Daddy
Red Holographic UV Cruncher
Tequila Fusion Blob
Beaded Pea (Green Pea tied with a florescent bead)

Top Areas:
Hollins Bay to Bell Point

Currys Cast
Northern Shallows
Hollins Bay

Sport has steadily picked up over this week with anglers who braved the tough conditions being rewarded with action. The fish are tight in and responding well to damsels and green peas. Casting down the bank has produced many of the fish taken.
The reservoir has filled over the weekend so there’s plenty of fresh ground around the margins for fish to move in on. Not to mention how pretty the lake looks now!

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Stocks fishery report: 17th-23rd September 2019
Rod average: 1.7
Top Rod: Terry Farrell 8 fish
Biggest fish: Steve Martin 11lb 8oz
Top bank areas:
Hollins bay
Bell point
Top boat areas:
Northern shallows
Curry’s cast

Five flies to try:
Blue Flash Damsel
Sunburst Blob
Green Pea
Foam Daddy Long Legs
Junglecock Diawl Bach

A week of two halves with early signs promising! 12 fish for Wayne Dent and Adam Ingraham who caught over the Northern Shallows with sunburst blobs on fast intermediate lines. Sport started to get harder as strong winds and bright skies came, fish were still coming out to the persistent angler and we saw a few 7-11lb fish out over the weekend.
The Stocks and Shares Comp was held on Saturday and won by Andy Cooper with 2 fish bagging him £20 + a cash prize and 4 packets of Fnf Fritz, Colin Fitzjohn was second again getting £20 for his fish a further cash prize and 4 Packets of Fnf Fritz
Sunday morning was…wet, to say the least! The heavy downpours eventually gave way to a lovely afternoon and misty evening with fish moving well tight in along Hollins Bay- Bell Point. We stocked Sunday afternoon and with the level set to rise again we should see an increase in the sport!

The last day of the season will be the 4th of November

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Stocks ‘n’ Shares 21st September 2019

“Bright and breezy never easy!”

Strong winds and bright sun often lead to hard fishing and that’s exactly what we had for our Stocks ‘n’ Shares Competition. 8 anglers took to the water after putting £10 in the pot to be shared out at the end. The total in the pot is then divided by the number of fish caught and each fish caught by an angler is worth a ‘share’ of the pot. 10 fish were caught and with a bit added by us each fish was valued at £10.

1st and 2nd also received additional cash prizes and 4 packets of FNF Fritz. 3rd also received 4 packets of FNF Fritz

Well done to Andy Cooper on another Stocks Competition won this year!

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Andy Cooper’s bag weight was actually 4lb 5oz not 2lb 7oz as i have wrongly put in the table. Apologises


Stocks fishery report: 10th-16th September 2019

Rod average: 2.2
Top Rod: Scott Pozzini with 14 fish
Best bag: Alan Daniels 4 fish for 16lb
Biggest fish: Neil Heath 9lb 8oz rainbow

Top bank areas:
Grindys lawn
Two trees
Grange pont

Top boat areas:
Northern shallows
Curry’s cast
Grange Point

Five flies to try:
Hothead Damsel
Red holo cruncher
Green pea
Foam daddy long legs
Junglecock cheeked diawl bach

Changeable weather has seen changeable fishing. There’s been two very distinct ways to take the fish which have emerged over the past few days. Damsels and greenpeas fished with a fast figure of eight retrieve on lines from a fast intermediate to a floater and dries, particularly foam daddy long legs. There’s been reports of plenty of daddys falling onto the water and, when conditions suit, a lot of surface activity.

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Stocks:Tuesday 10th September.

Sport: Tuesday 10th September.

With the water at a healthy level and cooler overnight temperatures the trout have moved closer to the shore where they can be caught right in amongst the submerged weeds and grasses. The best bank areas have been Grindys lawn in the corner of the dam, Hollins bay, and two trees, Hartleys and Bell point. With the trout still high in the water bank anglers have found either floating or intermediate lines best with daddys, orange lures and damsels the top patterns with a damsel with a touch of orange incorporated in the tying particularly effective. From the boats the top areas have been up the top of the northern end of the lake with Phils flats, willow island, the northern shallows and the willows on the east bank along to Currys cast all holding trout. On Saturday 7th we held a Stocks pairs competition where anglers fished with a friend with the aim of catching 10 trout between them as fast as possible and getting back to the jetty to claim a time bonus. Most of the boats headed off up to the northern end of the lake and this is where the winners and only boat to finish found their fish. Chris Webster and John Sykes caught their 10 trout in amongst the sticks tight to willow island with damsels and a black and green fritz fished on a di3 sinking line being their winning tactic.

Result. 1st Chris Webster and John Sykes. 10 fish 34lb 12oz with time bonus.

2nd Kevin Dinning and Wayne Dent. 7 fish 22lb 9oz.

3rd Warren Price and Felicity Appleton. 3fish 17lb 3oz.

4th Gavin Murray and Stuart Halford. 4 fish 13lb 5oz.

Biggest fish. 10lb 9oz Warren Price.

I would like to thank everyone who fished the competition and I hope you all enjoyed your day. It was also great to see a number of anglers fishing in their first ever competition and hopefully we will see you again soon. Many thanks Paul.