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Stocks Report: 15th-21st July

Stocks Report 15th-21st July
Another good week comes to an end with anglers catching well from bank and boat.
There’s something for everyone on Stocks at the moment with good catches coming to most methods, double figure bags have been taken on dries, lures, nymphs and traditional wets. The fish remain close in and bank anglers have found damsels to be the best way of snaring them as they patrol the margins. The boats have seen great action on dries with some stunning fishing coming up to take various hoppers, daddies and bobs bits.
Top Areas:
Bank: Dam, Bell Point, Hartley’s and Grindy’s Lawn
Boat: Dam, Grindy’s Lawn, The Alders and Curry’s Cast (Fish are well spread across the lake as well)
Top rod: Derek Moore with 16 fish on dries
Best Bag: 14lb 8oz
Biggest fish: Andy Frankitt 8lb Rainbow as did Derek Moore
Rod average: 3.4
Notable catches:
David Jacks took 11 rainbows to 4lb fishing traditional wets from the bank on a floater. An often overlooked but deadly method.
Matt Turner had another good day taking 11 along the East bank and Bell Point on nymphs.
Alan Daniels took the biggest bag of the week from Hartley’s with his 5 fish hitting 14lb 8oz on the scales. He released a further 4.
Ray Entwistle Had 11 from Barn Quarry on a floater and cats whisker. His 2 fish bag was an impressive 7lb.
Derek Moore tempted 16 fish to 8lb on dries from all over the lake.
Today’s (Sunday the 21st of July) average on the boats was 8.3!
Picture: We’ve been filming another tutorial! Any guesses as to what on? Coming soon…66927927_684302185315939_2603476662209216512_n

The ‘Angler’s World’ Fly Fishing Championships comes to Stocks

Next week we welcome John Horsey and ‘The Anglers world Fly Fishing Championship to Stocks Reservoir. This is a brilliant competition. I can highly recommend it.

It’s the floating line only day is on Thursday 25th July and the any line day on Friday 26th July

There are still places and you can book in below! Or just call the lodge on 01200 446602 and you can book in with us and pay on the day.

There are some awesome prizes at the heats and a chance to be a part of the grand final and a shot at winning the holiday of a lifetime with Anglers World Holidays. Got to be in it to win it.


Sunday July 7th to Thursday July 11th

DATE:                              Sunday July 7th to Thursday July 11th
NOTABLE CATCHES:    A cricket score for Matt Turner, 12 for Don Glover, 12 for Derek Moore. 10 for Richard Wincer (half day)
BEST RNB:                  12lbs for Duncan Watson, 9lbs 8oz for Ricki Newbolt, 8lb 4oz for John Crook
BEST BLUE:                 Several @ 2lbs+
BEST BAG:                   5 trout for 15lbs 12oz for Roy Dickinson
WEEKLY ROD AV:       4.30 fish per angler
Sport: On Sunday and Monday the fishing was tricky for most and then the sport picked up again on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
On Sunday the top rod was Duncan Watson with 7 fish and his catch included a good rainbow of around 12lbs. Duncan caught on daddies, cat boobies and bibios fished on a floater. Derek Moore had five fish on dries and Gary Martin tempted five fish to the washing line whilst drifting the east bank.
Monday was also a tricky day, but Don Glover found a way. Don fished dry sedge patterns whilst drifting all around Dam area to catch 12 trout up to 3lbs. Good angling Don. Pat McClintic had a productive half day with five good fish. All took dries in the dam area.
On Tuesday Matt Turner had a red-letter day. He got off to a flying start taking twelve on the washing line from Bell Point. He caught mainly on the diawl bachs on the droppers. He then moved around to Barn Quarry and Two Trees where the booby came into its own. Matt ended up with a cricket score that Bairstow would have been happy with! He also had tagged trout but hadn’t entered. Unlucky Matt. Richard Wincer came for an afternoon session and took ten fish from Bell point in just half a day. Well done Richard.
On Wednesday we had a few more boats out on the water. Derek Moore had twelve rainbows to daddies and cat boobies. He caught close in down the east bank, at the dam and off Bell Point. Gwyneth Mooney and Felicity had 14 to their boat. From the Dam and the east bank. They too caught on dries and cats.
Andy and Ben Frankitt took 12 rainbows on nemo crunchers whilst boat fishing in Grindy’s Lawn. Well done guys.
On the shore Alex Hitchen took six fish from Bell Point and Roy Duckworth took five from Two Trees. Roy cast out blue flash damsels and deadly damsels out over the drop off. His five fish went 15lbs 12oz. Both Alex and Roy were both on half day tickets. Fishing a for just a short session from Bell Point was John Crook. He used diawl bachs to catch his bag of three that tipped the scales to 13lbs 12oz! Helped by a rainbow of 8lbs 4oz. Well done John.
That brings us to today (Thursday 11th) Ricki Newbolt was on good form. He caught eleven trout including a rainbow of 9lb 8oz and played another six. Ricki drifted the shoreline along Hartley’s, round Bell Point and down Ben’s Beach. He then drifted the east bank from Ten Acre Foot to David’s Drain. He had a Dawson’s olive on the point and a green pea on the dropper.
On the shore Keith Landless took advantage of a few free hours to take seven on buzzers from Grindy’s Lawn. I still have a few boats out so if there so if there are any big scores out there, I will report next time. Tight Lines Ben

Stocks Report: Monday July 1st – Friday July 5th

DATE:                                Monday July 1st to Saturday July 6th
REPORT AUTHOR            Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:       18 trout for (no name on return) 15 fish for Ken Whiteside
BEST RNB:                        13lb+ for Mr? 10lbs+ for Derek Moore. 9lbs 4oz for Richard Mitchenson, 9lbs for Alan Dikinson
BEST BROWN:                  1lb 8oz wild brownie for Neil Foster
BEST BLUE:                       4lbs for Mr Short
BEST BAG:                         5 trout for 18lbs 12oz Raymond Mitchinson
WEEKLY ROD AV:              4.03 fish per angler
Sport: The reservoir is fishing well from both boat and bank with great bags and specimen fish taken from both.
The trout are high in the water so dries and the washing line have produced some good scores. Yesterday (Friday) produced the best catch of the week with one angler landing 18 trout whilst fishing along Hartley’s Bank to Barn quarry. He used a floating line with diawl bachs on the droppers and blobs or fabs on the point.
Ken Whiteside took fifteen fish from the same area on a half day ticket. Ken caught his fish on his own UDF pattern. Well done Ken.
Fishing from the middle of the dam wall, Alan Dickinson took five good fish. The best was a rainbow of 9lbs that fought like crazy before it came to the net. Alan used bibio hoppers fished don a floating line. Standing about 30 yards away another bank angler had seven rainbows including a fish estimated at around 13lbs. He returned the big rainbow but took four others that tipped the scales to 11lbs 8oz, so his bag weight for five would’ve been in excess of 24lbs! He caught on the washing line on both the booby and diawl bachs.
Around the corner fishing from a boat along Hollins Bay and Hartley’s bank were buddies Raymond Mitchinson and Paul Irwin. Raymond opted for a floating line with green diawl bachs on the droppers and a Fab on the point and Paul went the same set up but with fucia diawls backs on the droppers. They landed a total of fifteen trout between them. (See pic below) Raymonds bag weight was boosted by a 9lb 4oz rainbow to 18lbs 12oz and Paul’s bag of five weighed very a respectable 14lbs 12oz. Good angling fellers.
Nathan Robertson made good use of a rare opportunity to come fishing. Nathan fished for just two and a half hours to take seven fish up to 4lbs. He fished from a boat off Halstead’s Hike and from the corner of Newclose. Daddies and diawl bachs did the business for him.
Mr Short had a good day fishing from a boat at Grindy’s Lawn. He had had just one fish at 3pm, all bit it a 4lb blue trout. He then switched to two ginked up’ hare’s ears on a floater to take seven more fish and miss a few more.
Craig Wushart and Ian Drisdale had eleven trout between them to their boat. They caught muddlers fished floaters and intermediate lines. Their best area was close in around willow Island. Nice to see you again guys.

Earlier in the week we saw good bags taken on buzzers from the dam wall. Jose Vallarino had a good day on sparklers fished on a floater along the Alders, a good method in bright conditions, and daddies and crunchers continued to be successful.
That brings us to today: Saturday 6th.
Early morning was thick cloud cover and the anglers got off to a flying start. Midmorning the clouds dispersed to leave bright sunshine and the fishing was harder.
In the morning dries were effective with orange or black daddies scoring well. Ken Hardy took six fish and dropped two more before the sun came out and then he added another one on a damsel.
Andy Cooper and Rick Nuttall had ten rainbows to their boat, all took dries and the Dam was their best area.
Neil Foster had a lovely 1lb 8oz wild brownie on his top dropper, unfortunately for Neil he also had a double figure rainbow on his point fly at the same time. He played out the big rainbow, but it slipped the hook whilst he was unhooking the brownie. Both fish swam off none the worse. Neil ended up with five fish caught on fabs fished on a floating line.
We have been used to cloud cover recently the change in conditions needed some working out. Damsels and blobs emerged as the most effective patterns during the bright sunshine and I would suggest straight lining buzzers too, especially at the dam.  I know had other big fish caught and returned this week and some other good catches, but we had no return slips from the anglers so please take a moment to fill one out before you leave.  We have no competitions on now until John Horsey visits with his ‘Anglers World Fly Fishing Championship’on July Thursday 25th and Friday 26th. If you would like a boat just give us a call, and we have availability in our onsite accommodation as well, if you fancy making a trip of it.  Tight Lines Ben

Sunday June 30th: England Qualifier

Sunday saw 18 anglers take to the water for the ATTEFF Loch Style qualifier at Stocks Reservoir.

In windy conditions the fish were high in the water and dries and boobies fished in or on the surface were the methods to catch. In first place with 17 fish was Ryan Feber. Ryan had all his fish on dries drifting out from the dam. Second place went to Ben Dobson. Ben had 15 fish including a huge 9lb rainbow. Ben had his fish on dries and a Peaches and Cream Booby fished near the dam.

Also qualifying for the National Final at Chew in September was Shaun Gaskell who finished third with 9 fish and Simon Gaines who was fourth with 8 fish. Congratulations to all the qualifiers.