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Stocks Report 15th-24th June 2019

Stocks reservoir report 15th -24th June 2019
Stocks continues to maintain its good fishing with a rod average of 5.12!
Both bank and boat are seeing good numbers of fish caught on a variety of methods. With bags of up to 40+ fish on dries, washing lining and lures.
Flies to try:
Green Holographic Diawl Bach
Red Holographic Nemo Cruncher
Black Buzzer
Black Beetle
Orange Foam Daddy Log Legs
Ginger Midas
Hothead Damsel
Cat Booby
Tequila Blob
Hot spots have been Bell Point, Hollins Bay, The Dam and the Alders.
A lot of the fish are tight in so don’t be afraid to cast parallel and work the margins.
Antoon Gysbers comes every Friday and has consistently caught bags between 6 and 8 the last few weeks on nymphs fished tight in. Antoon also usually only fishes for a few hours as well. Top angling!
Colin Fitzjohn had a short session yesterday taking 7 on blobs and damsels from bell point.
The hot spots recently have been the Dam Arm (ten acer foot, the alders, grindy’s lawn) as well as Ben’s Beach and the Boulders. Fish are coming from all over the reservoir though so don’t be afraid to mover around.
Curtis Hitchmough had 28 on Sunday fishing ten acre foot and Paul Davision had 40+ fish on Saturday from all round the lake.
Fish are been taken both in open water and tight to the bank with long drifts on dries doing the business.
Air Ambulance:
On Sunday we had the Air Ambulance Blind Pairs Charity Match. Always a good event and we managed to raise £800+ (exact figure to follow) massive thanks to Derek Moore for his organisation and Felicity Appleton for helping and organising some fantastic raffle prizes. Thanks to all that donated prizes to the raffle including Kilnsey Park Fly Fishery who donated a free half day or half price full day ticket.
The match was fished 10-5 and 34 anglers caught 196 meaning a rod average of 5.76
With the pairs being randomly draw after the match the results are always a surprise!
Top spot went to Andy Cooper and and Ryan Richardson, who also caught the biggest fish at 7lb 2oz. Andy caught 22 fish for 44lb 2oz on a Biscuit Blob, Green Holo Diawl Bach and a Cat Booby. Fantastic angling Andy. Ryan added 4 fish to make the pairs total 55lb 6oz.
Second was Gwyneth Mooney and Derek Moore with 19 fish for 38lb 8oz
Third went to Shaun Gaskell and Steve Bland with 36lb 15oz.
Full results below.
A quick mention for the top three individual rods:
Andy Cooper: 22 fish for 44lb 12oz
Neil Heath: 14 fish for 29lb 1oz
Derek Moore: 13 fish for 26lb
And of course the smallest fish…which went to our own Ben Dobson with a 1lb 6oz! Top work boss.
See you soon!

Stocks report 3nd-14th June 2019


Rod average: 5.4

Stocks continues to fish well with the rain raising the level and providing some new and rich feeding grounds for the fish to move into. The fishing continues to be good in the top of the water with anglers catching well on floating, midge tip and intermediate lines with a combination of dries, nymphs and lures. Cat boobys and bright blobs being the particular favourite with holographic Diawl Bachs and Cormorants on the droppers and on their own also working.
The bank anglers and boat anglers both continue to catch well so there’s something to suit every angler!

We had a large stocking of fish averaging 2.7lb this week and our fish continue to scrap hard and test anglers tackle.

On the 8th of June we hosted the Anglian water airflo international north of England heat.
18 anglers forming 3 teams took to the water and after catching 106 the rod average was 5.89.
Top spot went to John Turner with 11 fish for 22lb 7 oz. John was called in to replace Ian Gaskell who was in ill health (he is now on the mend!) Ian Gaskell always seems to beat our own Ben Dobson to the top spot in this match and now it would seem even his replacement can pip Ben to the top spot!
Ben took 9 fish for 19lb 13oz for 2nd
In third place was Colin Fitzjohn with 8 fish for 16lb 15oz

The top 3 all caught on a mixture of boobys, cormorants, blobs and nymphs on midge tip lines. With a mixture of retrieves working. Orange blobs, cat boobys and peaches and cream boobys taking a good share of the fish. Hot spots were Hartleys, Bell point and Halstead’s hike to the Boulders.

In the accommodation this week we had Michael Timlin and Ian and Jim Crieghton who not only caught loads of fish in their two days but Jim also caught one of our tagged fish bagging himself a £100 voucher which he split with his counterparts taking away some new fly lines.

We have also had plenty more double figure fish out and Gavin Murray and Gary Martin got two of them while sharing a boat earlier in the week!

Stocks Fishery Report 25th May- 2nd June 2019

No video this week sadly but here’s a quick report on how the Res is fishing.

Rod Average: 6

We have continued to see good numbers of fish taken from both bank and boat this week with scores up to 18 fish on a wide range of methods. The key has been getting the flies in the top 1-3ft of water. Dries, washing lining and pulling in the surface have all done well with a few of the favourite patterns feature on the attached slideshow.

We have also seen a good number of double figure fish caught!

Individual reports will follow on the various competitions we have held and will appear on here in the coming week…

Hope to see you down here soon for some top top of the water sport!