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Bank House has continued to fish well throughout the summer despite the hot weather that has hampered so many other waters. We think this is because of the amount of water that flows through Bank House on a daily basis. The water in the entire lake turns over about every two and half days, so it does not sit exposed to the hot summer sun day after day getting warmer and warmer. Also, before the water reaches Bank House Fly Fishery, the inlet stream flows from its source almost entirely through dense woodland or underground and is rarely exposed to the sun. This also helps maintain a lower water temperatures, a crucial factor when considering summer trout fishing.
We have seen some good catches in August so far on a variety of methods that reflect the differing conditions on the day.
Tom Smith had an arm aching session with fifteen rainbows, all of which fell to various blobs pulled back.
Dave Watt had eight fish on okey dokey buzzers.
Gary Martin had fourteen rainbows on Sunday on pink blobs and pink snakes fished back very slowly. He commented that some of the takes were savage, almost ripping the rod out of his hand.
Felicity Appleton has visited Bank House three times this month catching ten, seven and seven fish respectively. She has switched between pink lures and dry daddies and beetles.
There have been plenty of decent brownies about, Ron Hill landed one of 5lbs 8oz and J Hodgson had another at 5lbs. I have been told of anglers being snapped and some big brownies that have got away. The resident big browns are wily creatures, they know where the snags are.
I have fished bank house a couple of times over the last week whilst giving lessons. I found that a sunk foam daddy twiddled back on floating line produced some great takes. Tight Lines Ben

August 8th to August 12th

Wednesday the 8th was the toughest of the four days; blustery showers saw most anglers off the water early. Fish were caught mainly to flies pulled back through the surface or on dries.
Thursday belonged to Mark Wilson. Mark, who stayed for a couple of nights in our onsite apartment, hired a rod and line and ventured out to Hollins Point near the deeps. Mark fished a floating line with dries to take his first two fish then, as the sun increased in strength, he switched to a green pea on the point and Iain Barr’s candy buzzer on the dropper. He cast across the breeze and retrieved with a very slow figure of eight. Mark landed a total of fourteen fish. Good Angling Mark.
On Friday Antoon Gysbers went to the same area and fished in similar fashion. There was a slight difference in the patterns used though. Antoon favoured a black and red cormorant on the point with a black and green crackton nymph on the middle with a pheasant tail on the top. Antoon landed eight rainbows to 3lbs over a short session before returning to the lodge for an egg butty.
We only had a couple of bank anglers on Saturday, both of whom fished on half day tickets from Bell Point. David Jaques was the top rod with six trout. He used a floating line with a lures and his ever-trusty invicta pattern.
We also held our annual dry lines competition on Saturday and fifteen anglers set out to try and become the 2018 champion.
It was fished over two sessions. The two 3 ½ hour sessions were separated by a break for lunch and a beer and Jane put on another great spread that was really enjoyed by everyone.
The conditions during the morning session were bright sunshine and a light breeze. This made for tricky fishing, as everyone was only allowed to fish a floating line.
Derek Moore however bucked the trend coming in at lunchtime with five rainbows all of which fell to a black and green snake. Good angling Derek.
The afternoon session was accompanied by some welcome cloud cover and not surprisingly more trout were caught across the board.
Two anglers caught five fish over this session. The first was Bob Fitzpatrick who fished dries at the dam; he dropped another at the net as well. The second was Tim Barley who fished both Hollins and at the dam to get his fish.
Over both the sessions two anglers caught six fish, they were, Bob Fitz and Derek Moore.
Both anglers caught one fish in one session, which, in both cases, were the smallest individual fish of the session and both anglers caught five in their other session.
This made for a close result. In the end Bob Fitzpatrick was crowned the 2018 champion and Derek after winning the morning session ended up in 5th place over all. This was unlucky on his part.
Neil Heath took second spot, Tim Barley won the afternoon session and Bob Cooper won the biggest fish prize. (the full results are shown below) Well done everyone.
Next Sunday we have the Stocks Boat Masters. Anyone can enter, there will be great prizes on offer once again and it will be a great fun day as always. Just call the lodge on 01200 446602 to enter or for more info. Tight Lines Ben

Stocks Dry Lines: Saturday August 11th

We are holding our annual open dry lines fly fishing competition on Stocks on Saturday August 11th.
This is one of the friendliest and most enjoyable matches of the season.
The competion is split into two 4hr sessions; the first will be fished from 9:30am to 1:15pm. There is a break for a buffet lunch, we then recommence fish at 2:15 and the match finishes at 6:00pm.
There will be prizes for the winners in each session and the overall winner across both sessions.
The cost of entry is just £15 on top of your fishing fees and that includes your lunch and the chance to win some great prizes.
One of the best things about this competition is that it’s two matches in one day and no individual angler can win more than one prize, so you have every chance of winning something.
If you would like to enter please call the lodge on 01200 446602.

Stocks:3rd-7th August.

Sport: The cloud cover has once again dictated the best method, either deep with sinking lines and big dark coloured lures in the sunshine or much higher in the water on buzzers, nymphs and dry flies under cloud. Ron Melling had a good half day catching on his favourite hoppers right in the surface with claret and amber being the best colour. Ron saw plenty of surface activity with the main basin being his best area. Jamie Presho fished to the conditions catching this morning on a di5 sinking line and black snake before a switch to an orange daddy this afternoon. Jamie caught all his fish in the main basin out from the jetty. Brian Seers had plenty of action fishing bang in the middle of the dam arm. Brian landed 7 fish and hooked and lost a good number more. Brian found the trout lying deeper in the water so opted for a di3 and black snake set up. Tom Elliot fished all around the dam wall and found a switch to a midge tip line and a team of black buzzers just what the trout were looking for. Another angler to catch his trout on a team of buzzers was Steve Fairbourn who also found his best spot to be along the dam wall. It is good to see a few different methods working but keep an eye in the sky, sunny deep, cloudy high in the water. Syotw Paul.

Wednesday August 1st to Friday August 3rd

Stocks has continued to fish well over the last three days with the exception of Wednesday morning, during which the bright sunshine made the trout much more difficult to catch.
There has been quite a few different patterns used to catch as conditions have been quite variable.
On Wednesday afternoon, when we got the cloud cover, the bank started to fish really well between the jetty and Bell Point.
David Jaques landed six rainbows up to 3lbs stroking back an invicta just below the surface on a floater. David fished between the jetty and Barn Quarry and said that another dozen pulled his line but didn’t stick.
Towards Bell Point Tim Taylor also had six rainbows to 3lbs, however this time they fell to soldier palmers and diawl bachs.
Richard Wincer was fishing nearby. He landed five trout on hare’s ears and amongst them was a lovely 5lb 8oz brownie that ran him on a merry dance before succumbing to the net. See picture below.
Out on the boats Gavin Murray was the top rod with five trout all taken on dry hoppers and daddies. I think this was because his grandson Mathew Bracewell had been out the day before and sussed out the method for him. (see pic below) Well done fellers.
Stuart Halford and his boat partner Ben had seven to their boat on black and red dries whilst drifting up the dam arm, and Mark Chippendale had four on dry daddies from Grindy’s Lawn.
We were quiet on Thursday but the top rod was David Banks who landed six trout along Hartley’s Bank. David caught all his fish on a green pea fished on a floating line. Bob Fitzpatrick and Steve Bland had seven trout between them all of which came to dries.
Today lures have proven to be the most successful method. The top rod so far is Ilse of Man angler Graham Norman with six good fish to 3lbs 8oz on tequila blobs fished back on a medium sinker (Di3). Ricki Newbolt took four fish on white snakes fished on a floater.
On the shore Brian Jarvis took three rainbows from two trees on a pink humongous fished on a floater. I still have a few anglers out so if there are any big catches I will include them next time. Tight Lines Ben