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Saturday July 21st

The level may be down but we’re fishing well.
The rod average today so far is 3.8 from the boats and 3.0 from the shore. Still a few anglers out though.
Ginger, red or orange dries are fishing well, due to plenty of soldier beetles about.
Also floaters with white minkies or Di3 lines with blob and diawl bach combinations.
A full report for back half of this week will be posted tomorrow. Tight Lines Ben

Stocks: Tuesday 17th July.

Sport: With the exception of a heavy but brief down pour last night the hot bright conditions have continued for most of the last week. Although these conditions are certainly not the best for trout fishing anglers are still catching fish. Whenever there is any cloud cover dry daddys and hoppers have taken trout but as cloud has been sparse fishing much deeper on di5 or di7 fast sinking lines has been the best tactic. Olly Moore and pals had a good day landing trout up to 3lb in weight. They had plenty of action whilst fishing fast sinking lines and minkies deep down right in the middle of the main basin. Mr Tiddeswell had a super day landing 9 trout and hooking and losing others. A fast sinking line and minkies set up was his best tactic with the deeper water up the dam arm his best spot. Peter Murphy was amongst the fish yesterday whilst boat fishing along the dam wall. Peter caught his fish on a di5 and black tadpole. Peter Soloman was another successful angler but this time opted for a sink tip line and team of black buzzers fished deep and static around the dam. The deepest water right in the middle of the lake has been by far the best area, this is where the coolest water will be found. Syotw Paul.

Thursday July 12th

On Thursday we held the second day of the Anglers World Fly Fishing Championship. On this day however we were only allowed to use floating lines. This was bound to be tricky as the match the day before was won on a Di5 counted down and twiddled back.
So many anglers opted for a long leader with buzzers or diawl bach to get down.
I had a great day out Dilwyn Parry and I managed to catch a few fish as well. I found a method after lunch which was a small two tone blob on the point, with red holo diawls on the dropper. The later had caught Dilwyn his fish the day before. After casting out we allowed our flies to sink down before giving two long strips then fishing static. This process was repeated until we lifted out flies back up the boat. The takes were savage and nearly always came after the strips when our flies were left static in the water. We both could’ve/should’ve had a few more but it was great fun.
Ian Gaskell fished static red holo diawls too and different two tone blob to me and he caught well too. Fish were caught at the Dam and over deep water from The Dam neck, out over the main basin towards Blackhouse and Ben’s Beach.
There were quite a few fish rising but most anglers remained fishing subsurface. However a few fish were taken on dries.
The rod average was down on Wednesday’s any line day from 4.75 to 2.90, The top 10 results are shown below. Tight Lines Ben

Place         Anglers              No. Fish   Best Fish   Bag Weight   Bonus   Total Weight
1st      BEN DOBSON              6             2lb 01           6lb 15           4lb          10lb 15
2nd     IAN GASKELL               6             1lb 12           6lb 04           4lb          10lb 04
3rd     DIONE ROBERTS          4             2lb 04           7lb 07           0               7lb 07
4th     BOB FITZPATRICK        4             2lb 03           7lb 00           0               7lb 00
5th     GERALLT HUGHES       3             1lb 13           5lb 00           0               5lb 00
6th     IAN MUIR                      3             1lb 13           4lb 14           0                4lb 14
7th     GYWNETH MOONEY   3             1lb 14           4lb 13           0                4lb 13
8th     DEREK MOORE             2             2lb 01          4lb 01            0               4lb 01
9th     GAVIN MURRAY           2              2lb 03          3lb 12           0                3lb 12
10th   TONY NEWALL             2              1lb 14          3lb 06           0                3lb 06

Wednesday July 11th

Brilliant first day of the Anglers World Fly Fishing Championship’s on Stocks Reservoir.
Well done Gerallt Hughes for winning the heat with thirteen fish. Gerallt fished a Di5 sweep line with small blobs, boobies and diawl bachs.
The rod average for the match was 4.75 fish per man.
The top eight rods were as follows
1st Gerallt Hughes 13 fish
2nd Jim Rigby with 7 fish
3rd Tony Newall with 7 fish
4th Frabrice Dockier with 6 fish
5th Colin Fitzjohn with 5 fish
6th Derek Moore with 5 fish
7th Dilwyn Parry with 4 fish (Wild Card)
8th Ian Muir with 4 fish
Good angling fellers and good luck in the final.
It’s the floating line only day today so it might be a little trickier although we did see fish rising yesterday and last night some ants started to take to the wing. We just need a breeze to blow them onto the water. 🙂

From left to right: Colin Fitzjohn, Gerallt Hughes, Frabrice Dockier, Jim Rigby, Dilwyn Parry and Tony Newall. well done fellers.

From left to right: Colin Fitzjohn, Gerallt Hughes, Frabrice Dockier, Jim Rigby, Dilwyn Parry and Tony Newall. well done fellers.

Stocks: Wednesday July 4th -Friday July 6th + Bank House Report

DATE:                                 Wednesday July 4th to Friday July 6th
REPORT AUTHOR            Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:       6 trout for Peter Andrews and Gavin Murry
BEST RNB:                        Several @ 3lbs Peter Andrews & Charles Holmes
BEST BROWN:                  Wild bownies Bob Fitzpatrick
BANK ROD AV:                2.0 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                2.4 fish per angler
Sport: The hot weather has kept most anglers away this week, however the reservoir is producing some good bags of trout and most fisherman are being rewarded for their efforts.
As always, there is more than one way to skin a cat and two methods have emerged over the last few days that have proved productive.
On Wednesday Gavin Murray was the top rod with six rainbows to his boat. Gavin found that sinking lines combined with a variety of different lures caught him fish. Gavin commented on how many nips and pulls he had had as well as the six fish he landed.
Bob Fitzpatrick was also a float on Wednesday and got hold of five trout over a short session but unfortunately three of them parted company before he could get his net under them. Bob fished a sink tip line with a team of black buzzers and concentrated his efforts over the deep near the buoy line and Newclose Bay.
These two different methods continued to score well over the next couple of days.
On Thursday Jamie Presho took five rainbows and got bust by another whilst bank fishing from the dam wall. Jamie used a Di5 sinking and white snakes to great effect, counting the line down and then jerking the snake back. He commented that several other fish followed his lure up before turning away. The water in Stocks is so clear now that the visibility is excellent.
On Friday the top catches came from the boats once again.
New member Charles Holmes took five good fish on Diawl bachs whilst boat fishing near the Spillway. Charles fished them really slowly on a floating line, allowing them to sink right down. It was described to me as sitting on them.
Also on afloat on a boat was Peter Andrews. Peter used both a floating line and a Di5 to catch six rainbows to 3lbs. His best patterns on the floater were buzzers and on the Di5 were damsels. He found fish hold along the east bank.

Bank House Fly Fishery has been producing some good catches and good fish too.
Throughout June the rod average at Bank House was 4.1 fish per angler.
In think the best reported session was probably made by Mr Ellison from St Helens. Mr Ellison visited Bank in the middle of the month and fished a hothead damsel pattern to catch thirteen fish and his best brown trout tipped the scales to 11lbs 8oz.
There were a lot of catches of six, seven and eight rainbows throughout the course of June hence the good rod average.
Mr Banks from Morecambe had eight fish and his catch included rainbows to 4lbs and browns to 8lbs.
Mr Francis from Lancaster had seven fish including a 6lb brown trout and rainbows 4lbs.
A variety of methods were successful. When the cloud cover allowed dries produced some great bags of fish. Foam daddies were a favourite pattern and these daddies continued to catch well sub surface when the cloud disappeared and it brightened up.
July has got off to a flying start and although the fishery has been quiet the anglers that have ventured out have caught well. The rod average so far in July is 5.33.
Gary Martin and Felicity Appleton had twelve trout between them on pink lures fish on sinking lines.
Mr D Allan used black/white buzzers to catch 10 trout. His catch included a brownie of 7lbs 8oz and rainbows to 3lbs 8oz and His fishing buddy Chris caught six fish to 4lbs on damsel patterns.
If you are planning to visit us during July, the best patterns have been damsels and buzzers but dries will still work well in the shadows of the trees and islands. Try small wets like bibios and hoppers or small foam daddy long legs twitched back subsurface. I find that fishing lighter leaders at Bank House always results in more takes. 4lbs is a good compromise. There are a lot of big browns in the fishery at the moment, which means getting broken is a risk. However if you just fish a single fly you can still play them quite hard and quickly return them if you are fishing on a sporting ticket.
The water clarity is excellent at Bank House at the moment, crystal clear. Don’t be fooled by the pollen laying on the surface that is covering some areas, beneath it is gin clear. Tight Lines Ben