Monthly Archives: July 2018

Stocks:Tuesday 31st July.

Sport: It has been noticeable this week that whenever there are bright conditions the trout have been lying deeper in the water and on more overcast days they are to be found much higher in the water and indeed right on the top. On Wednesday an imitative approach took the best catches. Matt Turner fished along the east bank to catch his bag and with cloud cover he found a floating line his top choice. All Matts fish fell to a hares ear. It was a similar setup for Dave Grimes who caught his fish from the dam wall on buzzers. Peter Andrews and Andrew Bentley had a good day afloat landing 9 fish between them. Their best spot was up by the dam where they found red headed blue flash damsels on floating lines to be the best tactic. On Sunday we had the first real rain we have had for months. The top catch went to boat angler Colin Fitzjohn with 6 trout. Colin had loads of follows with the trout chasing his flies through the surface with a damsel on the point and 2 boobys on droppers on a floating line to create an enticing wake. Colins boat partner Matthew Rodderick had on similar flies but a di7 sinking line and managed to land 1 fish. When Colin left he changed his line to a floater and immediately started to get much more action proving that the trout were higher in the water and willing to chase with the grey leaden skies. Colin was back again yesterday and once again landed 6 good trout. This time Colin fished from the bank where he caught his fish from the jetty to Bell point. A tagged trout was caught by David Hinkes this week that gave him a £50 tackle voucher so well done David. Syotw Paul.

Temporary road closure

The road between Slaidburn and Stocks Fly Fishery will be closed tomorrow Thursday July 26th from 7am until late afternoon. Hopefully it will be open again on Friday, but I will keep you posted. The fishery will still be accessible from the north tomorrow. ie Bentham.

Stocks:Tuesday 24th July.

Sport: There has been a good number of trout caught over the last week with both bank and boat anglers enjoying some good sport. Last week saw the hot bright conditions continue but for the last few days we have had a bit of drizzle and much more cloud cover which is always beneficial when trout fishing. The result of this cloud has seen the trout move higher in the water and where as last week the best catches fell to lures fished extra deep on di7 and di8 fast sinking lines floating and slow intermediates have been the best choice. Brian Hitchen has been amongst the trout fishing into the deeper water off Hollins point but found the trout high in the water where a Montana on a floating line was his best tactic. Mr Mutty fished from Bell point and landed 4 fish weighing 3lb in a short session this week. A dry sedge pattern was his best fly. Karl Davies was also successful with dry flies fishing along the east bank and the dam. Karl took all his fish on a daddy long legs. Ian McCloud also found fish around the dam landing 6 fish with his biggest weighing 6lb. Ian found his best tactic to be pulling a booby an a di3 sinking line. Sean Proctor stuck with the minkies that have been working recently but fished them higher in the water. Sean had a good number of other chances. Mr Garin had a good afternoon afloat drifting all over the lake. He opted for a dry daddy and finished with 6 fish to the boat. Jamie Presho landed 5 fish in just a couple of hours whilst fishing around the tower. He found a jerky retrieve best and caught on damsels and cormorants on a di5 sinking line. Stuart Halford had a good day bringing 7 fish to his boat. Stuart caught all his fish on muskins twiddled on a di3 sinker. Derek Moore and Felicity Appleton landed 11 fish between them. They took the majority of their fish from Gull island and the main basin on cats booys on di5 sinking lines and dry flies right in the surface film. Neil Ashworth and Paul Peters caught 10 trout between them with blobs and diawl bach on di3 sinkers although the trout were not at all deep in the water as they stripped their flies back fast as soon as they hit the water. Steve Bland and Bob Fitzpatrick caught 10 fish between them and had numerous other chances. They found the key was to get the trout chasing the flies across the surface by stripping a booby as fast as possible as soon as it hit the water to get it to skip. Colin Fitz john brought 8 trout to the net whilst drifting in the dam area. Colin took all his fish on dries. Another angler to catch on dries by the dam wall was Jim Hunter who took his 12 trout by 2pm. The top catch yesterday want to Bob Fitzpatrick with his 6 fish caught on both orange and black and red midas and daddy/hopper. Dry flies were the best tactic again today fished either down the middle of the dam arm or bang in the middle of the main basin. Richie Kelly and Gavin Murray landed 7 fish between them whilst Stuart Halford caught 8 fish with all falling to ginger or orange midas patterns. Dave Vose and Steve Horrocks had lots of action and finished with 9 fish to their boat including the biggest fish of the day a 6lb 10oz rainbow. They caught at Grindys lawn with dawsons olive on a floating line the best tactic. A dawsons olive was also the top fly for Jimmy who has been staying with us for a few days. Jimmy caught 6 and lost 5 others from various areas of the lake. Syotw Paul.

Saturday July 21st

The level may be down but we’re fishing well.
The rod average today so far is 3.8 from the boats and 3.0 from the shore. Still a few anglers out though.
Ginger, red or orange dries are fishing well, due to plenty of soldier beetles about.
Also floaters with white minkies or Di3 lines with blob and diawl bach combinations.
A full report for back half of this week will be posted tomorrow. Tight Lines Ben