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John Horsey’s ‘Anglers World Fly Fishing Championship

John Horsey’s ‘Anglers World Fly Fishing Championship’ is coming to Stocks Reservoir on Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th of July.
This is an awesome event with superb prizes.
The 2018 Anglers World Champion will be joined by 2 other Holiday Prize Winners in an exciting new addition to the prizes, courtesy of Anglers World Holidays.
The prices have remained exactly the same as last year so it’s great value for money: £30 entry fee plus fishing fees to have the chance of winning the biggest prizes available in fly fishing.
We still have place available on Stocks you can enter on John’s site: or call the fishing lodge and book in with us on 01200 446602. Tight lines Ben

Stuart Halford caught this belting Stocks rainbow on Wednesday.

Stuart Halford caught this belting Stocks rainbow on Wednesday.

Wednesday June to Monday June 24th

DATE: Wednesday20th-Mon 25th June.
BEST RNB: 8lb 2oz for Jamie Presho.

Sport: The great weather has continued again this week and although these are not ideal conditions there have been some good catches taken. The more cloud cover there has been the higher in the water the trout have been caught, the windier and brighter the conditions dictate that the trout have been caught deeper in the water. Season ticket holder Jamie Presho has been amongst the trout landing 6 and 7 trout in consecutive days with the biggest of Jamies rainbows weighing 8lb 2oz. Jamie has taken fish from many areas but his best spot has been Grindys lawn and the dam wall where black holo diawl bach and straggle dabblers on a sink tip line has accounted for most of his fish. Matt Turner fished the bank between Bell point and Bens beach to land his 7 trout. Matt also found a sink tip line effective but this time with a team of small black lures. On Wednesday the bank out fished the boats with 4 anglers landing 21 fish between them. The east bank, dam and Bell point were the best spots with cats whisker, daddys and black and green mini lures being the best patterns. Richard Hood, Chris Webster, Anton Duerden and Ian Wood from Cheshire constabulary had a practice day ahead of their national eliminator to be held on Thursday. They caught 56 trout between them on a variety of tactics but the key was to keep the flies high in the water. On match day the conditions were not ideal but they still finished top team and are now through to the police national final to be held later this year so well done and good luck in the final. Saturday saw Northumbrian water game anglers visit Stocks where 10 anglers caught a total of 45 trout between them with the biggest rainbow weighing 5lb 40z for Gary Bolton. David Forster was top rod with 10 fish, second was Dave Wilson with 8 and in third spot was Phil Wagget with 7 trout. Various lures and white snakes on ssi and di3 sinking lines accounted for most of their fish. Staying in the apartment this week were Scottish anglers  Alan Daisley and pals who despite the heat wave continuing caught fish on each day of their visit. They changed tactics as the day progressed from dries first thing in the morning through to nymphs and then lures on sinking lines during the hottest brightest spells. Great to have had you with us fellas, great company and great craik! Hopefully see you again soon. There are places left in the Scierra pairs event to be held this Saturday (30th.) Anyone wishing to enter please call the fishing lodge on 01200 446 602. Syotw Paul.

Saturday June 16th to Tuesday June 19th

DATE: Saturday 16th-Tuesday 19th June.
NOTABLE CATCHES: Many catches into double figures.
BEST RNB: 9lb for Jock Bending. See pic.
BEST BROWN: Several @ 3lb.

Sport: There have been many good catches recorded over the last few days with the dam area really switching on. There have been a number of tactics that have been working well with damsels, dry flies and a blob and booby combo all being effective. The trout have remained high in the water and keeping your flies in the top couple of feet has been the key to success. On Saturday many anglers were practicing for the England eliminator the following day so tactics and patterns were being kept but there were lots of trout caught and with good conditions forecast for the Sunday some super fishing was on the cards and that is what happened. The top rod went to Warren Langridge with a great catch of 20 fish. Warren concentrated his efforts around the dam and along the east bank with mini blobs and boobys on a slow sinking line accounting for his haul. Following closely behind in second place was Andy Campbell with 18 trout. Andy found his fish in similar areas to Warren. Taking third spot was Neil Hodgeson who bucked the trend and headed off to the causeway where he had most of this area to himself all day. Neil landed 14 fish with dabblers being his best patterns. The best areas from the shore have been along the dam, Grindys lawn and the east bank from the spill way along to Halsteads hike and with deeper water close to the shore trout have been caught just feet away from the bank. Today Cheshire police held a friendly competition and once again good catches were recorded. In 1st place was Chris Webster 2nd Ian Wood and in 3rd place was Anton Burden. I will get rod averages and tactics etc when i can. Syotw Paul.

Monday June 11th to Friday June 15th

DATE:                             Monday June 11th to Friday June 13th
NOTABLE CATCHES:   18 trout for Paul Buttery and for Peter Andrews
BEST RNB:                     4lbs 8oz Jimmy Cryton
BEST BROWN:               2lbs 8oz Richard Wincer
BANK ROD AV:              7.31 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:              6.00 fish per angler
Sport: On Monday it was very bright and breezy, which meant the fishing wasn’t easy throughout the day. However in the evening we got a bit of cloud cover and the wind eased slightly and not surprisingly the fishing picked up.
Colin Fitzjohn took five on dries and John Richardson brought four to his boat on snakes fished on sinking line.
Tuesday followed a similar format with ones twos and threes across the board.
However on Wednesday things started to change. Bank anglers started to return from the Dam area with some really good catches. First back after just a few hours was Mr J Cottam with four fish all caught on a small viva on a floating line. Then came Ian Sobe and Terry Overy with five and six apiece and finally, after just half a day, came Keith Landless with twelve trout. Keith started by straight-lining buzzers near the blue pipe but this proved fruitless so he switched to pulling back a small lure just subsurface. He had a frantic couple hours where he landed twelve and had plenty of follows and other interest.
Whilst I was cleaning out the boats on the jetty Richard Wincer stopped by and told me that he had just had a mad half hour and landed seven trout in quick succession. He had already caught three at Bell Point but it was in Barn Quarry where he’d had the best action. I told him about Keith Landless catching twelve trout from the Dam, he smiled, and not to be out done he cast back in now near the jetty. No sooner had he started retrieving and his line tightened and he landed two rainbows at once! A couple of casts later and he caught his thirteenth fish. Richard used a variety of patterns but one that was common to all was that he retrieved the flies just under the surface.
On Thursday the very strong winds meant that the boats couldn’t go out. Not to be defeated, Paul Buttery and Phil Webster walked down to the Dam to fish from the shore. Later they were joined by Jim and Ian Creighton, Michael Timlin and Stu Blayney who were staying in our holiday let. When I left Paul had caught eighteen rainbows up to 3lbs 8oz all on daddy long legs. When it was cloudy he twitched it back and when it was bright he let it sink and fished it much slower. Good angling.
I later learned the Jimmy and the lads had a good evening session with fifteen trout between them, the best of which was caught by jimmy and tipped the scales to 4lbs 8oz.
On Friday the wind had subsided so they did get to go out on the boats.
Jimmy and Stu fished ste off to the dam anchored around Grindy’s Lawn. They had a beano morning session fishing daddies both statically and retrieved back. They ended up with a cricket score of 31 to the boat.
Ian and Michael fished the same method up the east bank to tempt eighteen trout between them.
Peter Andrews was also fishing from a boat at the Dam and he too was amongst the fish. Peter started on dries and then, as it brightened, fished the washing line and then straight lined diawls. He ended up with eighteen trout and had many more takes.
Derek Moore and Felicity Appleton drifted all over the reservoir today and commented that they got action everywhere they fished. They ended up with twenty two trout between including some nice over-wintered fish.
From the shore Ken Whiteside had eight fish this morning from Barn Quarry and Hartley’s Bank on his white UDF pattern and Antoon Gysbers took six on Crackton nymphs and flashback diawls. Tight Lines Ben

Steve Horrocks (pictured here) and Dave Vose had nine fish between them including this belting 9lb 5oz rainbow. All their fish fell to Dawsons olive in Hollins Bay

Steve Horrocks (pictured here) and Dave Vose had nine fish between them including this belting 9lb 5oz rainbow. All their fish fell to Dawsons olive in Hollins Bay