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Sunday 20th May

DATE: Sunday May 20th
NOTABLE CATCHES: 8 trout for Warren Conway
NOTABLE BAG: 5 fish for 12lb 8oz Phil Burgess
BEST RNB: 5lb 1oz Phil Burgess
BANK ROD AV: 3.25 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 4.77 fish per angler
Sport: Another scorcher of a day at stocks with passing cloud which can make the fish turn on and off as the cloud passes overhead. A quiet day on the bank with just a few anglers out Ted Walton fished the Dam Wall with a black and green lure on an intermediate to land 3 fish. Also on the bank Mr Nicholson caught 2 fish from Grindys Lawn. The top rod on the bank today was Warren Conway who went out this morning on nymphs but struggled to get them to work so switched to lures and started catching immediately, Warren finished with 8 fish from two trees and Hartleys. On the boats Neil Heath finished with 4 fish on a mixture of boobies and nymphs fished on a washing line. the majority of Neils fish came from the middle of Newclose Bay. Bob Fitzpatrick and Steve Bland finished the day with 6 fish to the boat bob had the majority of the fish by casting his flies at rising fish and pulling them back. Colin Fitzjohn had 8 fish from all over the reservoir mainly on buzzer patterns and small beetle patterns. The top rod from the boats continuing his rich vein of form at stocks was Phil Burgess, who finished with 13 fish, Phil fished two sunburst blob type flies under a bung to catch his fish. Newclose bay was his top area. One last little gem Vince Margiotta brought his Son Luca for a Days fishing and blow me Di Luca catch his first fish ever good angling Luca. See you out there Pete

Saturday May 19th

DATE:                                Saturday May 19th
REPORT AUTHOR            Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:       18 fish for Keith Landless, 14 fish for Colin Fitzjohn
NOTABLE BAG:                  5 fish for 11lbs 4oz Kevin Dusk
BEST RNB:                          5lbs for Peter Blight
BEST BLUE:                        2lbs for Keith Landless
BANK ROD AV:                  7.20 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                  2.95 fish per angler
Sport: Fishing from the shore on this beautiful day Stocks was farther and son duo, Keith and Martin Landless (AKA Dave). They fished their way from Two Trees to Barn Quarry, then along Hartley’s Bank to Bell Point. They twiddled a team of black buzzers with a small black n green taddy on the point. Keith landed a very impressive 18 rainbows and blues and Dave landed nine. Good angling fellers.
Fishing nearby was season ticket holder Colin Fitzjohn and Keith’s success had not gone unnoticed, so Colin switched from dries to a team on diawl bachs and he copied Keith’s dead slow retrieve. It wasn’t long before Colin’s line was tightening into lively rainbows. He had a fish filled few hours and ended up with 14 to the net.
On the far side of the reservoir on the shore in Blackhouse Bay Mark Diamond also made the change from dries to diawls and he too was quickly rewarded. Mark landed nine reainbows on a washing set up fished on a floater.
It was great to Brian Stark and all the lads today, they took nine boats out onto the water to battle it out for two trophies: one for the best basket and one for the best fish. The fishing was tricky today from boats, but two anglers completed their bag of five Jim Cromie and Brian Donald. Jim caught his fish on Diawls Beetles and daddies and Brain caught his on cormorants and daddies.
Brain Stark was close behind with three fish that all fell to beetle patterns. The best basket went to Brain and the best fish, which weighed 2lb 15oz, was caught by Ron McLaren. Well done fellers it was great to see you all again.
Elsewhere on the boats Lloydd Edwards and Bernard McBride caught 16 rainbows between them whilst drifting over Newclose with dries and diawls.
Derek Moore and Gary Martin had fifteen to their boat, the vast majority of which fell to dries and Mike Wardell and Tom Edwards had 11 to their boat on foam daddies and diawls fished close to the shore at Grindy’s Lawn.
There are still a few boats out, but we will include them in tomorrow’s report.
It was a stunning day today at Stocks. Cuckoos could be heard across the water amongst a chorus of warblers. The trout were rising all over the water feeding on beetles and large olive buzzers. I wish was fishing! Tight Lines Ben

Friday 18th May

DATE: Friday 18th May
NOTABLE CATCHES: Jim Hunter 31 fish, Neil Ashworth 15 fish, Bob Fitzpatrick 13 fish
NOTABLE BAG: 5 fish for 9lb8oz Keith Charnock
BEST RNB: 8lb Anton Gysbers
BANK ROD AV: 5.50 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 6.56 fish per angler
Sport: Today is the first day this year where I’ve been working and genuinely wished i was out on the water fishing. The bright sunshine this morning gave way to a cloudy warm day with a corduroy ripple with fish rising right across the reservoir in larger numbers. The first angler back from a short half day was Friday stalwart Anton Gysbers he caught a very creditable 7 fish in short time including a stunning 8lb rainbow which led him a merry dance before he finally subdued it and let it swim away to fight another day. Anton caught all but one of his fish on the Cracton Nymph. Also on the bank Tony Newman had 5 fish all on buzzers from the jetty area. But todays Top bank angler goes to Richard Wincer who opted to take a stroll along the east bank and it paid off with a 10 fish haul all on a cdc buzzer good angling Richard. Out on the boats the fishing for some has been incredible Bob Fitzpatrick meandered around the reservoir to catch and release 13 fish in a short half day. Bobs tactics were to fish the calm lanes and cast boobies at rising fish and pull them past the fish this can be an incredible tactic for preoccupied fish but relies on fast and accurate casting. Also on the boats Neil Ashworth had 15+ fish pulling a cast whisker and a blob past rising fish. Todays top rod was Jim Hunter who fished dries on rising fish to catch and release 31 fish. Jim targeted pods of rising fish on the east bank and moved as the pods moved. Fantastic catch Jim. See you out there pete

Wednesday 16th & Thursday 17th of May

DATE: Wednesday May 16th & Thursday May 17th
NOTABLE CATCHES: 12 trout for Matt Turner
NOTABLE BAG: 5 fish for 14lbs 8oz Tom Fryer
BEST RNB: 7lb 8oz John Rowe, 6lbs 8oz Tom Fryer, 6lbs Andrew Overend, 5lb 8oz Roy Duckworth.
BEST BROWN: Lots of wild fish
BANK ROD AV: 4.3 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 4.09 fish per angler
Sport: Wednesday: It was great to Sir Bob Cooper and fellow members of the EDF on the water. They had a friendly competition between themselves for the best basket of four fish. Bob Cooper topped the leader board with Stuart Wardle following closely behind. I am not sure of the final weights. Their sponsor Andrew (pictured back left on the photo) did extremely well on his first fly fishing venture. He landed three good fish on his ‘hand me down’ fly rod. Good angling fellers.
Also afloat were Derek Moore and Dave, they found fish close into the East Bank around Blackhouse Bay. Derek took six on dries and Dave caught his on a mix of lures.
Neil Heath had a good afternoon with six trout on a white Classic FM. He had numerous other follows and pulls that didn’t quite materialise into trout in the net.
On the shore Andrew Overend had six rainbows, the best of which was a good fish of 6lbs. Andrew caught his fish on a Black Cormorant fished on a floating line. His best area was Two Trees.
The best catch of the day fell to Matt Turner who landed twelve rainbows whilst fishing near Bell Point. Matt used a floating line with a damsel on the point and hare’s ears on the droppers. Well Done Matt.
Thursday: Tom Fryer had a good day today landing 5 fish with his biggest weighing in at 6lb 8oz. Tom fished from Bell point and caught his fish on an orange booby on a sinking line. Also landing 6 fish from this area was Tony Taylor. Tony took his fish on cormorants on a floater, Gerry Malone took a walk over to the alders on the east bank and was rewarded with 5 trout. A damsel on a floating line took his fish. Roy Duckworth caught his 6 fish next to the jetty with the biggest weighing 5lb 8oz with a damsel once again being his best pattern. John Rowe who is staying in the apartment fished the dam and Grindys lawn to catch his trout the biggest of which weighed 7lb 8oz. A black and silver mini lure was the best fly for John. The top boat pairing today was Bob Fitzpatrick and Steve Bland with an impressive 22 trout to their boat. Steve and Bob found fish all over the northern end of the lake and caught the majority of their fish on washing lined diawl bach. Syotw Paul.