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Wednesday May 30th

Just a quick update on the road repairs between Slaidburn and Stocks. The workers will let you though if you are coming to Stocks tomorrow or Friday. However if you get to fishery by 8am you will be assured of no delay and they finish work at 4pm after which, the roads will be clear and they will remain clear over the weekend.
Today fished well from the boats the rod average was 4.5 fish per angler. The trout came to a variety of methods all of which were fished near the surface. Washing lining crunchers on a floater got 13 trout for Mr Gillespy and his boat partner.
Gavin Murry had nine fish although I am not sure on his tactics.
Derek Moore and Gwyneth Moody had ten rainbows on dries and Felicity Appleton caught her second tagged fugitive trout of the season winning her a £50 tackle voucher.
Tight Lines Ben

Stocks:Tuesday 29th May.

Sport: Trout were caught on various patterns today with cats booby, diawl bach, daddys and hoppers all taking fish. Best areas were along the east bank and all along the northern end of the lake. LCC are doing resurfacing work on the road between Slaidburn and Stocks. I believe this could take up to 5 days with work starting at 8.00am and finishing at 4.00pm. To avoid delay perhaps best to arrive before 8.00am. The road from Bentham is not affected. This may cause some disruption however vehicles and delivery vans have been getting through at various stages throughout the day. I will pass on information as i get it. Syotw Paul.

Saturday May 26th & Sunday 27th

Both days of our bank holiday weekend have been very windy, infact Monday (tomorrow) looks by far the best for fishing. The winds are due to fall away and we will welcome some cloud cover. However despite the strong winds and bright conditions there have been some good catches over the last two days.
It was nice to see Leeds Fly Dressers Guild and The Aire Travellers visiting us yesterday.
From Aire Willie Riddicks was their top rod with eight trout to the net. The wind limited fishing to the northern end of the reservoir, but Willie found the trout there eager to take diawls and crunchers fished high in the water on a washing line.
Sean Gaskell also had eight fish and he and Brian Carnegie landed a total of fourteen trout between them. They caught at Phil’s Flats and along the Northern Shallows. They caught on a variety of flies but, once again found the fish very high in the water.
Derek Moore and Felicity Appleton had thirteen trout to their boat. They caught at Gull Island, Curry’s cast and along the Shallows and the vast majority of their fish fell to diawls or dry flies.
Melvin Wood tempted six good trout up to take wets fished back high through the waves.
The Best fish of the day was a rainbow of 8lbs that was taken by John Parkinson whilst fishing near the causeway. The fish ran him on a merry dance before coming over the net. He quickly returned it to fight another day.
Today was a lot quieter than Saturday and I still have some boat out. So far the top boat is Steve Bland and Neil Heath with nine rainbows between them all caught in the top foot of water. I know that Jim Hunter was catching well at Phil’s Flats as he had seven at 2pm but i don’t know how he has finished up.
Hopefully tomorrow will be a good day for dries or washing lining nymphs. Tight Lines Ben

Friday 25th May

DATE: Friday May 25th
NOTABLE CATCHES: 13 trout for Matt Turner
NOTABLE BAG: 2 fish for 6lb 14oz
BEST RNB: 4lb for Matt Turner
BEST BROWN: 6lb for David Vose
BANK ROD AV: 3.18 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 4.75 fish per angler
Sport: What a difference 24hrs makes we went from lovely warm Sunshine to cold windy and wet but this hasn’t stopped the fish from playing. On the bank Mr Crook landed 6 fish in a short half day session. Most of his fish came from Bell Point and took a uv Diawl Bach on a floating line included in his bag was a lovely 3lb 4oz rainbow. Again on the Bank todays top rod was Matt Turner who caught and released an impressive 13 fish from Kettlewells with the majority falling to either a foam Beetle or and Pheasant Tail Nymph good angling Matt. On the boats Regular Neil heath had 5 fish from the Bouy Line. Steve Elliott and David Vose have a good days sport catching 16 fish between them. Dave also landed a stunning 6lb brownie both anglers caught on Dawsons Nomads with the fish coming from the area around the Alders .Looks like the good weather is back for the weekend so dust of those rods and get yourself to stocks. See you out there Pete

Dave Vose and his 6lb Brown Trout

Dave Vose and his 6lb Brown Trout

Stocks:Thursday 24th May.

Sport: For the last 4 days we have had hosted the EFF who travel to Stocks for their annual trip north. It is always great to see them. Today they held their in house competition in challenging conditions of bright sunshine and a strong wind. Despite the weather they caught a total of 72 trout for a rod average of 2.77. There were 2 anglers to land 8 fish, David Moore and Ian Pemberdy who both caught their fish along the east bank on cats booby and cormorants on di3 sinking lines. On the bank was Steve Mountain who tempted 5 fish. Steve caught at Hartleys with a floating line and olive and black dancer. Also on the bank fishing near the jetty was Ian Jackson who caught 6 trout. The best tactic for Ian was washing lined crunchers on a sink tip line. Syotw Paul.