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Monday April 30th

DATE:                                   Monday April 30th
REPORT AUTHOR               Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:          14 trout for Tony Taylor
NOTABLE BAG:                   5 trout for 11lbs 8oz Gary Eccles
BEST RNB:                           3lbs 8oz for Gary Eccles & Tony Taylor
BANK ROD AV:                    7.33 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                    2.33 fish per angler
Sport: Stocks fished well again today despite a stiff Northerly wind and bright sunshine.
Just two boats out with three anglers all on half day tickets, they all caught fish but the conditions favoured the bank anglers.
Tony Taylor was top rod today with 14 trout, a few of which went to around 3lbs 8oz. Tony caught all fourteen on hair wing cormorants fished back on a floating line, he said that if they’d all stuck he could have had many more. He fished along Hartley’s and around Bell Point where there was another good fall of beetles. There were plenty of fish feeding on them.
Gary Eccles completed his bag of five in short order this morning and was gone by lunchtime. Gary fished along Hartley’s Bank a weight black ‘n’ green taddy on a floater. He too had fish to 3lbs 8oz. Tight Lines Ben

Sunday 29th April

DATE: Sunday 29th April
NOTABLE CATCHES: 9 trout for Mick Hogg
NOTABLE BAG: 5 trout for 19lb P Burton
BEST RNB: 8lb 4oz by P Burton
BANK ROD AV: 4.14 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 4.00 fish per angler
Sport: Today we hosted the Horwich Fly Fishers for their annual competition on stocks reservoir. After a full day of fishing it was time to weigh in and with a 5 fish bag of 19lb Mr P Burton won the competition his bag included a lovely fish of 8lb 4oz. In second place with a bag weight of 14lb 8oz was last years winner Mick Hogg who went on to catch and release another 4 fish and in 3rd was Stuart Lawrenson with 9lb 8oz. On the bank season ticket holder Pete Murphy had four fish from Hartleys and Two Trees but top rod with 5 fish was Peter Moore who caught his fish from Hartleys fishing Diawl Bachs on a floating line. See you out there Pete

Friday 27th April

DATE: Friday 27th April
NOTABLE CATCHES: 13 trout for Robert Clelland, 11 trout for John Sykes
BEST RNB: Several around the 3lb mark
BANK ROD AV: 2.00 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 8.50 fish per angler
Sport: I really wish the weatherman would get it right. The forecast heavy rain never materialised which i think has put a lot of people off today those that did venture out caught well. Regular Friday angler Anton had 3 fish in a short session with a red holographic diawl bach being his top pattern and Hartleys being his best area. The fishing from the boats was much better. Stocks in house guide Paul Bebb was out on the water with Andy Smith they had 10 fish to the boat from all over the reservoir with plenty more chances. Paul and Andy were fishing a washing line with the ever successful Cat Booby taking the majority of the fish. Season ticket holder John Sykes had 11 fish all on buzzers with the Northern Shallows being his top area. The top rod was travelling Scotsman Robert Clelland who landed 13 trout from Willow Island mainly on a Bunny Leach fished on an intermediate line but also had a few on the cat booby cast at rising fish. See you out there Pete

Thursday April 26th

DATE:                          Thursday April 26th
NOTABLE CATCHES: 12 trout for Dave Vose
NOTABLE BAG:           5 trout for 10lbs for Ian Jacks
BEST RNB:                   3lbs 1oz Elliot Horrocks
BEST BROWN:            2lbs 4oz Steve Carter
BANK ROD AV:           N/A
BOAT ROD AV:           2.60 fish per angler
Sport: It was a very windy day at the office today. However 30 fire service anglers braved the conditions and took to the water.
The wind really hampered where the anglers could fish. The northern shallows are where everyone wanted to be, and a couple of boats managed to find a spot and get their anchor to hold there, but most of the boats tried to find shelter where they could.
It was a shame because we only had five anglers out on the boats yesterday and they caught over thirty trout between them but the wind was much lighter than today.
The top boat today was David Vose and Steve Horrocks, they fished over the Northern Shallows to catch a great total of twenty one trout between them. Their best tactic was Dawson’s Olive nomads fished on an intermediate line with a slow retrieve. Well fellers a great catch in tricky conditions.
Neil Ashworth and Paul Peters had fifteen trout between them. They caught at Gull Island, Phil’s Flats, the buoy Line and Willow Island. Not sure what they were catching on though.
Ian Jacks and Dave Roberts had 14 trout to their boat from Phil’s Flats. They to found damsel and black n green lures fishing well.
In Newclose Bay Neil Heath used a Di5 line with a tequila blob and cats whisker combination to take eight good fish. Well done to every for braving the conditions today and especially for catching fish. It was great to see you all again.
Ps. By contrast tomorrow and Saturday look like a great days for fishing. 7-8mph winds and overcast. Tight lines Ben

From left to right: 2nd place pair: Dave Roberts and Ian Jacks. 1st place pair: Steve Horrocks and Dave Vose. Captor of the best fish: Elliot Horrocks.

From left to right: 2nd place pair: Dave Roberts and Ian Jacks. 1st place pair: Steve Horrocks and Dave Vose. Captor of the best fish: Elliot Horrocks. Good angling fellers.

Tuesday 24th April

DATE: Tuesday 24 April
NOTABLE CATCHES: 36 trout for Elliott Horrocks
BOAT ROD AV: 8.43 fish per angler
Sport: a quiet day at stocks, I think the forecast may have put the anglers off shame because the boats have fished really well. Derek Moore and Neil Heath fished the Northern Shallows and Willow Island to catch and release 14 fish mainly on lures. But top rod Elliott Horrocks had a real red letter day landing 36 fish from Phils Flats all on a Dawsons Nomad top angling Elliott. The bank anglers however really struggled with just one wild brownie being caught between the four of them this fell to Andy Curzon. See you out there Pete