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DATE: Sunday 30th April
NOTABLE CATCHES: Des Ashcroft 9 fish, Mr Hughes 8 fish
BEST FISH: 2 at over 10lb Ian Scott group
BANK ROD AV: 2.40 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 5.00 fish per angler
Sport: Only one word to describe today WINDY! I think may have put a lot of people from fishing today but those brave souls that braved the wind did well. Des Ashcroft landed 9 fish from Bell Point on a Cats Whisker fished on an intermediate line. Out on the Boats Ian Scotts group of travelling who have been staying in the Lakeview apartment finished their weekend with a busy half day session with 26 fish between them including 2 double figure fish. Also on the boats Mr Hughes and Mr Blackshaw had 10 fish to the boat from the willow island area on cats whiskers. Other reports are a little sketchy Josh Fenton and friend had 9 fish to the boat and commented on the fact as soon as the wind dropped the fish were rising and they got some action. There are still a few places left on THE ZONE competition tomorrow if anyone is interested then be at the fishery for 0830 in the morning. See you out there Pete

Saturday April 29th

DATE:                           Saturday April 29th
NOTABLE CATCHES: 18 fish for Derek Moore
NOTABLE BAG:         3 fish for 12lbs for Tony Newman
BEST FISH: 12lbs Ian Scott, 10lb & 9lbs Derek Moore, 10lbs Felicity Appleton, 8lbs Tony Newman

BANK ROD AV:         3.00 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:         7.16 fish per angler
Sport: It was another big fish day Stocks with three double figure fish caught and a few more that were getting close. We saw good numbers being caught as well.
The trout were high in the water and willing chase, which leads to really exciting fishing, especially when you have a monster bow-waving after your flies!
The vast majority of the anglers fished from the boats today and the northern end of the reservoir was most popular from the Causeway along the Northern Shallows to the buoy line.
Ron Melling took eleven good fish in just five hours fishing open water bend Gull Island Ron found olive crunchers most effective.
Paul Bebb and Rob Shelton had twenty three trout between them on cormorants and cat boobies pulled through the surface on floating lines.
Derek Moore and Felicity Appleton had a great session. They landed twenty six trout between them but their catch included two double figure fish and another of 9lbs. Felicity’s 10lb rainbow fought particularly hard before it finally came into the net and it was her second double in two days! They fished the Northern Shallows and the Causeway.
Bob Fitzpatrick and Steve Bland had fifteen fish, they concentrated on trying to the trout chasing and found them willing to oblige. They caught along the buoy line at Phil’s Flats.
Pete Scholes and Dave had sixteen fish between them from a similar area. I am not sure how they were fishing. Let’s hope the great sport continues! Tight Lines Ben

Stocks: Friday April 28th

DATE:                          Friday 28th April
NOTABLE CATCHES: Elliott Horrocks 26 fish, Neil Ashworth 20 fish, Ken Horrocks 19 fish, Neil Heath 14 fish, Steve Horrocks and Bob Croft 13 fish
NOTABLE BAG:          5 fish for 16lb 14oz Bob Croft
BEST FISH:                 11lb Dan Foot,10lbs 4oz Ken Whiteside, 10lb 1oz Felicity Appleton, 9lb 8oz Steve Horrocks, 8lb 6oz Bob Croft
BANK ROD AV:          5.86 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:          6.83 fish per angler
Sport: WOW! What a day at stocks, its fishing fantastically at the moment with 3 doubles today and 2 more not far away. The first was a cracking 11lb rainbow by Dan Foot. Dan was fishing in the Fire Service Competition we hosted today. 31 anglers took the water and after 8 hours of fishing they weighed and between they caught 214 fish. Top rod was Elliott Horrocks with 26 fish in second place was Neil Ashworth with 20 and third was Ken Horrocks with 19, another horrocks with fishing in his blood was Steve Horrocks with 13 fish including a leviathan of 9lb 8oz . Also in the competition with good score was Neil Heath with 14 fish and Bob Croft with 13 bobs bag of 5 fish tipped the scales at 16lb 4oz including a 8lb 6oz rainbow
(results table below).There were also two tagged fish caught today winning the lucky anglers a greys GR50 fly rod and 1 £100 tackle voucher(pics below) Our own season ticket holder Felicity Appkleton also had a red letter day with 10 fish to the boat including a monster of 10lb 1oz well done on your first double Felicity.
On the bank season ticket holders Anton Gysber and John Fletcher started the day off with six fish each in a short half day session, Anton caught his fish on a mix of Cracton nymphs and orange Nomads. John caught his on a booby called a ballerina designed by his granddaughter. Again on the bank Mick Grenhalgh had 8 fish again on a half day ticket, Mick found bell point to be his best area and caught on cormorants and cats whisker. Ken whiteside has been at it again with his UDF fly catching 9 fish from Bell Point and Hartleys on a floating line. Ken’s catch included a rainbow of 10lbs 4oz.

Dan Foot, Steve Horrocks and Bob Croft with their big fish

Dan Foot, Steve Horrocks and Bob Croft with their big fish


Fire Service Prize winners Elliot and Ken Horrocks, Neil Ashworth and Frank Dodd

Todays tagged fish winners and their prizes

Todays tagged fish winners and their prizes


Fire Service Results

Stocks:Thursday 27th April.

DATE: Thursday 27th April.
NOTABLE CATCHES: 10+ for Steve Bland, Bob Fitzpatrick, Elliot Horrocks, B Stanley, Neil Heath and Graham Child.
NOTABLE BAG: 5 fish weighing 18lb 4oz for Frank Bond.
BEST FISH: 12lb + 10lb 12oz for B Stanley, 12lb + 2 10lb 8oz for Graham Child, 11lb 8oz for Neil Ashworth.
BANK ROD AV: 13.00 fish per angler!
BOAT ROD AV: 18.00 fish per angler!
Sport: Stocks was on fire today with the trout in a feeding frenzy. See the rod averages. Not only were there great numbers of fish caught but 6 doubles were also landed. Mr B Stanley had his best day ever landing well over 10 fish including 2 super doubles and others of 7lb and 6lb. He fished along the bank from the jetty to Bell point taking fish all the way along on an orange lure on a floating line. Graham Child also enjoyed hectic sport catching fish after fish. Included in his catch were 3 double figure rainbows! The majority of Grahams trout were caught at Davy Jones on cormorants on a slow sinking intermediate line. Out on the boats there were also many trout caught from many areas. Steve Bland and Bob Fitzpatrick were amongst the fish all day whilst drifting all over the northern end of the lake. Bob and Steve caught all their fish on nymphs and diawl bach washing lined on a midge tip line. Elliot Horrocks amassed a true cricket score. He caught fish all along the east bank and found the trout not too picky as to which lures they took fished either on a floating or sinking line. Neil Heath had a super day catching fish along the east bank and willows. He caught on a mixture of flies and lines. Included in Neils catch were 2 trout weighing 9lb and 9lb 8oz and a tagged trout, thats a £50 tackle voucher for you Neil! Neil Ashworth and Frank Bond were another successful boat. They caught their fish in many areas and on many tactics with rainbows weighing 11lb 8oz for Neil and 9lb 4oz for Frank. Syotw Paul.

Wednesday 26th April

DATE:                         Wednesday 26th April
NOTABLE CATCHES: Bob Fitzpatrick 12 fish, Ken Whiteside 16 Fish, Elliott Horrocks 20 fish, Neil Hath 21 fish
NOTABLE BAG:          2 fish for 18lb Jane Turner
BEST FISH:                 12lb rainbow + 6lb rainbow Jane Turner 10lb rainbow Ken Whiteside
BANK ROD AV:          4.33 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:          9.00 fish per angler
Sport: The air temperature is starting to rise again with a bit of help from light winds today and the fish seemed to respond. Ken Whiteside ha a cracking half day on the bank catching 16 fish from Hartleys and Bens Beach with his UDF fly doing the damage. His Brother Mick also had a good day with 8 fish to the net. Also on the bank for a couple of well spent hours was our own Jane Turner who caught two fish from Hartleys one at 12lb and one at 6lb both fish were released to fight another day. On the boats Bob Fitzpatrick had 12 fish from around Willow Island and the Boulders with a 50/50 split between a booby and nymphs fished on a washing line on a midge tip line. Another great score came from Elliott Horrocks who caught and released 20 fish from the dam area. Elliot found a Dawsons Nomad stripped fast on an intermediate line the best way to tempt the trout. Another great score came from Neil Hath who had the best catch of the day with 21 fish from Currys cast and various lines and flies took fish. Finally just too prove it wasn’t a fluke Derek Moore caught his second tagged fish in 7 days to win yet another £50 tackle voucher just proves you have too be in it too win it. See you out there Pete