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Stocks:Monday 27th Febuary.

DATE: Monday February 27th.
NOTABLE CATCHES: 5 fish for Tyrone Henshaw.
BEST FISH: 4lb brownie for Tyrone Henshaw.
BANK ROD AV: 3.33 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV: 1.00 fish per angler.
Sport: The bank anglers had the best of the sport today with Hollins bay and Bell point being the best areas. Top catch today with 5 trout was Tyrone Henshaw who caught his fish from Bell point including a cracking overwintered brown trout estimated to weigh 4lb. Tyrone found an orange fritz lure on an intermediate line to be his best tactic. Also taking fish from the bell point area was Graham Harness who also found orange lures on sinking lines effective. Mike Shaw landed a tagged trout from Hollins bay which gave him a full day 5 fish ticket, well done Mike. This tagged trout fell to a Dawsons olive nomad this time on a floating line. See you on the water Paul.

Stocks: Sunday February 26th

DATE:                                    Sunday February 26th
REPORT AUTHOR             Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:        6 fish for Paddy McKenna
NOTABLE BAG:                   3 fish for 6lbs 8oz
BEST FISH:                          6lbs 0oz for Andy Hargreaves
ROD AV:                                2.4 fish per angler? (Not enough returns handed in)
Sport: The rain had finally stopped by the time we opened on Sunday morning but it had put a lot more water down over night. The wind remained strong and from the south.
The fishing was still not what we would expect for this time of year; this can only be due to shear volume of fresh water that has come into the reservoir. However, as always, some anglers found a way.
Paddy McKenna tempted six trout to a budgie fished on a floating line in Hollins bay. His bag went to 15lbs. Andy Wright used the same tactics to tempt four good fish to 3lbs.
Bernard McBride took five trout from a similar area on humongous fished on a floater. Bernard lost another five and had a further ten to fifteen offers. Quite a bit of action for half a day.
Daniel Wilkinson caught four during a short boat session. Three rainbows whilst drifting along Ben’s Beach and a beautiful 1lb 8oz wild brownie from David’s Drain on the east bank. Daniel used an olive nomad on a ghost tip.
There were lots of other catches of one twos and threes but no cricket scores today. The wind is dropping down to a much more manageable strength this week, which will angles to fish much more of the reservoir. So hopefully the sport will pick up.
Tight Lines Ben

Saturday February 25th

DATE:                                               Saturday February 25th
REPORT AUTHOR                        Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:                   12 fish for Thomas Graham & Laurence Phelafi
NOTABLE BAG:                              5 fish for 17lbs Laurence Phelafi
BEST FISH:                                      8lbs 8oz for Laurence Phelafi, 8lbs for M Jackson
ROD AV:                                            ? fish per angler
Sport: To quote my good friend and fellow team mate Mr Ian Ritchie, aka ‘The Chorley Sage’, “Today was as wet as an otter’s pocket” By mid afternoon we were considering building an ark the rain was relentless. The reservoir rose about 18 inches over the day, which is some going considering we were already full to the brim. Couple the wet weather with the strong gusty south westerly wind and it was fair to say that the conditions were far from perfect!
However a good number of hardy anglers braved the weather and ventured out to be amongst the first to wet a line on Stocks this season. It wasn’t long before rods were bending and lively rainbows were being brought to nets around Hollins Bay. Unfortunately the early action was short lived and the fishing quickly became much more difficult. In fact I would say that it became altogether un-open-day-like! Is that a word….it is now.
The incoming deluge and rising water coloured up the margins and knocked the trout out of kilter. Fish were still being caught but not in the numbers that we would expect to see.
The top rods on the day were Laurence Phelafi and Thomas Graham with twelve trout a piece. Laurence took all his fish on a black n green nomad fished on a floating line from all around Hollins Bay. He put a great bag of five on the scales for 17lb, helped by an individual rainbow of 8lbs 8oz. The best of the day.
Thomas Graham also used a floating line to catch all of his twelve fish. His best pattern was a home tied Dawson’s olive variant called the canary. Amongst Graham’s fished was a tagged fugitive trout whose capture earned Thomas a £100 tackle voucher.
M Jackson caught nine good fish from Hollins including a rainbow of 8lbs. He weighed in three for 12lbs 8oz. Once again a floating line was the secret and this time a cat’s whisker did the damage.
There were several other full bags of five, to name a few: David Moodey completed his bag from on Bell Point with an ace of spades fished on an intermediate line. Dave Robson got his on a black zonker, John & Jack ball on a floating lines and tadpoles, Paul Peters caught his from Pete’s Point on damsel patterns.
Hopefully today (26th) will be more fruitful and more typical of early season fishing.
Tight Lines Ben


Just one week to go until Stocks Reservoir re-opens for fishing on Saturday February 25th. 4000 trout will be Stocked throughout next week in various spots around the reservoir. Amongst the stocked fish will be 20 fugitive trout, each carrying a bounty for the angler that successfully captures them. Just make sure you enter when you get your ticket. There are also plenty of beautiful fish over 3lbs and some stunning big specimens that are in superb fighting fit condition. These fish are definitely going to put up a serious battle when hooked!. COME AND TEST YOUR TACKLE AT STOCKS RESERVOIR. Open next Saturday 8am. Tight Lines Ben