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Tuesday May 31st

DATE:                                 Tuesday May 31st.
REPORT AUTHOR          Pete
NOTABLE CATCHES:    20 fish for Leon Gierke
NOTABLE BAG:              5 fish for 9lb Leon Gierke
BEST RAINBOW:           4lb Leon Gierke
BEST BROWN:                10oz Steve Whittam
BEST BLUE:                    3lb Mr Whittam snr
BANK ROD AV:              10.5 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:              2.5 fish per angler
Sport: With a strong North Westerly and bright sunshine conditions were far from perfect but people still found fish On the boats stocks season ticket holder John Sykes found over half a dozen fish from the causeway also on the boats Steve Whittam and his father had 10 fish to the boat with a lovely 3lb blue in the bag. Steve caught his fish using Diawl Bachs on a floating line whereas Whittam snr caught his fish on dries, Both found the causeway as the hotspot. On the bank Leon Gierke had a storming session with 20 fish all on Diawl Bachs leon fished bell point this morning and commented on the fact that the fish were just in the calm water next to the wind. This afternoon he wandered up to the spillway and and had another half a dozen fish on a damsel and lost a double at the net good angling leon and unlucky. Dont forget we have the air ambulance blind pairs this Sunday a good fun comp in aid of a great cause if your interested in having a go contact the lodge on 01200446602. See you out there Pete

Monday May 30th

DATE:                                         Monday May 30th .
REPORT AUTHOR                  Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:             10+ for Andy Cliffe & Tom Speak
NOTABLE BAG:                        5 trout for 12lbs for Mark Tyndall
BEST RAINBOW:                     9lbs for Andy Cliffe
BEST BROWN:                          1lb wild fish for Ian Greenwood
BEST BLUE:                              4lbs 8oz for Bob Fitzpatrick
BANK ROD AV:                        3.0 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                         7.2 fish per angler
Sport: Tom Speak had a fantastic day today catching a cricket score on dries all along the Northern end of the reservoir. Good angling Tom.
Andy Cliffe also caught well into double figures on cats boobies and blobs and his catch included a lovely 9lb rainbow.
Bob Fitzpatrick fresh back from his successful England debut in Ireland took nine good trout to 4lbs 8oz in just half a day.
It was an absolute pleasure to fish alongside Bob in Ireland. It’s amazing to think that he enrolled on our three part fishing course with Paul Bebb and me in 2006. Ten years later we win a gold medal together fishing for England for wild brownies in Ireland. Bob was second only to John Horsey on the England team, not a bad debut! A big thank you to the rest of the guys for making it such a memorable trip.
However back to Stocks. Ian Greenwood and Mark Tyndall fished alongside juniors Jack Flint and Jack Chard to take 16 trout between them. Mark’s team had the best bag but Ian’s had the best fish so it was declared a draw. Well done fellers.
The best catch on the shore today went to Phil Davies who took six trout on a cats whisker whilst fishing at the Dam.
Tight Lines Ben

Sunday 29th May

DATE:                                Sunday May 29th .
REPORT AUTHOR         Pete
NOTABLE CATCHES:    5 Fish John Legg 6 fish Alan Postlethwaite
NOTABLE BAG:              n/a
BEST RAINBOW:           Several at 3lb
BEST BROWN:               Several at 2lb
BEST BLUE:                    3lb 8oz Tony Newman
BANK ROD AV:              0.40 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:              4.55 fish per angler
Sport: Stocks can be a cruel taskmaster and with bright hot windy conditions things were on the cards to be tricky and on the bank they felt it most. Peter French did find a couple of trout in deep water off Davey Jones. He caught both fish on a sinking line with a whiskey fly. On the boats we welcomed the North West Fly Fishers to stocks,13 of them took to the water and after a hard days fishing they had a collective total of 30 fish to the boats with rainbows to just under 4lb and blues to 3lb on a selection of methods including dries and pulling lures. We’ve had four anglers in the lakeview apartment over the last three days David New, Alan Postlethwaite, Graham Taylor and Pete Turner they’ve been out from early doors to dusk on all three days and fished hard on dries, wets, and nymphs under a “bung” and at the end of the weekend they’ve caught 52 fish between them to 3.5lbs that’s an average of just over 4 fish per angler per day good angling guys. Look forward to perhaps seeing you in July for another weekend been great meeting you guys. Also on the boats we’ve had John Legg and Craig Whitaker from Guide fly fishing they found 8 fish at the causeway and commented on the fact no one method was catching but chopping and changing brought fish to the net. A lot more cloud forecast for tomorrow so should be back on form See you out there Pete

DATE:                                 Saturday May 28th .
REPORT AUTHOR          Pete
NOTABLE CATCHES:     16 fish each for Sean and Ian Gaskell 14 fish for Craig Cowan
NOTABLE BAG:               5 fish for 14lb Graham Cooper
BEST RAINBOW:            9lb 2oz Justin Isaacs
BEST BROWN:                Several at 2lb
BEST BLUE:                     3lb 12oz Karl Davies
BANK ROD AV:               3.29 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:               6.57 fish per angler
Sport: The good Sport has continued at stocks today despite bright sunshine and an easterly wind. Most anglers found the fish high in the water taking dries or nymphs just sub surface. On the bank Graham Cooper caught seven 7 fish which included a 5 fish bag for 14lb also on the bank Karl Davies had the best catch of the day with 9 fish all taking small black buzzers from the spillway area this included a stunning 3lb 12oz bluey which led a merry dance before being subdued. The best of the sport though has definitely been on the boats, travelling angler Craig Cowan completed a cracking day on the boat with 14 fish all on dries a daddy being his top pattern also on the boats again catching well were Lloyd Edwards and Bernard Mcbride with 11 fish to the boat but way out in front with 32 fish to the boat were father and son combination Sean and Ian Gaskell they fished a mixture of dries and boobies to take the majority of their fish. Finally just at the last knocking “Lord” Justin Isaacs has just come of the last boat with and incredible full finned 9lb 2oz monster which mullered his daddy and headed for the hills but after a colossal struggle Justin managed to net the fish good angling fella. See you out there Pete

Justin Isaacs 9lb 2oz rainbow

Justin Isaacs 9lb 2oz rainbow

Friday 27th May

DATE:                                Friday May 27th .
REPORT AUTHOR         Pete
NOTABLE CATCHES:    Ken Whiteside 14 David Manning 13
NOTABLE BAG:               3 fish for 7lb 8oz Anton Gysbers
BEST RAINBOW:            Several at 3lb 8oz
BEST BROWN:                Couple of wild brownies
BEST BLUE:                    4lb 8oz Ian Jackson
BANK ROD AV:              4.45 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:               6.33  fish per angler
Sport: Been a cracking day at stocks with warm temperatures and light winds which certainly seemed to get the fish moving, but they weren’t easy to catch on the bank ken Whiteside was once again in amongst them with 14 fish to the net on his UDF fly fished on a floating line but ken did comment that the fish were on and off with periods on inactivity. Also on the bank with 7 fish Friday regular Anton Gysbers. Anton caught his fish on the Cracton nymph and red holographic Diawl Bachs. Out on the boats David Manning landed 13 fish from around Willow Island all on buzzers and lost a few as well. Also on the boats Bob Seeber had 12 fish from all over the reservoir, bob was fishing old skool by loch styling traditional wets with the Silver Invicta being his top pattern. Our Very own resident guide Paul Bebb was out with client Peter Murphy they had 12 fish to Daddys mainly from Ten Acre Foot. Top Boat today though goes to brothers Stewart and Vincent McCaughey who had 27 fish to the boat. They found fish eager to take their nymphs and buzzers whilst anchored in the causeway. Top angling guys, talking of top angling just had reports that England have won the Home international on Loch Leane so congratulations to the England Squad which includes our very own Ben Dobson and Bob Fitzpatrick. See you out there Pete.