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Friday March 25th

DATE:                                 Friday March 25th.
REPORT AUTHOR         Pete
NOTABLE CATCHES:    9 fish for Tony Taylor
NOTABLE BAG:              3 fish for 6.5lb for Mr Westwell
BEST RAINBOW:           4lb Andrew Bentley and Phil Davis
BEST BROWN:               2lb Craig Whitaker
BANK ROD AV:              2.5 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:              4.2 fish per Angler
Sport: The weatherman said today was going to be the best day of the Easter weekend and its been a beauty with wall to wall blue skies. The strong Breeze however hampered things off the bank but Stocks regular Tony Taylor found a di6 with a uv yellow bodied cats whisker booby was to the trouts liking. Tony fished off bell point and sais the fish wanted a slow retrieve but really nailed the fly when they took it. Out on the boats things were a quite a bit better with Steve Smalley and Ryan Feber catching and returning 12 fish in a frantic half days fishing but with the England Eliminator just a couple of weeks away they were tight lipped about flies and tactics. Also on the boats Peter Andrews and Andrew Bentley tempted 9 trout to the boat including a lovely 4lb bow. Also with 9 fish to the boat and they didn’t arrive till 3pm was Andrew Roscall and his son they caught the majority of their fish behind Willow Island with damsels and a viva muddler fished on an intermediate with a slow pulled retrieve taking the fish this was also Andrews sons first fish from stocks good angling guys. See you out there Pete

Stocks:Thursday 24th March.

DATE: Thursday March 24th.
NOTABLE BAG: Mostly sport tickets.
BEST RAINBOW: 10lb for Graham Childs.
BEST BROWN: 10oz wild brownie for Bob Leeds.
BEST BLUE: Several weighing 3lb.
BANK ROD AV: 1.00 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV: 4.00 fish per angler.
Sport: A couple of anglers get a mention from yesterday before i start tonights report. Things were tricky on the water but there were still fish caught including a 10lb rainbow and good blues weighing up to 3lb. Brian Shields took to a boat and headed off to willow island where he caught 3 good fish. Brian caught on boobys and snakes fished on a di3. Graham Childs landed 4 from the bank including a 10lb rainbow. Grahams best tactic was cormorants on a ssi intermediate line. The best catch today went to boat anglers George Ashton and Stuart Halford with 18 fish between them. They had lots of action whilst drifting all over the northern end of the lake with many of their fish weighing 3lb. They found various lures and boobys working on both intermediate and di3 sinking lines. Good angling. The weather is supposed to be good tomorrow so we should see a few more good catches. Syotw.

DATE:                              Tuesday March 22nd.
NOTABLE CATCHES:  8 fish for Digger
NOTABLE BAG:            2 fish for 10lb 12oz for Vernon Dawson
BEST RAINBOW:         7lb 12oz for Vernon Dawson
BEST BLUE:                  3lb for digger
BANK ROD AV:            2.67 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:            2.00 fish per angler
Sport: a quieter day stocks today but there were still a few anglers about. On the bank Digger went for a walk to the buoy lined and fished his way back to catch and release 8 fish on various flies. Also on the bank Vernon Dawson landed a stunning 7lb 12oz beauty. Vernon was fishing a cats whisker on a floating line and also landed another four fish three of which were released to fight another day so had 5 fish in a short half day fishing. With only one boat out today there isn’t a lot to write about but Bob Seeber finished the day with three fish from willow island on a Diawl Bach fished on a floater, he also commented on the fact that there were fish rising in the shallows this afternoon which bodes well for the next few days. See you out there Pete

Stocks:Monday 21st March.

DATE: Monday March 21st.
NOTABLE BAG: 5 fish weighing 13lb for Paul Miller.
BEST RAINBOW: 4lb 8oz for Tim Taylor.
BEST BROWN: 1lb for Ian Greenwood.
BEST BLUE: Several weighing 3lb.
BANK ROD AV: 4.33 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV: 6.80 fish per angler.
Sport: Although much cooler than yesterday there were some good catches recorded both from the bank and off the boats. A few bank anglers caught 4 fish with the jetty area and Hollins bay popular but the best bank catch went to Paul Miller who had a super day landing 12 fish with rainbows weighing up to 3lb. Paul found Bell point his best spot where most of his fish fell to a cat booby fished on a slow sinking intermediate line. Ian Greenwood and Mark Tyndall had a good day landing 15 fish between them and dropping a good few more. They drifted all over the lake trying different tactics in preparation for the comp at the weekend. Bob Fitzpatrick and Sean Gaskell also had a productive day landing 14 fish between them. They found fish off both willow and gull islands and in the willows on the east bank. Snakes and olive minkies on a di3 sinking line was their best tactic. Syotw.

Sunday March 20th

DATE:                             Sunday March 20th.
NOTABLE CATCHES: 14 fish for Peter Crowe
NOTABLE BAG:           5 fish for 12lb 8oz Andy Gilbert
BEST RAINBOW:        8lb 1oz for Bob Hesketh
BEST BROWN:            N/A
BEST BLUE:                 Several at 3lb
BANK ROD AV:           2.0 fish per Angler
BOAT ROD AV:           3.81 fish Per Angler
Sport: Wall to Wall Sunshine and a very slight breeze greeted me this morning and this continued till just after lunch when it clouded over this is when the fish started to feed. On the boats the Northern Shallows is really starting to produce like we know it can with some good scores. Top rod though goes to Peter Crowe with 14 fish from the Causeway and the shallows most of his fish falling to small wets. Simon Vorely and his brother finished off their stay in the lake view apartment with another 11 fish haul mainly from Grindys Lawn on a black and green cats whisker id say they’ve had a cracking first weekend on stocks reservoir. Also with a good catch of fish were Leighton Davis and Andy Gilbert with a 12 fish catch all coming from Phils Flats they were fishing cats boobys on di3b to tempt their fish. Again with 12 fish to the boat David Mcknight and George Portsmouth. On the banks its been a relatively quiet day by comparison with only a handful of anglers best of the day was old regular Dez Ashcfroft who landed 4 fish from the Bell Point area on a “Willy Wonka”?? your guess is as good as mine on that one. Patrick Flately had a good few hours on a 2 fish ticket landing a 5lb rainbow and a 3lb blue which he commented on as such “the blue fought like hell” good to know it pulled ya string Patrick. Just a reminder that its the Greys Pairs next Sunday where we partner a bank angler with a boat angler if anyone would like to have a go even if you don’t have a partner we have some great anglers looking for partners just give us a ring at the lodge on 01200 446602. See youi out there Pete