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Stocks: Monday 29th Febuary.

DATE: Monday 29th February.
NOTABLE CATCHES: 7 fish for S Blight, 7 for Peter Biscomb, 5 for Joe Halton, 6 for Bob Fitzpatrick and 6 for Bernard McBride.
NOTABLE BAG: 2 fish weighing 5lb for S Blight.
BEST RAINBOW: 6lbs for Bob Fitzpatrick.
BANK ROD AV: 3.42 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV: 1.71 fish per angler.
Sport: There were a few anglers who did well today but it could do with being a bit warmer, March tomorrow, how time flies. First lets see how the bank anglers fared. Joe Halton fished in Hollins bay where he tempted 5 rainbows with a white nomad on an intermediate line being his best tactic. Both landing 7 fish from the bank were S Blight and Peter Biscomb. They found Bell point the best spot with black and green lures on floating lines. They said the trout were lying very close to the shore. Now for the boats, Bob Fitzpatrick and Bernard McBride both landed 6 fish with several weighing between 4 and 6lb. Bob caught his fish on cormorants on a fast glass line up in the northern shallows and found a fast retrieve best, unusual as a very slow retrieve has been best of late. Bernard McBride found willow isle his best spot and stuck to nymphs on a floating line with a uv muskin being the best, check them out in the shop, they do look fishy. Bernards best fish was a super looking 5lb rainbow. Syotw.

Sunday February 28th

DATE: Sunday February 28th
NOTABLE CATCHES: 7 fish for James Vann
NOTABLE BAG: 2 fish for 4.5lb
BEST RAINBOW: 9lbs for James Vann times 2
BANK ROD AV: 2.17 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 3.25 fish per angler
Sport: More light winds and settled conditions made for what looked like perfect conditions but the trout had other ideas today making things a little tricky. Top catch of the day though goes to James Vann who landed 7 trout from the Northern Shallows most of his fished took olive lures fished almost static or on a very slow retrieve the 7 fish haul also included 2 9lb monsters, in the same boat stocks regular Steve bland landed 6 fish on similar methods good angling guys. On the bank top honours are shared by Alban Horrocks and John Nugent both landing 4 fish both angler fished a booby on a fast sinking line Alban from Bell Point and John from Hollins Bay. Going by todays catches id say the fish want it slow n steady so temper those retrieves to a figure of eight guys might just makes the difference . See you out there Pete

Stocks: Saturday February 27th

DATE:                                         Saturday February 27th
REPORT AUTHOR                   Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:             13 fish for Laurie Taylor
NOTABLE BAG:                         5 fish for 10lbs+? Rainbow Warriors
BEST RAINBOW:                      Several 3lbs
BEST BLUE:                               2lbs+ Mark Kendal
BANK ROD AV:                         6.14 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                         4.45 fish per angler
Sport: It was great to see Laurie Taylor and the rainbow warriors on the water today. Five warriors fished from the boats to catch a total of 42 trout between them. This was a great catch as not everyone was finding it easy. Laurie said that it was important to cast at the shore and that most of his fish came right at the start of his retrieve. They found a Di3 the most successful line with a hothead tadpole on the point and cormorants on the droppers. Their retrieve was slow.
Mark Kendal had one fish from the Northern Shallows then six in quick succession from the shore near the jetty. He lost a double figure fish at the net as well. Mark’s best pattern was a cat’s whisker.
Ian Buckley and Neil Gregory both had 10 trout a piece to 3lbs whilst bank fishing in Hollins. They both used the same method: an intermediate line with a black n green lure.
Andrew Overend also had a good half day with six fish to 3lbs from Bell Point and his catch included a tag fish that won him a £50 tackle voucher. He walked away with some new fishing luggage.
Ps. there are lots of big specimen fish coming out of Bank House Fly Fishery at the moment too. Well worth a visit. Tight Lines Ben

DATE:                                    Friday February 26th
REPORT AUTHOR             Pete
NOTABLE CATCHES:        7 fish for Gavin Murray
NOTABLE BAG:                   5 fish for 10.5lb for Anthony Dover
BEST RAINBOW:                9lbs for Mike Farr
BEST BROWN:                     n/a
BEST BLUE:                         3lb for Martin Dye
BANK ROD AV:                   3.13 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                    3.25 fish per angler
Sport: light winds and a “Simpsons” sky greeted me when i arrived this morning if a little chilly it soon warmed up as the sun woke up. The fish seem to be waking up in the Northern shallows as well as local anglers Stuart Halford and Gavin Murray took 10 fish from the area today, Gavin gets the bragging rights with 7 fish to Stuarts 3 including a lovely 4lber well done guys. Again on the boats Chris Aldred managed three fish from the same area mostly on a halo blob he also managed to catch a fish with two flies in its mouth we can return these to their rightful owner if he phones the lodge with the correct fly type, size, colour and the amount of turns of thread on each hook lol. Out on the bank top honours got to Anthony Dover catching 6 fish from Hollins Bay and Bell point using boobies and damsels. A couple of big fish to report as well, one from the east bank at the Alders caught and safely released by Mike Farr fishing Diawl Bachs on a floating line. The other big fish fell to a Yellow Fritz also fished on a Floating line from Hollins Point this fish was caught by Ian Weston. Looks like the cold but settled weather is here till the start of next week at least so a good time to dust off those rods and put a bend in them, don’t forget to put in for the tagged fish the two top prizes are still swimming free. See you out there pete

Stocks:Thursday 25th Febuary.

DATE: Thursday25th February.
NOTABLE CATCHES: Jim Hunter 10 fish-David Manning 8- Jim Baron 9- John Sykes 16.
NOTABLE BAG: 5 fish weighing 10lb for Jim Baron.
BEST RAINBOW: 10lb for Mike Horton-13-15lb for Bob Fitzpatrick-12lb for John Sykes- 9lb 8oz for Jim Hunter.
BEST BROWN: 8oz wild brownie for Steve Bland.
BEST BLUE: Several weighing 2lb 8oz.
BANK ROD AV: 5.60 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV: 6.00 fish per angler.
Sport: As well as some good catches there was a good stamp of fish caught with rainbows ranging from 4lb right up into double figures. Jim Baron had a good day landing 9 good rainbows. Jim bank fished around Bens beach where an olive cat on an intermediate line worked well. Mike Horton fished near the jetty with a white and green lure and tempted a fit 10lb rainbow that after a good fight powered off after being released. John Sykes took the top rod today with 16 quality rainbows with fish weighing 4lb, 6lb and a cracking 12lb rainbow. John fished in Hollins bay and at 2 trees to take his haul with damsel and a squiggly worm pattern fished on a ssi line almost static being his winning tactic. Out on a boat was David Manning who caught 8 fish from willow isle. Like other anglers a damsel was his best pattern. Jim Hunter caught 10 trout with his biggest weighing 9lb 8oz Most of Jims fish were caught in the northern shallows with a damsel once again being the top pattern. Bob Fitzpatrick was into the big fish with a giant rainbow estimated to weigh between 13-15lb. Bobs big trout was caught on an olive snake up in the northern shallows. A good day for big fish. Interestingly a lot of anglers said that they were fishing almost if not static flies and as you have just read olive was most defiantly the top colour. A good starting point for tomorrow. Syotw.