Monthly Archives: September 2015

Wednesday September 30th

DATE: Wednesday September 30th
NOTABLE CATCHES: 5 fish for Ray Entwistle
NOTABLE BAG: 2 fish for 5lb 4oz for Stuart Gardiner
BEST RAINBOW: 3lbs 4oz for Mr Moodie
BANK ROD AV: 1.14 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 0.7 fish per angler
Another wonderfully sunny day which was great to be out in, yet not ideal for trout fishing. Everyone fishing today was fully aware of that so low catch rates came as no surprise. It was about enjoying the weather and the surroundings as much as it was about fishing. This having been said a good number of fish were caught.
Notably Shaun Gaskell, top boat angler on the water today, caught four fish on dries whilst in the Northern Shallows this morning. The cloud cover was gone by afternoon and Shaun caught nothing during the afternoon in the bright sun. From the bank Ray Entwistle had a fruitful half day session in Barn Quarry with five fish to a fritz. Several others had ones and twos to a whole host of methods at varying depths. With not a cloud in the sky all afternoon the fishing was hard.


Stocks:Tuesday 29th September.

Sport: Mr Taylor and Mr Postlethwaite took to a boat and headed off to the northern shallows where they caught 6 fish including a 4lb brown trout. Good fish. They found muddlers on an intermediate line their best tactic. Bob Fitzpatrick and Derek Moore had a great day afloat landing 16 fish between them. Their best 2 areas were up in the northern shallows and in Newclose bay. Bob caught well first off on a washing line setup with nymphs on his droppers before switching to dries whilst Derek stayed on midas and brown daddys all day. A few anglers said that there were a lot of fish moving for most of the day. Syotw. Paul.

Monday September 29th

DATE:                                       Monday September 29thy
REPORT AUTHOR                Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:            7 fish for Tony Taylor
NOTABLE BAG:                      2 fish for 5lbs 0oz Mark Thomas
BEST RAINBOW:                   3lbs 8oz for Andrew Briggs
BEST BLUE:                            1lb 12oz for Mark Thomas
BANK ROD AV:                      3.33 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                      2.67 fish per angler
Sport: Just a couple of boats out today. It was stunning here with a bright blue sky and a light to moderate wind. Not the best conditions for fly but great to be out.
On the boats Ricky Newbolt had five trout to 3lbs. When he arrived this morning it was flat calm and the trout were rising for adult buzzer all along Hartley’s bank and around Bell point. He picked one up quickly on a diawl back and then the breeze picked up, so he switched to an intermediate line and headed for Gull Island and The Saddle. Ricky used various lures on his intermediate to catch another four fish from this area.
On the shore Tony Taylor fished from Bell Point with a floating and a team of three diawl bachs. He’d tried the washing line but found that straight lining the diawls was more effective, despite regularly seeing trout feeding right up in the wave. He caught a total of seven rainbows to 3lbs, missed a few more and lost a stonker. Not bad for bright and breezy conditions.
Andrew Briggs had productive couple of hours with three rainbows to 3lbs 8oz fishing at Barn Quarry and along Hartley’s. Andrew caught on black taddies and cats fished on a floating line. Tight Lines Ben

Sunday September 27th

It was very much like a summers day today where, once the mist had cleared, the sun shone brightly all day and consequently we were quiet for a Sunday. Whilst conditions weren’t ideal for trout fishing many commented that the experience of being at Stocks on such a great day was compensation enough, even if you were to blank. Funnily only a couple of anglers did blank!, the majority caught at least one fish.
Top rod on the water today was Felicity Appleton with four fine trout, two blues and two rainbows. Felicity fished Two Trees and Hartleys catching on a foam daddy and a silver invicta, with today’s best blue of 2lbs 8oz amongst her bag. Also notable is that first timer Michael Connell was introduced to fly fishing today under the watchful eye of Gary Smith. Whilst Gary enjoyed a good afternoon with 3 fish, Michael caught his first rainbow on a fly rod today weighing in at 2lbs. Michael and Gary fished around Bell Point. Paul Fozzard and friend Robert enjoyed the day with guide Paul Bebb catching 5 trout to the boat. Paul and Robert fished a daddy dry.
It’s forecast to be pleasant and calm for the week ahead, and with trout now aggressively chasing the abundance of fry in the margins, we look set to have some good sport.


Saturday 26th September

DATE: Saturday September 26th
NOTABLE CATCHES: 14 fish for Andy Cooper, 7 for Rick Nuttall, 5 for Andy Hargreaves, 5 for Ron Melling
NOTABLE BAG: 5lb for 2 fish, Steven Dodd.
BEST RAINBOW: 4lbs for Cameron Price
BANK ROD AV: 1 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 2.87 fish per angler
Very light winds today made for a tricky days fishing, however the afternoon saw fish rising in great numbers and a good number were caught. From the boats the best area was again in the northern shallows and in particular on the saddle. From the bank all was quiet until the same period in the afternoon when fish were rising plentifully, very close in, between Davy Jones Point and Grange Point. Dries accounted for the majority of fish netted, and also minkie patterns did well, with anglers responding to the amount of fry in the margins where trout were visibly chasing.
Andy Cooper and Rick Nuttall were top rods on the water today, netting 21 to the boat and losing as many. Andy and Rick found that the half hog dry was their best fly. Andy Hargreaves had 5 trout in a half day session fishing a black and red booby on the surface. Ron Melling also had 5 to the boat in his half day, catching 3 on a black midas in the northern shallows and then his last two pulling a minkie off Bell Point on his return journey. Mention must go to young Cameron Price who had 3 good fish and lost a couple more whilst showing his Dad how it’s done. Keep it up Cameron!