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Stocks:Thursday 30th May.

DATE: Thursday April 30th.
NOTABLE CATCHES: 6 fish for Bob Fitzpatrick and Ted Heath.
NOTABLE BAG: 2 fish weighing 7lb 8oz for Peter Carr.
BEST RAINBOW: 5lbs 8oz for Peter Carr.
BANK ROD AV: 1.00 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV: 2.85 fish per angler.
Sport: Bob Fitzpatrick was out on the water today drifting around the northern shallows and willow island where he caught 6 trout. Bob fished a floating line with green and red diawl bach on his droppers and a cats whisker booby on the point. Also out on a boat were Tony Plant and Ted Heath who caught 8 fish between them. They too fished up in the northern shallows but found dabblers to be the effective fly. Bob, Tony and Ted said that several times throughout the day in calm areas the trout would start to rise. Syotw.

Wednesday April 29th

Wednesday April 29th.
With the weather continuing to be vile, not just at Stocks it seems, it’s wasn’t too surprising that the few that had booked boats for today re-scheduled to come another day. Four anglers donned multiple layers and set out on the bank however, and as well as covering some distance they also caught some fish, seven between them. Andrew Robinson leant into the wind on Bell Point to catch a fine rainbow pulling a green and black fritz lure. Brothers Graham and Andrew Child headed straight along the old railway line, taking the short cut to drop into Newclose Bay where relative shelter and calmer water was waiting. Andrew fished a black lure to land a 2 lb+ blue trout. Graham started with an intermediate line fishing buzzers by the washing line method without success. Switching to a floating line and straight lining his black and red buzzers paid off and Graham had a great half day catching 5 trout. It must warm up soon, it’s May on Friday! See you next time Nick.

Stocks: Tuesday 28th April.

Sport: Tuesday 28th April. Just a quick report tonight as due to bad weather only a couple of hardy anglers braved the elements for a short time. Top catch went to Bruce Irvine who kept on the move and fished in some horrendous wind of Bell point and Hartleys bank but was rewarded with a couple of fish although he said he lost a few, no doubt blown off the line by the wind! A cats whisker pulled through the waves was his method. Hopefully the nice weather will soon return. Syotw. Paul.

Monday April 27th

DATE: Monday April 27th 2015
NOTABLE CATCHES: 10+ fish for Steve Unsworth and Jim Twaddle
NOTABLE BAG: 5 fish for 28lb 14oz for Phil Macdonald
BEST RAINBOW: 12lbs 8oz for Phil Macdonald
BEST BROWN: Several around the 4lb mark
BANK ROD AV: 0.8 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 2.3 fish per angler
The media are coining phrases such as ‘polar plume’ for the weather we’re all experiencing. As I write it’s snowing at Stocks. The weather is wrong so that’s enough on that subject for today.
A handful of bank anglers struggled against a difficult wind to fish into. Only a few fish were caught from the bank today.
Afloat were a good number of anglers, mainly because the Lancashire Fire Service Open was held here today and alone they were 21 rods. Between the LFS men 52 fish were caught weighing in a rod average of 2.4 fish for the comp.

Notable results as follows:-
Champion in 1st place was Steve Unsworth who caught 12 fish (10lb 6oz rainbow in bag)
Best team was Jim Twaddle and Phil McDonald
Biggest fish; Phil McDonald 12lb 8oz (Phil also had a rainbow at 10lb 7oz in his 5 fish bag).

Steve caught his fish pulling a black nugget in the Northern Shallows. Phil also caught his monsters in the Northern Shallows, either on a hot headed cat or a white boobie.

We had real summers when I were a lad, and jumpers for goal posts.
See you next time, Nick.

Sunday April 26th 2015

DATE: Sunday April 26th
NOTABLE CATCHES: 10+ fish for Bob Fitzpatrick, 9 for Andrew Roskell (half day)
NOTABLE BAG: 2 fish for 4lb 8oz for Alban Horrocks
BEST RAINBOW: 9lbs 12oz for Andrew Roskell
BEST BROWN: 3lb for Paul Ashcroft
BANK ROD AV: 1.2 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 4.3 fish per angler
A better day all round. Better weather and an improvement in the fishing following yesterday’s dramatic fall in temperatures. Although the sun shone brightly throughout the entire day the wind was not kind and anglers had to work hard to find their fish, with their hoods up. Those without hoods suffered.
There were some great catches today and for some it was a ‘red letter day’(quote: the accomplished Mr Bebb). Andrew Roskell launched his boat mid afternoon and set forth to the Northern Shallows, The Willows and Curry’s Cast areas to have a tremendous evening’s sport with nine fish to the boat and a splendid 9lb12oz rainbow trout. Bob, also on a boat, worked his red holographic diawl backs, covering virtually all of stocks, to bring thirteen trout to his boat. Bob found a swathe of trout on the east bank, from the spillway to Halsteads hike, towards the end of his session and doubled his tally in the space of his last few drifts. Returning to the jetty early evening Bob shared the benefit of his find with others so they too could enjoy the sport, and so they did. Elliot and Ken Horrocks brought 11 fish to the boat that they found roaming the northern half of the water. Congratulations to Steve Boothby on catching a tagged fish amongst his bag today. Steve won a £50 tackle voucher to be spent in the shop.
On the bank Paul Ding also landed a fish to remember with a 7lb 4oz Rainbow in Hollins Bay. Paul fished an olive Appleby buzzer with a slow figure of eight and floating line. Paul’s buzzer, size 14, was tied by friend Stuart Appleby and was a true work of art. Pictures of Andrew’s and Paul’s catches will be posted shortly.
See you next time, Nick