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SPRING SWEEP OPEN: This Sunday April 5th

I have decided to hold a SPRING SWEEP OPEN competition this coming Sunday April 5th. I know its late notice but many anglers, me included, were disappointed when strong winds meant that The Greys Pairs had to be postponed last weekend. So The Spring Sweep will offer us a chance to get out and fish a friendly match whilst the season is still young.
The Spring Sweep Open is an individual one day event fished from drifting boats to international rules. Like the name suggests it is open to everyone. It will be fished from 10am to 6:00pm and the total cost will be £45. That includes a full day 4 fish ticket, your boat hire and your entry fee. We will have a free buffet at the end of the match, where you can have a beer and ‘chew the fat’ with the other competitors.
£10.00 from each entry will enter a central pot that will be split between the top three places as follows: 1st = 50% of Pot, 2nd =30% of Pot and 3rd =20% of Pot. The fishery will donate a tackle prize for 4th place and the best fish of the day.
If you would like to like to enter please call Stocks on 01200 446602 and put your name down on the list. Tight Lines Ben

Ps See below for Monday 30th Report

Monday March 30th

DATE:                                               Monday March 30th
REPORT AUTHOR                        Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:                   8 fish for John Connolly and Nigel Simpson
NOTABLE BAG:                              All sporting
BEST RAINBOW:                           3lbs for John Connolly
BEST BROWN:                               6lbs+ for John Connolly
BANK ROD AV:                              6.0 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                               N/a
Sport: The weather forecast kept all but three bank anglers away today. They had a great days sport though with 18 trout between them. Nigel Simpson and John Connolly both fished black buzzers on floating lines in Hollins Bay to take eight a piece. They both commented that some of the trout took the buzzers as soon as it had landed on the water. Amongst John’s catch was a cracking brownie of 6lbs+ and seven rainbows to 3lbs.
Tony Manning was the third angler who caught a nice brace on Dawson’s Olive.
Bank House is fishing well too. I bumped into Karen Fleming yesterday on my way round the fishery. She was catching well on a cat’s whisker fished on a floating line and had just landed this well proportioned 8lb rainbow. Tight lines Ben

Karen Flemming with an 8lb Bank House rainbow.

Karen Flemming with an 8lb Bank House rainbow.

Sunday March 29th

DATE: Sunday March 29th
NOTABLE CATCHES: 10+ fish for Mark Tyndall
BANK ROD AV: 2 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 7 fish per angler
Following the cancellation of the Greys Pairs comp’ that was scheduled for today there was a poor turnout of anglers at Stocks today. This having been said the weather forecast was very poor and the weather was indeed quite vile.
We had two boats on the water and two rods fishing from the bank. Despite the wind and the rain fish were found and good sport was enjoyed by all. Sheltered from the wind Newclose Bay, Ben’s Beach and Hollins Bay were the targets.
The successful method was pulling a variety of lures, with blacks and greens working best.
See you next time, Nick.

Saturday March 28th

DATE:                                             Saturday March
REPORT AUTHOR                      Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:                 5 fish for Lloyd Edwards
NOTABLE BAG:                            5 fish for 11lbs
BEST RAINBOW:                         2lbs 8oz for R Stevenson
BEST BROWN:                             N/a
BANK ROD AV:                            2.0 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                            3.0 fish per angler
Sport: It was very windy at Stocks today with white horses across the water. Four hardy anglers ventured out on the boats and there day was cut short as the wind really picked up in the afternoon. They caught fish though. Bernard McBride and Lloyd Edwards had 8 trout to the boat on cormorants and boobies, they fished at Willow Island and later in Hollins Bay.
R Stevenson and Ashley Temple stuck it out behind Willow Island to take four good fish and they had the chance for a few more. Their best fly was a black nomad.
On the shore three bank left without handing a return in, so I’m not sure how they finished up, but Dave Zalens fished for a hour down in Hollins in the afternoon. Dave fished a cats lure to catch two, drop two and he had several follows.
Just a reminder that the Greys Pairs that was due to be held tomorrow has been cancelled and will be rescheduled for a later date. Tight Lines Ben

Friday March 27th

DATE:                                          Friday March
REPORT AUTHOR                   Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:             15 fish for George Ashton
NOTABLE BAG:                         5 fish for 16lbs 8oz for Andy Slater
BEST RAINBOW:                      6lbs 8oz for Andy Slater
BEST BlUE:                                3lbs 0 for Liam Tattersall
BANK ROD AV:                         3.00 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                         4.88 fish per angler
Sport: Ken Whiteside had a great half day session with trout from Bell Point. Ken fished a floating line with a yellow damsel on the point. He found the fish no more than 3 feet down and had a lot of other pulls that didn’t stick.
On the boats George Ashton and Jose Vallerino fished off both islands with intermediate or tip lines to bring 23 fish to the boat. Their best flies were nomads but they picked up some of their trout on buzzers fished on the droppers.
Also fishing around the islands were Andy Slater and Tom Hogg. Andy had a cracking bag of fish weighing 16lbs 8oz, which included a rainbow of 6lbs 8oz pictured below. They caught on red headed damsels and buzzers. Tight Lines Ben

Andy Slater caught this 6lb 8oz rainbow on a buzzer off Willow Island

Andy Slater caught this 6lb 8oz rainbow on a buzzer off Willow Island