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Stocks Sceirra Pairs Heat

DATE:                                   Saturday June 28th
REPORT AUTHOR           Ben
NOTABLE CATCH:           12 fish to the boat for Ian Gaskell & Derek Moore, Paul Davison and Tom Speak and Kevin Warmsley and Kevin Madigan
NOTABLE BAG:                12 fish for 26lbs 3oz Paul Davison and Tom Speak
BEST RAINBOW:             3lb 14oz for Steve Cochrane
BEST BLUE: Several       2lb+
BEST BROWN:                  3 over 2lbs
BANK ROD AV:               ? fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:               3.60 fish per angler
Sport: On Saturday we held the Scierra Pairs Heat on Stocks. We had a great turn out with 20 pairs taking to the water to try and earn one of the 5 places in the Grand Final. It was great to see the Isle of Man crew over again and taking part in the match, it’s always a pleasure to see you guys. Likewise it great to see Phil Dixon, Louise and their new arrival. They are running a really well organised match and there are still some heats you can still enter. Just Google the Sceirra Pairs and you will see it.
On Saturday the first pair in with 12 trout were Ian Gaskell and Derek Moore who used booies and dries to great effect fished close in down the East Bank.
The 2nd Pair in was Paul Davison and Tom Speak who caught all 12 of their bag on Midas Dries, they too fished the east bank but up at the Northern End.
In 3rd place were Kevin Warmsley and Kevin Madigan who caught 12 trout on Black bits fished dry. I am not sure just where they caught them all but I saw them fishing out from Ben’s Beach.
The rest of the results are shown below, double click the picture to enlarge it.
Also, not shown last week, John Hood had a Jack pot tagged trout worth £400! See picture below

Scierra Pairs results 2014

Ian Gaskell and Derek Moore the Heat Winners. They caught their 12 fish by 2:30pm on the washing line and dries

Ian Gaskell and Derek Moore the Heat Winners. They caught their 12 fish by 2:30pm on boobies and dries.

Paul and Tom

Tom Speak and Paul Davison caught 12 trout by 4:15 on the midas fished dry

Brad Mackie and Steve Cochrane

Brad Mackie and Steve Cochrane were 4th with 11 trout for 23lbs 14oz

richard and John Hood

Richard and John Hood found pulling boobies worked well. They had 11 trout for 21lbs 15oz

Richard Hood Tagged fish

Last week Richard caught a Jackpot Tagged Fish. He claimed a bounty of £400!

Sunday June 30th

DATE: Sunday June 29th
NOTABLE CATCH: 8 trout for Elliot Horrocks
BEST RAINBOW: 3lbs 2oz for Ian Nicholson
BEST BLUE: 2.5lbs for several
BANK ROD AV: 1.7fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 3.4fish per angler

The fishing continues to be ‘hard’ as another splendid day has been enjoyed by all. As per recent form dry fly methods continue to b e the most popular and indeed the most productive. Elliot Horrocks found his fish in the Bell Point area however it’s worth giving some attention to the East Bank. Cumbrian visitors, father and son team the Nixons, had 14 fish to the boat from 10 Acre Foot commenting; ’black hopper tight as you can get to the bank’.
Others didn’t have too good a day and were disappointed. As fishermen we have a very well developed ability to make excuses and find reasons why we haven’t caught. Please be assured that there are fish in the water and plenty of them, therefore this can no longer be an excuse for not catching any.
A breakdown of the results from Saturday’s Scierra Pairs comp’ will be posted shortly.


Stocks: Friday June 27th

DATE:                               Friday June 27th
NOTABLE CATCH:       10+ trout for Kevin Warmsley
BEST RAINBOW:            4lbs 12oz for Phil Davies
BEST BLUE:                      3lbs 0oz Brad Mackie
BEST BROWN:                 3lbs 0oz for Chris Roberts
BANK ROD AV:               2.7 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:               4.0 fish per angler
Sport: Paul Bebb was out guiding with Rob Shelton they had 11 trout to the boat on dries and said they found fish all over. Now it gets a bit sketchy as some anglers were practising for the pairs match tomorrow. Jim Tuck and Rob Fearn had 12 to their boat, Kevin Warmsley and John Halsall had 15 to their boat and there were other good catches as well but details will no doubt be revealed tomorrow.
From the shore the top rod was Phil Davies who caught 8 trout to 4lbs 12oz on buzzers fished under the bung off the Dam Wall.
The trout seem very well spread over the reservoir and there are good numbers feeding high in the water.Tight Lines Ben

Stocks:Thursday 26th June.

DATE: Thursday 26th June.
NOTABLE CATCH: 7 fish for Mick Glancey-7 fish for Kevin Walmsley.
NOTABLE BAG: 5 fish weighing 11lb for Mr Taylor.
BEST RAINBOW: 3lb 8oz for Jim Jaques.
BEST BLUE: Several weighing 2lb 8oz.
BEST BROWN: 2lb 8oz for George Erslaine.
BANK ROD AV: 3.25 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV: 2.45 fish per angler.
Sport: A bit cooler today with cloud cover all day and air pressure dropping a bit. Sport was better today with the change in the weather, heres how anglers got on. Fishing from the bank this morning was Mick Glancy who caught 7 fish. Mick fished in Hollins and near the jetty and caught his fish on a midas dry fly. Jim Jaques and George Erslaine both caught 4 fish with the majority of these also taken on dry flies. Top rod on the boats also with 7 fish was Isle Of Man angler Kevin Walmsley out on a practice day for the comp this weekend. He had a good drift all over the lake taking a fish here and a fish there. Landing 5 fish from a boat today was Mr Taylor who caught his fish on a cruncher up by the willows. There are still a few places left for the Scierra pairs competition on Saturday, anyone wanting to fish please call Stocks on 01200 44 66 02. Syotw.

Wednesday 25th June

DATE: Wednesday June 25 th
NOTABLE CATCH: 5 trout for Shaun Gaskell
NOTABLE BAG: 2 fish for 5 lbs for Ted
BEST RAINBOW: 3lbs2 oz for Mick Glancey
BANK ROD AV: 1.6fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 1.6fish per angler

The wonderful summer weather continues as does the ‘hard’ status of the fishing. A quick look up and down the country at how other waters are performing has given us a little peace of mind however. We are not on our own at Stocks in that the fishing is difficult at the majority of other large fisheries. The most plausible explanation is the high pressure we are ‘enjoying’ at the moment and as most will already know; periods of high pressure have historically been known to adversely affect still water trout fishing. So do not despair if you’ve been struggling of late, it’s the same for everyone everywhere, and no you haven’t lost the ability to catch fish. Bucking the trend Bank House fishery has been fishing it’s head off but I guess that falls into a different category being considerably smaller, so if you’re yearning for a tight line head off to Caton…..
All the above having been said Ben has worked tirelessly to give Stocks a boost and has stocked fish three times this week, adding even more fish to the already healthy head of fish in the water.
There are many doubles, including some ‘blues’ of the 17/18lb mark to test you tackle. The most productive method continues to be fishing dry flies, with fry imitators also catching as the fish will chase, particularly in the margins.
Yesterday’s top catch of five fish went to Shaun Gaskell. Shaun and brother Liam arrived about 5 pm to drift in the undecided wind between Ben’s Beach and Curry’s Cast, proving that an evening boat visit is very worthwhile whilst the days are still at their longest. Liam also caught but didn’t connect with as many as his older brother, both fished dries to pick their fish from the midwater ripple. Father Ian has a lot to learn from his lads (possibly).
Lastly, two words, midas dry.