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Stocks: Monday May 26th

DATE:                                 Friday May 23rd
NOTABLE CATCH:        10+ trout for Keith Sprung, Darren Booth, Andrew Sowerby & George Ashton
NOTABLE BAG:              5 fish for 14lbs 12oz Keith Hilton
BEST RAINBOW:           8lbs 0oz for Mr ?
BEST BLUE:                    6lbs 0oz for Mr ?
BEST BROWN:               4lbs 0oz for Steven Lea
BANK ROD AV:            2.3 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:            6.0 fish per angler
Sport: It was beautiful day today at Stocks, it was overcast with a light wind and fish were rising taking small green flies off the top and black buzzers.
The top rod was Darren Booth and Andrew Sowerby were the top boat. They caught all 29 fish on dries from the northern end of the reservoir.
Tony Plant and his boat partner had 16 to their boat, again all on dry bits. Keith Sprung had sport on black diawl bachs landing 10 trout and having many other takes. Keith fished off Willow Island and in Newclose Bay.
George Ashton and Keith Hilton had another great bag landing 17 trout to daddies and boobies fished along the Alders and the Spillway.
On the shore although the catches were more modest there was still some great sport to be had. Steven Lea caught 4 good trout for 12lbs on Hoppers from Newclose Bay. Steven’s bag included a beautiful 4lb brownie. Good angling Steven.
An angler (no name on the return) caught 4 fish for 15lbs from the Dam. His bag included a 6lb blue, a 3lb rainbow and a 3lb bownie. He caught his fish on a snake fly. Another angler didn’t fill out a return but had a rainbow of 8 or 9lbs from Hollins Bay. Hopefully he will email me the photo, it looked like a nice fish.
John Legg from Guide Fly Fishing had 5 rainbows and blues from The east bank and from Davy Jones.
Tight lines Ben

Stocks: Sunday May 25th

DATE                            Sunday May 25th  Report by Ben
BEST CATCH              10+ Nick Thornborrow, Scott Atkin, Dave Parker, Darren Woodmass, Callum Smalley, Martin Griffiths, Shaun Gaskell, Ian Gaskell, Ryan Feber, Paul Davison & Ben Dobson
BEST BAG                    4 trout for 10lbs 3oz Sir Bob Cooper
BEST RAINBOW        3lbs 6oz Bill Fergusson
BEST BLUE                 4lbs 0oz for Roy Ellison
BEST BROWN            3lbs 0oz Callum Smalley
BANK AVERAGE       5.8 Fish per angler
BOAT AVERAGE       6.0 Fish per angler
SPORT:  Today we hosted Rob Denson’s Invitational competition and we had a fantastic turnout which reflects what a great guy Rob is. Forty four anglers took the water to try and win the coveted Papier mache fish trophy skilfully made by the man himself.
It stayed overcast for the vast majority of the day and the wind remained light switching from easterly to southerly around lunchtime. At the northern end of the reservoir, especially the Causeway, Cook’s Creek and The Willows, there were lots of fish rising taking small black buzzers and tiny green fly off the surface. Down at the Dam there were less fish rising but there were still plenty around.
There were lots of fish caught on dries from all over the reservoir and on boobies pulled through the top two feet of water.
In first place was Ian Gaskell who landed 18 trout on boobies and dabblers fished on a slow sinking intermediate line. Ian is such a consistent angler, he won the Lexus European championship a couple of years ago and is always a man to beat. Ian fished between The Willows, Gull Island and Cook’s Creek; he stayed out in open water and drifted over fresh water where no other boats had been. He tried to stay in the ripple and out of the calm.
In second place was me with 16 fish. I fished a Di3 line with a peaches and cream type boobies all around the Dam area, off the Deeps and from Davy Jones. I retrieved the flies with long pulls as soon as they hit the water and I caught a lot of fish on hang. My boat partner, Callum Smalley, changed over from dries to the same method and caught as did on similar patterns.
In third place was Scott Atkin. Scott caught his fish on yellow owl dries from the causeway. Scott fished exceptionally well managing to catch the rising trout that evaded many other anglers. Scott was the top dry fly angler on the day. The results are shown below.

All anglers took their first four trout then were awarded 2lbs for each further fish returned.

1st  Ian Gaskell                  18 trout for 36lbs 11oz
2nd Ben Dobson               16 trout for 33lbs 4oz
3rd Scott Atkin                  15 trout for 29lbs 10oz
4th Dave Parker                12 trout for 25lbs 6oz
5th Shaun Gaskell            12 trout for 23lbs 5oz
6th Ryan Feber                 11 trout for 22lbs 11oz
7th Paul Davison              11 trout for 22lbs 2oz
8th Martin Griffiths         10 trout for 21lbs 6oz
9th Darren Woodmas      10 trout for 20lbs 2oz
11th John Hood                  8 trout for 16lbs 7oz
Best fish to the scales:  3lbs 6oz  Bill Fergusson

Double click the photo to enlarge.

The prize winners for Rob Denson's Invatational competition. Centre (hold the coverted fish trophy) Ian Gaskell the match winner with 18 fish.

Stocks/Bank House Trout Masters. Saturday May 24th

DATE                          Saturday May 24th  Report by Ben
BEST CATCH            10+ Richard Hood, John Hood, Paul Davison & David Varey
BEST BAG                 5 trout for 13lbs 8oz Mr Richardson
BEST RAINBOW     6lbs 0oz David Varey
BEST BLUE               4lbs 0oz for John Hood
BEST BROWN          3lbs 0oz David Varey
BANK AVERAGE     5.0 Fish per angler
BOAT AVERAGE     3.3 Fish per angler
SPORT:  It was great to see Carlisle Fly Dressers at the fishery today holding their annual fishing meet at Stocks. It’s always a pleasure. I am afraid I have left their result sheet at Stocks so I will report on their results tomorrow. They also caught two tagged trout one for £100 and one for a Full day 5 fish ticket. Good angling fellers.
Another tagged fish was caught from the shore from Bell point worth a £50 tackle voucher. Once again I am sorry but the names will follow.
This morning was great with a lot of trout rising in many areas around the reservoir, but heavy rain and a blustery wind soon put a stop to that. However for those who persevered with dries there were still to be had. Paul Davison and Derek Moore had 19 fish to their boat all of which were caught on dries and John Hood also had a good day with 12 to various dry flies.  John’s dad Richard found that pulling boobies was just as successful and he too built a good tally of trout.
David Varey and Darren Woodmass had tempted 15 good fish on boobies. Their catch included rainbows, blues and browns, the best being a rainbow of 6lbs.
From the shore two anglers landed 8 trout, the first was Mick Glancey who was fishing in Hollins Bay and the second Mr Richardson who used a cats to great effect whilst fishing on the Dam Wall.
We have also had the Trout Masters fish off on Bank House Fly Fishery and it was won convincingly by regular angler David Harrison. David is an extremely consistent angler and nearly always gets his fish. He has been fishing Bank House for 14 years during which time he has kept detailed records of his catches. Impressively his rod average is 18 trout per visit and recently 8 trout per half day and during this time he has only ever had one blank day! David keeps moving around the water and he has developed his own patterns. One of his most successful inventions is a white beaded buzzer with a small marabou tail. He also catches well on black buzzers and damsel patterns. Well done David your win was well deserved. Tight Lines Ben

Stocks: Friday May 23rd

DATE:                              Friday May 23rd
NOTABLE CATCH:      10+ trout for Antoon Gysbers & David McKay
NOTABLE BAG:            2 fish for 7lbs
BEST RAINBOW:          4lbs 8oz for Antoon Gysbers
BEST BLUE:                    3lbs 0oz for David Mckay
BEST BROWN:               2lbs 8oz for Mr ?
BANK ROD AV:            10.0fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:             4.3 fish per angler
Sport: Although we had three anglers on the bank today I just got the one return from Antoon Gysbers. Antoon had 10 trout in just 3 hours or so on a Watson’s Bumble fished on a floating line. Antoon caught three from Bell Point and the other seven from Hollins Bay.
Out on the boat two different tactics worked well. Ian Ross and David McKay had sixteen fish to the net all of which fell to dries fished around the causeway. Their best patterns were claret hoppers.
Their travelling buddies Andy Ross and Dave Barrett had fifteen to their boat stripping back boobies on floating and slow sinking lines. They had action in Newclose Bay, at Willow Island and down at the Dam. Good angling fellers it was great to see you all again. Tight Lines Ben