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Stocks: Saturday May 31st

DATE                                  Monday May 26th  Report by Ben
BEST CATCH                   10+ Derek Moore and Phil Davies
BEST BAG                        4 trout for 10lbs 8oz Phil Davies, 5 trout for 10lbs 8oz Mark Watkins
BEST RAINBOW            4lbs 2oz Ronnie Entwhistle
BEST BLUE                     Several at 2lbs 8oz
BEST BROWN                2lbs 4oz Phil Davies
BANK AVERAGE           4.3 Fish per angler
BOAT AVERAGE           4.7 Fish per angler
The shore:  Phil Davies had a great day fishing buzzers off the dam wall taking 13 trout to 3lbs+. Phil also had a tagged trout but as he hadn’t entered he had to return it to the water. This one of two tagged fish caught today, both were returned as the anglers hadn’t added to the pot. You’ve got to be in it to win it!
Also on the shore was Mark Watkins who walked over to the east bank and fished around David’s Drain with a pink booby to take nine trout to 3lbs 8oz.
On the western side of the reservoir Mick Glancey seven trout to yellow dancers and dries.
The top boat today with 23 trout was Derek Moore and Ryan Feber who drifted across Newclose bay to take fish on both dries and lures pulled through the surface.
John Sykes took a good number of fish from the willows fishing cormorants and cats on a midge tip.
There was no definitive method today it was a bit strange. Dries caught well as did buzzers and pulling lures but none of these methods really stood out. Tight Lines Ben

Stocks: Friday May 30th

DATE                                   Friday May 30th  Report by Ben
BEST CATCH                    10+ Mick Greenalgh, George Ashton, Evan Reid, Derek Hesseit &  Andrew Bentley
BEST BAG                         5 trout for 17lbs 8oz for Felicity
BEST RAINBOW            4lbs 0oz Mick Greenalgh & Sean Muscroft
BEST BLUE                     2lbs 8oz Bill Briggs
BEST BROWN               3lbs 8oz Evan Reid
BANK AVERAGE          3.7 Fish per angler
BOAT AVERAGE          6.1 Fish per angler
SPORT:  It was great day on the reservoir today. There weren’t lots of rising trout like there has been of late but they were still there and willing to take the fly. Adam Larbalesteir and John Turner had an arm aching half day session from the boats. They fished all around the southern end of the reservoir washing lining buzzers on a floating line to tempt 23 trout between them.  Good angling fellers.
Also out on the boats were two ex-Scottish youth team members Derek Hesseit and Evan Reid. They fished at the other end of the reservoir around the causeway and the Northern Shallows. Derek and Evan fished boobies back quickly on slow sinking lines and were the top boat on the water today. Good meet you guys, well fished.
George Ashton caught well out over open water off Cook’s Creek on a cat booby fished on a floating line and Andrew Bentley also had great success fishing buzzers over the Northern Shallows and around Willow Island.
Off the  shore Mick Greenalgh took 10 trout from the Jetty area on a damsel fished on a floating line including a nice 4lb rainbow. Terry Farrell was rewarded for a walk over to the east bank with 9 trout to 3lbs. Terry caught rainbows, browns and blues from Curry’s Cast on deer hair emergers.
The top bag of five was caught by Felicity from Hollins Bay. Felicity caught all her fish on daddy long legs, her bag tipped the scales to 17lbs 8oz. Tight Lines Ben

Stocks:Thursday 29th May.

DATE:    Thursday 29th May.
NOTABLE CATCH:    10+ for S Bland-D Hougkins-E Reid-D Hessett.
NOTABLE BAG:    5 fish weighing 10lb 8oz for Dave Hougkins.
BEST RAINBOW:    Several weighing 3lb.
BEST BLUE:    Several weighing 2lb 8oz.
BEST BROWN:    8oz wild brownie for Steve Bland.
BANK ROD AV:    1.00 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV:    7.00 fish per angler.
Sport: As yesterday the weather wasn’t up to much with a bit of rain, an east wind and feeling cool but several anglers did very well. The best of the sport today went to the boat anglers who sought the shelter of the northern shallows and the causeway which is where all the best catches came from. Steve Bland hit double figures whilst drifting around the water. Steve found boobys on a slow sinking line his best tactic and included in his haul was tagged trout LU which gives Steve a £100 tackle voucher. Dave Hougkins was another successful angler who found plenty of fish at the causeway. Daves best fly was floating cdc. Derek Hessett and Evan Reid had a good day landing 24 fish between them. They caught the majority of their fish at the causeway with boobys on a midge tip line being their favoured tactic. See you on the water.

Wednesday May 28th

DATE:    Wednesday May28 th
NOTABLE CATCH:    10+ trout for Derek Moore
NOTABLE BAG:    4 fish for 9lbs for George Shelton
BEST RAINBOW:    3lbs  for George Shelton
BEST BLUE:    2lbs for Rob Shelton
BEST BROWN:    2lbs for Rob Shelton
BANK ROD AV:    n/a
BOAT ROD AV:    6.7 fish

Unseasonably chilly and windy, and with more rain than expected, today was very quiet at Stocks. The banks were left to the three families of Greylag geese and their young who kept watch by the jetty all day. Only three rods were out on the boats.
By early afternoon the rain fizzled out and the wind eased and the brave were rewarded with some good sport. In the relative haven of Grindys father and son team, the Sheltons, enjoyed good sport with 9 fish to the boat fishing floating lines and a variety of dry flies as well as boobies. Derek Moore ventured out mid afternoon to find over 10 fish, fishing areas from the Dam to the Causeway, using a variety of methods.
Poor weather in the morning can give way to some great sport in the afternoons.


Stocks:Tuesday 27th May.

DATE:    Tuesday 27th May.
NOTABLE CATCH:    5 fish for Clive Lovell.
NOTABLE BAG:    3 fish weighing 6lb 8oz for Clive Lovell.
BEST RAINBOW:    4lb for Tony Taylor.
BEST BLUE:    2lb 12oz for Clive Lovell.
BEST BROWN:    3lb for Steve Garrett.
BANK ROD AV:    3.50 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV:    2.25 fish per angler.
Sport: After a calm drizzly start the sun made an appearance but with the sun came an increasing wind and we were left with bright and breezy conditions, not ideal. The best catch today went to bank angler Clive Lovell with his 5 fish catch. Clive fished from Bell point and Hartleys but i don’t have the info on how he caught them. The bank anglers out today all fished along Hartleys to Bell point this area offering the most shelter. From the boats the best catch fell to John Sykes with 4 fish whilst drifting in all areas of the lake. Tony Taylor had a few fish from his drifting boat with his best spot being Newclose bay. See you on the water.