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Wednesday April 30th

DATE:    Wednesday April 30th
NOTABLE CATCH:    10+ trout for Oliver Lorem(29th) Dave Hitchen, Andy Dean, Dan Sharp, Gary Allen, Glyn Yates, Neil Coulson,
NOTABLE BAG:    5 fish for 11 lbs, Neil Coulson
BEST RAINBOW:    4.5lbs oz for Glyn Yatesw
BEST BLUE:    2.5lbs oz many
BANK ROD AV:    7.6fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:    7.3fish per angler

Unlike earlier forecasts today turned out cal with dark brooding skies and the odd torrential downpour after 4pm. The hatches were huge and it seemed in all areas, throughout the day.
The fishing was great for (almost) everyone with the bank faring marginally better than the boats. Once fish were found they were caught in good number. On the whole dry flies and buzzers were best, with the East bank and, today, the dam area really beginning to feature.

Despite the heavy downpours late in the afternoon the sport continued until dark; the following comments are quotes from a selection of  today’s catch returns, although brief they do paint a picture;

‘Bens beach. White boobies, floating line’.
‘Hartleys. Black tadpole, sink tip. Stocks was alive today’
‘ Bell P.Buzzer, floater. Buzzers hatching.’
‘Dam. Cruncher. Wet.’
‘All over. Nymphs. Floating line.’
‘East bank. Buzzers.’
‘Two trees, cats, floater’.
‘ All fish caught on drys.’

Give us your comments on your returns slip and, where relevant, they’ll be posted here.


Stocks:Tuesday 29th April.

DATE:    Tuesday 29th April.
NOTABLE CATCH:    7 fish for A Blore-10 to the boat for D McCabe and J Lindsay.
NOTABLE BAG:    5 fish weighing 13lb for Tom Fryer.
BEST RAINBOW:    4lb for Steve Garrett.
BEST BLUE:    Several weighing 3 lbs.
BEST BROWN:    4lb 8oz overwintered for Alex Blore.
BANK ROD AV:     2.69 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV:    3.00 fish per angler.
Sport: Another super spring day again, warm, light winds and a bit of cloud cover with lots of rising trout. As i write the wind has dropped completely and there are fish everywhere. Fishing the bank at Bell point and Hartleys today was Alec Hitchen who found black buzzers effective landing 6 good trout on a variety of lines. Out on a boat were David McCabe and Joan Lindsay who landed 10 fish between them. They fished daddys just under the surface and found an abundance of feeding fish right down the middle of the lake. Alex Blore was another successful boat angler landing 7 trout. Alex caught his fish by the causeway and the dam with diawl bach on a floating line being his best method. Hopefully the weather will remain warm and the top of the water action will really hot up. See you on the water Paul.

Stocks: Monday April 28th

DATE:                                 Monday April 28th
NOTABLE CATCH:        10+ trout for Keith Charnock, John Sykes, Ricky Newbolt and Terry Farrells
NOTABLE BAG:              5 fish for 11lbs Keith Charnock
BEST RAINBOW:           3lbs 8oz for John Sykes
BEST BLUE:                     3lbs Steve Carter
BEST BROWN:                4lbs for Ricky Newbolt
BANK ROD AV:             3.4 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:             6.9 fish per angler
Sport: What a difference a day makes. It was stunning here at Stocks today with very light wind and patchy sunshine, and I heard our first cuckoo of the year. The boats out fished the shore today as the trout were rising freely right out across open water.
As always there was more than one way to skin a cat.
Keith Charnock was the top rod fishing a chartreuse headed diawl bach on a floating line. He twiddled it back just subsurface often covering rising fish. He caught at the Willows, in Newclose at Gull Island and at Curry’s cast.
Also in amongst the fish was John Sykes who caught all his on dry shipman’s buzzers straight off the top.
Ricky Newbolt used olive buzzers fished on a washing line rig to catch his fish and Steve Carter had nine trout also falling to buzzers.

The trout were right up the water today and feeding, but it paid to keep moving as most anglers said they were quite easily spooked so fishing fresh water proved productive. Terry Farrells has just walked into the lodge with a 10 fish catch from the shore. Terry caught all his fish from Blackhouse Bay on the East bank on black CDC buzzers. He said there were a lot of trout rising over there.

It’s a great time to get a boat out at moment, just drift wherever you see the rising fish. Tight Lines Ben

Stocks: Sunday April 27th

DATE:                                 Friday April 27th
NOTABLE CATCH:        7 trout for Steve Bland
NOTABLE BAG:              5 fish for 12lbs Andy McCall
BEST RAINBOW:           8lbs 0oz for Dave Lees
BEST BLUE:                     Several at 2lbs 8oz
BEST BROWN:                3lbs oz for Dave Lees
BANK ROD AV:             2.0 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:              3.8 fish per angler
Sport: A cool easterly wind made the fishing a bit trickier today but most anglers caught fish.
The top boat was Stephen Barn and Andy McCall found a method in the morning and stuck with throughout the day. They seemed catch where ever they went including the Dam, Cook’s Creek and the Northern Shallows. They fished a white fritz lure on a floating tempt 12 good trout to the boat. They caught a mix of rainbows and blues and a nice brownie to finish the day. Good angling fellas.
The top individual score went to Steve Bland who steadily retrieved very small two tone boobies on an intermediate line to tempt 7 fish. Steve caught around the Willows and down Fairbanks.
On the shore Dave Lees had a quality half day session. He caught two fish which included an 8lb rainbow and a 3lb brownie. He caught the big rainbow on a washing lined booby at the Alders and the brownie on a cormorant in Hollins.
The weather looks great this week: light winds with rising temperature and air pressure. If the trout have been reading the right books, it should be great one for fly fishing. Tight Lines Ben

Saturday April 26th

DATE:    SaturdayApril 26th
NOTABLE CATCH:    10+ for Mike Laycock and Gareth Jones, 2 fish Stuart Halford
NOTABLE BAG:    5 fish for15 lbs Mr Nixon
BEST RAINBOW:    4lbs oz for E.J. Walton
BEST BLUE:    3lbs oz for Gareth Jones
BEST BROWN:    2lbs oz for E.J. Walton
BANK ROD AV:    4.8 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:    4.2 fish per angler

First thing, driving over Waddington Fell, the wind and drizzle combined to bring the word ‘vile’ to mind. By mid morning the wind had eased considerably and the sun began to show, not so vile after all. With the wind direction from the East the day was described as ‘hard’ by most, however a handful of anglers did achieve some good catches with Mike Laycock’s 20+ fish being impressive.

The East bank received most attention due to the wind direction and yielded the best catches for both bank and boat anglers. Two tone blobs, boobies and lures scored best from the boats. Top bank rod of the day Tony Taylor continued his lengthy explorations of the East bank and true to form found 8 fish, fishing his own pattern of diawl back.

Today also saw Stocks host a ‘friendly’ comp’ of 8 boats arranged by regular angler Stuart Halford, the competitors made up of like minded friends. Of the sixteen rods all had an enjoyable day and fun was had with a good number of fish caught. In first place was Gareth Jones with 11 fish to the boat, cats whisker along Ben’s Beach being most productive. In second place was Tim Osbourne with 8 fish found ‘all over’. The rest of the field came in with 3 fish or less.

In summary it ‘turned out nice again’ so don’t always believe the forecast, if in doubt why not give us a quick call for up to date weather info’, we’re here after all.

Tight lines,   Nick