Monthly Archives: October 2013

Stocks:Thursday 31st October.

SPORT: Thursday 31st October. A bit cooler today with the wind picking up as the day progressed. Out on a boat today were David McCabe and Joan Lyndsay who caught 4 trout between them. They caught their fish around willow island with intermediate lines and a combination of cats whiskers on the droppers and olive booby on the point. As well as the fish landed they said they lost several others and had lots of follows and pulls without the fish sticking, lots of action. Also out on a boat were Derek and Neville who caught 3 fish whilst on the drift. They caught around the jetty and Hollins bay with snakes and a dawsons olive tempting trout for them. Olive has been a favoured colour recently in several patterns, minkies, boobys, nomads and of course the original dawsons olive, well worth trying an olive couloured fly if you are up this next month. See you on the water Paul.

Wednesday 30th October – Stocks

Just a quick report today to give you the results from our anglers who fished the reservoir. We enjoyed a pleasant day with a moderate wind and at times bright conditions. From the boat it was a rod average of 2 fish per angler set by our only boat angler, first time visitor to Stocks Mr Williams who did really well catching up towards the Northwern Shallows and up near Currys Cast. Not sure what he caught on but well done!

Tony Taylor fished from the bank today and had 7 fish in total with 4 lost at the net! He caught on a fast glass and a DI6 line using  variations of Cats Booby, Dawsons Olive Booby, Dawsons Olive Nomad. Tony was stripping quickly until near the bank where he would stop and twiddle for the remainder of his retrieve. This did it for him. Congrats!

Nice to see a steady days weather up here today, it looks pretty good for the rest of the week, lets hope so !

Tight Lines


Stocks:Thursday 24th October.

SPORT: Thursday 24th October. Great weather today with warm sunshine and hardly a breath of wind. The fishing was a bit tricky today with the sun and a bit of extra water but there were still trout caught. The best boat catch today went to Mark Clayton who caught 4 fish from the boulders on the east bank. Mark caught all his fish on a white minkie fished on an intermediate line. Derek Moore caught 3 fish on several different flies with his best area being around Hollins bay and the jetty. The best catch from the bank went to Greg Earnshaw who also caught 4 fish. Once again a minkie was his best fly with Bell point, Hartleys and 2 trees being his best spots.  First time fly fisher Jack Beard aged 11 caught his first trout! Jack caught his trout in the northern shallows on a minkie. The first of many Jack, Well done. See you on the water Paul.

Stocks:Tuesday 22nd October.

SPORT: Tuesday 22nd October. After a rainy night and morning the sun made a brief appearance this afternoon and with reasonable temperatures it was quite pleasant out there. On a brief trip out on the water this afternoon there were a few trout moving in several wind lanes. The best catch of the day went to boat angler Graham Bell who caught 8 trout. Graham caught in several areas including Willow island and along the northern shallows, Hollins bay and Bell point. Graham caught all his fish on a minkies and found the fish to be high in the water, only 2-3 feet down. Good angling Graham. Other anglers found fish in Hollins bay and 2 trees near the jetty. Anglers fishing in the Rio 4s competition this weekend, the match will start at 10.00am and end at 5.00pm. Entry fee is £20 + fishing fees. This competition is fished to fishery rules regarding fly size but is fished from drifting boats. See you on the water Paul.