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Sunday 29th September – Stocks

DATE: 29th September 2013


NOTABLE CATCH: 10 fish for Geoff Thomas

NOTABLE BAG: 3 fish weighing 8lbs for Chris Aldred

BEST RAINBOW: 2lb 8oz for Chris Aldred

BEST BLUE: 4lb for Chris Aldred

BEST BROWN: 3lb for chris Sharples

BOAT ROD AV: 4.0 fish per angler

BANK ROD AV: 2.o fish per angler


A wild day up here today with constant north easterly winds and bright sunshine throughout. This hasn’t stopped the fishing however, with some good results achieved from the boat anglers we have had on today.

Keith Sprung had 4 fish to his boat. He caught along the East bank and had his fish in the morning.

Chris Sharples and boat partner Davy Howe had a good days sport out there amongst the waves today. They landed 10 fish to the boat between them, the lions share falling to Chris with 7 fish in total. They fished a slow figure of 8 using fast intermediate lines with blobs and cormorants in the Northern Shallows, East bank and Grindys.

Chris Aldred had a good day today with 7 fish in total to his end of the boat. He caught using a black/gold cormorant. His best fish was a 4lb blue but unfortunately it wasn’t a tagged one! Well done though that is a good tally.

His boat partner Geoff Thomas was top rod today with a cracking 10 fish to his end of the boat. Geoff was using a fast intermediate line and used a slow figure of 8 retrieve and saw action on a cats whisker, tequila blob, diawlbachs and a clan chief. Their best areas were the Northern Shallows, East Bank and Grindys. Top notch stuff Geoff!

Thanks lads for another good visit to us here at Stocks, safe travels tonight and enjoy your curry!

Tight Lines



DATE: 28th September 2013
NOTABLE CATCH: 13 fish for Geoff Thompson
NOTABLE BAG: 5lb 3oz for Peter Kosminski
BEST RAINBOW: 3lb 5oz for Steven Barnes
BANK ROD AV: fish per angler 2.60
BOAT ROD AV: fish per angler 3.63
SPORT: Today at stocks was a cold day to start off with but mid day started to get warm with heavy winds.

Top rod today with 13 fish is Geoff Thompson who was fishing off a boat at the northern shallows using a cats whisker, he had a 3lb rainbow and a 1/2 lb wild brownie.

Chris Sharples had 6 fish today and was fishing in a boat at the northern shallows and he was also using cat’s whiskers and he had a 1lb brown trout and a 3lb rainbow.

Bob Fitz had 6 fish today and was in a boat using cormorants at cook’s creek, Andy Cooper was in a boat as well and he had 5 fish using Dawson’s olive and nomads at the northern shallows and Grindy’s lawn.

Tony Taylor had 5 fish today and he was fishing from the bank using U.V. cats whisker boobies from bell point.

And just a reminder about the Stocks Pairs competition on Sunday 13th of October so don’t forget the book yourself and your partner in.


Stocks: Friday September 27th

DATE:                               Friday September 27th
NOTABLE CATCH:       6 fish for Geoff Thomas, 5 Chris Sharples
BEST RAINBOW:          3lbs Brian Hitchen
BEST BLUE:                    3lbs to Dave Hitchen & Ian Denny
BANK ROD AV:             1.8 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:             2.2 fish per angler
SPORT: It was a beautiful September day a real pleasure to be out fishing. The fishing wasn’t easy but we did see some good catches. The buzzers didn’t start to hatch off until late evening when the wind had all but gone, there were quite a few fish rising to the emerging flies but many anglers had gone home. On whole there were more trout caught today on black dries than anything else, even though it was bright and there weren’t many fish rising throughout the main of the day. However the top boat went to Isle of Man anglers Geoff Thomas and Chris Sharples. They only fished on a half day ticket this afternoon but netted 11 trout and had the chance of a fair few more. They fished along the Northern Shallows on slow intermediate lines with a blob on the top dropper, a sunny days diawl bach on the middle and a cat on the point. The retrieved with a slow figure of eight and caught on all three patterns. Good angling guys. Tight Lines Ben

Ps: Reports from Bank House say that sedges have started to hatch off in really good numbers.

Stocks:Thursday 26th September.

SPORT: Thursday 26th September. After a cooler overcast morning the sun came out around lunchtime and the temperature rose and this brought out some insect life. There were a couple of good catches made today with Bell point being the favoured area, this is where the best 2 catches were made. Peter Morris had a good day landing 7 trout. Peter caught on several different patterns including hoppers, black and peacock spider and diawl bach. Next peg was Tony Taylor who caught 8 fish. Tony also caught on several different flies but said a cats whisker nomad fished on a floating line and a fast retrieve accounted for the majority of his fish. Tony also commented that there were a lot of flies and moving fish this afternoon as the temperature was rising. Geoff Whitehead and Glen Whiting both went over onto the east bank and both anglers caught 3 fish each with various black patterns working for them but both anglers caught fish of a good stamp weighing over 3lb. See you on the water Paul.

24th september 2013

DATE: 24/9/13
NOTABLE CATCH: 9 fish for John Sukes
NOTABLE BAG 6lb for Ron Melling
BEST RAINBOW: 4lb for Ron Melling
BANK ROD AV: fish per angler 5.67
BOAT ROD AV: fish per angler 1.80
SPORT: Today at stock was a a chilly day with allot of cloud cover and a little breeze.

Top rod today with 9 fish is John Sukes, he was fishing dhal backs at Hollins bay and at bell point and he had a 3 ½lb rainbow and he was washing lining.

Ron Melling had 7 fish today and he was using hoppers at the northern shallows, he killed two fish weighing a total of 6lb and had the biggest fish of the day a 4lb rainbow, he commented “ Missed plenty”.

Gourdie had 4 fish today using hoppers at gull island and he killed 2 today which had a weight of 4lb.