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Monday 24th June – Stocks

DATE: Monday 24th June.
NOTABLE CATCH: 11 fish for John Sykes
NOTABLE BAG 2 fish weighing 4lb for Mark Mayers
BEST RAINBOW: 3lb John Sykes
BEST BROWN: 3lb 8oz John Sykes
BEST BLUE: 4lb + John Sykes
BANK ROD AV: 4.0 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV: 4.25 fish per angler.


Today started off a nice overcast morning with intermittent sunshine creeping in and becoming more prominent as the day has gone on. Here is the verdict for the fishing..


Mark Mayers fished from the dam wall today on a half day ticket and had 4 fish in total. He caught using daddies, a pennel and a suspender buzzer all on floating lines. Well done Mark.

Andrew Wilson also had 4 fish today from the dam wall. He caught his on daddies and a bloodworm. Andrews best fish was a 2lb 8oz blue. Good angling Andrew.


Alan Collier had 2 fish to his boat today in the northern shallows, his best being a 2lb rainbow.

Scotsmen Ronald Lesseus and William Harley had 4 fish to their boat. They caught on floating lines using black spiders. Safe journey fellas.

John Sykes was out today and was by far the top rod from anywhere on the reservoir. He caught 11 fish using cormorants on a slow intermediate line and said the best drift was from newclose bay out towards willow island with fish holding up in that area. John had various fish today, a 3lb 8oz brown, a few 3lb rainbows and a 4lb + blue. Great angling John, you’ve shown us exactly what to be doing out there today.

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Sunday 23rd June – Stocks

DATE: Sunday 23rd June.
NOTABLE CATCH: 18 fish for Paul Bebb
NOTABLE BAG 4 fish weighing 26lb 2oz for Carl Malpass
BEST RAINBOW: 10 lb 5oz for Rob Denson
BEST BLUE: 9lb 6oz for Carl Malpass
BANK ROD AV: 3.0 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV: 8.2 fish per angler.


Today we saw the 2nd and final day of the Odds and Sods Eliminator. Another windy wet day ensued, with lots of good results across the board.. Thanks to everyone who came and fished the event and for all the great sportsmanship, as always there was some good banter and some fine angling on display. After coming 1st yesterday and 4th today and with a fine display of angling this years winner overall was John Hood. John did the damage out there over the two days with dries, daddies in particular if I recall correctly… Well done John, and well done to everyone who seeded in the top 6 places overall. For a detailed view of those results here is the overall results table which can be both viewed and/or downloaded by clicking the below link ….

2013 Odds and Sods Stocks Reservoir Day 2


Brendan Ginty fished a short half day and had 3 fish. He caught his fish on a daddy from Bell Point.

Elsewhere on boats..

Thanks to Stevie Lind and Russel Williamson for their weekend visit to Stocks. Russel was the victor today after Stevie had the run of the fish yesterday. Russel had 6 in total today using kate mclaren flies and a daddy also. Good to see you both, hope you got back safely. Ps One of you left a drogue clamp in your boat…its in the shop set aside for next time you are here.

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Stocks: Saturday June 22nd

Hi all, just a quick report tonight. It was day one of the 2013 Odds n Sods, despite the windy wet conditions the fishery has fished really well. The rod average was 8.9 fish per angler. The results after day one are shown below. As there is still a day to go, all the methods and tactics will be shown on tomorrow’s report. Todays results are shown below.

double click to enlarge the picture.

Stocks: Friday June 21st

Hi no meaningful stat available to today, as everyone is keeping their cards very close to chests for tomorrow’s eliminator match. I can tell you that quite a few boat anglers caught into double figures but the fishing was a bit tougher then of late. Dries such as daddies caught well as did black hoppers.
We have just had a late drop out of the match due to illness. We now have an odd number so we need an angler to fish alongside a competitor for the day. (we’ll need someone on Sunday as well) there will be no charge. If you would like to help out please call me asap on 0789 6000 939
On the shore the rod average was definitely lower than on the boats it worked out at 2.4 fish per angler. Joe Halton and Ray Entwhistle were top rods with 4 trout each. I don’t know what Ray was doing but i can tell you Joe caught all his on diawl bachs from the Dam. Tight Lines Ben

Stocks:Thursday 20th June.

DATE: Thursday 2oth June.
NOTABLE CATCH: Loads of good catches.
NOTABLE BAG 2 fish weighing 25lb for Adam Larbelestier.
BEST RAINBOW: 15lb for Adam Larbelestier.
BEST BROWN: 4lb for John.
BEST BLUE: 4lb for Mark Abram.
BANK ROD AV: 4.40 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV: 8.15 fish per angler.
SPORT: Good weather for fishing with cloud cover all day and good temperatures. Loads of good catches were made today but with anglers practising for a comp at the weekend i don’t know what a lot of anglers caught their fish on. This report and the averages are based only on returns handed in. On the bank today were father and son Pete and Sam Jones who landed 8 fish between them including a super 8lb rainbow that was caught by Sam. They caught all their fish by the jetty on a damsel. John Sealy caught 6 fish on a booby with 2 trees being his best spot. Also landing 6 fish was Chris Heap who fished on the dam. Chris caught his trout on a fritz lure. Lots of catches of 7 and 8 fish were caught from the boats, far too many to mention. Ben Bayliss caught 10 fish that were caught all over. Ian Gaskell was another angler landing 10 fish. He found a variety of flies and areas productive. Ian Greenwood was another successful angler landing 15 fish. Bob Fitzpatrick fished all over and finished the day with17 fish. Steve Whittam caught 11 fish including a lovely 8oz wild brownie. David Uff caught 12 fish on dry flies. 2 doubles were caught today, a 10lber and a 15lber, both caught by Adam Lardelestier! Both Adams giant rainbows were caught up by the dam. Syotw.