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Big Fish At Bank House Fly Fishery

Big Fish at Bank House Fly Fishery
Bank House Fly fishery has come alive! There are a lot of 4lb + brownies being caught, some big double figure rainbows and some cracking tigers and blues. We have also just released some massive blue trout and rainbows that will give anyone a run for their money. The trout are feeding high in the water taking small wets pulled back just subsurface or dries, with daddies and F Flies both scoring well. The best catches this week were Ricky Newbolt who caught 16 trout on Kate McLaren’s and his catch included two lovely tiger trout. Dave Butcher caught 11 trout on dabblers and other small wet fly patterns. The fish are well spread all around the water so it’s a good idea to keep on the move. Minkies and buzzers have also taken some good bags. If you would like to book a place you can do so on 01524 770412. Tight Lines Ben

Stocks:Thursday 27th September.

SPORT: Thursday 27th September.
This morning there was a super sunrise here at Stocks, the sky was awash with pinks and various shades of orange, there was no breeze and trout could occasionally be seen rising, an impressive sight. Out on a boat today was season ticket holder Richard Newbolt. Although Richard caught and had several other chances he took his fish finder out and said there were several areas holding numbers of fish. Both gull and willow islands held good numbers but down Bens beach and at the back of willow island along the northern shallows were where the highest numbers were concentrated. This is worth knowing should you be out on a boat over the next few days. Ben is due to stock again tomorrow so there will be even more in there. See you on the water Paul.

Stocks: Sunday September 23rd

DATE:                              Sunday September 23rd
NOTABLE CATCH:       4 fish for Bryn, 3 fish for Richard Hood , 3 fish for Peter Kosminski
NOTABLE BAG              3 fish 6lbs 12oz Peter Kosminski
BEST RAINBOW:          3lbs 8oz Bryn
BEST BROWN:              1lb 14oz Paul Davison
BEST BLUE:                   2.2 Richard Hood
BANK ROD AV:             2.3 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV:             0.5 fish per angler.
SPORT: Today was the Stocks Pairs Grand Final and eighteen pairs took to the water to try and become the 2012 champions and to win the £1000 first prize. The fishing from the boats was difficult and the competitors knew that every trout caught could prove to be crucial. In first place with five trout for 9lbs 10oz were father and son team Richard and John Hood. They caught all their fish along the willows behind Willow Island. All five trout and another that snapped the leader took the same fly, a sunburst humongous fished back on a Di3 or a Di 5 sinking line. Good Angling guys, John’s had a great week as he qualified for the 2013 England Team on Friday. In 2nd place with three fish and winning £500 were Jim Pickford and Ray Sanders who caught their fish on black tadpoles and cats whiskers. In 3rd place with 2 trout winning a £300 tackle voucher was Andy Cooper and Derek Moore and in fourth place also with two fish winning a £150 tackle voucher was Steve Bland and Duncan Watson. The best fish from the rest of the field was 2lbs 7oz and was caught by Usaf Dar and Jason Ruff, they won a sixth sense fly line apiece. Well done to all the competitors for reaching the final.
The fishing from the shore today was better than the boat fishing Peter Kosminski took three trout from bell Point on a black minkie and Bryn took four trout from the same area on a green booby. Tight Lines Ben

The 2012 Pairs Winners: from Left to right: Derek Moore & Andy Cooper, Ray Sanders & Jim Pickford, 2012v champions Richard & John Hood, Duncan Watson & Steve Bland, Usaf Dar

Stocks: Saturday September 22nd

DATE:                               Saturday September 22nd
NOTABLE CATCH:       5 fish for Tony Taylor, 3 trout for Len Marchant, 3 trout for Dave Flitcroft and 3 trout for Antoon Gysbers
NOTABLE BAG              5 fish for 11lbs Tony Taylor
BEST RAINBOW:          3lbs 8oz Jeff Caunce
BEST BLUE:                   3lbs Antoon Gysbers
BANK ROD AV:             2.3 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV:             0.2 fish per angler.
SPORT: All the anglers featured in tonight’s report were fishing from the shore, which tells you a lot about where the fish are! It was a tough day on the boats not many fish caught for a fair few fishermen. We had buzzer and sedge coming off and a few terrestrials on the surface but unusually for Stocks only a few trout were coming up for them. There were a couple of fish taken on buzzers from the boats but, once again, not as many as you would expect. The top rod was Tony Taylor who fished two cats boobies and cormorant on a sinking ling from Bell Point. Tony found that a slow figure of eight retrieve was best. Other bank anglers caught on floaters with various lures: fritz montanas and uv black tadpoles were two patterns that worked well. Let’s hope the boat angling improves tomorrow. Tight Lines Ben

Stocks Anglers make the England Fly Fishing Team

Great news:Five of the anglers that qualified for the National final from Stocks Reservoir have made the England Team for 2013. The anglers include Tom Bird (Tom from the lodge) and fellow Stocks Barracuda John Hood. The Ospreys team members Paul Davison and Steve Smalley and Howard Croston. Well done guys and good angling and all the best in your matches. Ben