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Stocks: Wednesday July 25th

DATE:    Wednesday July 25th
NOTABLE CATCH:        15 fish for Mike Laycock & Paul Davison
Notable Bag                     5 fish for 12lbs 8oz Keith Charnock
BEST RAINBOW:           9lbs for Pete Scholes
BEST BROWN:              n/a
BEST BLUE:                 3lbs Paul Davison
BANK ROD AV:         1.5 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV:        4.6 fish per angler.
SPORT: The trout were high in water today and well spread over open water. The drifting boats could access the trout a lot better than the bank anglers. The best methods were dries fished on top or wets fished just subsurface. There were also fish caught on diawl bachs on the washing line. Tight Lines Ben

Stocks:Tuesday 24th July.

DATE:    Tuesday 24th July.
NOTABLE CATCH:    Tom and Cameron caught over 20 fish.
NOTABLE BAG    4 fish weighing 8lb for Neville Taylor.
BEST RAINBOW:    3lb 4oz for Michel Tysoe.
BEST BROWN:    Several small wild brownies caught.
BEST BLUE:    1lb 8oz for Mick Whiteside.
BANK ROD AV:    2.00 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV:    7.14 fish per angler.
SPORT: Good fishing conditions today with a warm gentle breeze and lots of cloud cover and there were some good catches recorded. The best catch from the bank today went to Mick Whiteside who tempted 7 good trout which fell to the charms of a kiwi fly. Ken took a hike round into Newclose bay and caught all his fish from this area. Out on a boat today were talented young anglers Tom and Cameron who had a red letter day landing over 20 fish between them. They found fish all over the lake and caught on a variety of flies and tactics ranging from boobys and lures on sinking lines to dry flies fished right on the surface. Good angling. Also worth a mention is Lee Cowking who caught 13 trout in all but a couple of hours with dry flies being his best tactic. The water is getting back to its usual condition and the catches are getting better and better. See you on the water Paul.

Stocks report Monday 23rd July

DATE:    Monday 23rd July
NOTABLE CATCH:    Alan Daniels 8 fish, Paul Davison and Derik Moore 9
NOTABLE BAG    Alan Daniels 5 fish for 10lb 12oz
BANK ROD AV:    2.5 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV:     2 fish per angler.
SPORT: A strange game this fishing. Most anglers struggled to get the fish today yet for just a few the fish were coming to the net. Alan Daniels fished Bell point with his little olive patterns doing the trick. Finishing the day with 8 is great on any day but when everyone else is struggling you have certainly earned your supper!
The start of the day showed promise for a blinding day on the dries, fish were topping and tailing everywhere, it was quite a sight! But as the day went on the wind got up, just enough to keep fish from the surface. Not to be put off Derik Moore and Paul Davison plugged away with the dries and ended up with 9 to the boat.
The water is certainly clearing and the fish are looking to the surface. These warm muggy days will bring some super dry fly sport I’m sure. In fact I’m pretty sure that by the next day or so that average will be back where it should be!
Tight lines Matthew.
Ps We have one space left on the team event of the Lexus on Sunday, if you’re interested give me a call in the lodge tomorrow and I will explain it all.
It’s one of the best events of the year and a great day on the water!

Stocks: Sunday July 22nd

DATE:                                 Sunday July 22nd
REPORT AUTHOR          Ben
NOTABLE CATCH:          13 trout for Peter Kosminski
NOTABLE BAG                5 fish for 15lbs 12oz Peter Kosminski
BEST RAINBOW:            6lbs 4oz Peter Kosminski
BEST BROWN:                 1lb 12oz Will Holmes
BEST BLUE:                     2lbs John Hayes
BANK ROD AV:               3.50 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV:               1.75 fish per angler.
SPORT: Well today belonged to one angler: Peter Kosminski. Peter caught most of his from around Bell Point; he used an intermediate line and an olive booby. He did catch a few on a black tadpole but it was the olive booby that did most of the damage. He had a cracking bag of trout that tipped the scales to 15lbs 12oz and it included a cracking rainbow 6lbs 4oz. Fishing in a similar area was Paul Hardy who took seven trout on diawl bachs fished on a floating line. His bag of five weighed 11lbs. Out on the boats things were a bit tougher. We saw a variety of methods take fish including wets pulled back on a floater; dries fished static and twiddled nymphs on the washing line. But no one method set the world on fire. The strong gusting wind didn’t help matters. Anyway the looks much more settled from Tuesday onwards lets hope it brings some good sport! Tight Lines Ben

Stocks Report: Saturday 21st July

DATE:                          Saturday 21st July
NOTABLE CATCH:   Ryan Feber with 9 fish
NOTABLE BAG         Andrew Swinglehurst 5 fish for 11lb
BEST RAINBOW:     Mr Harman 3lb 4oz
BEST BROWN:         A number of wild fish caught
BEST BLUE:             Mick Mercer 3lb 5oz
BANK ROD AV:      2.0 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV:      2.5 fish per angler.
SPORT: Well it finally looks like the sun has remembered where the UK is and that it is suppose be summer. However while the sun is great for sun bathing it has made the fishing a little trick especially with the slight breeze we had up at stocks. However despite these conditions Stock’s resident guild Paul Bebb and his client Andrew Swinglehurst had a good days sport with Andrew landing 6 fish. Their best method was to fish the washing line on a floater with a cormorant booby on the point and diawl bachs on the droppers. They found the fish in Newclose bay and down at the causeway. Another angler having a good day was Ryan Feber who landed 9 fish, with 7 of these falling to dries; again his best area was Newclose Bay. On the bank today we had Glen Moody who had a good day landing 4 fish from around Bell Point fishing with an ace of spades on a floating line.
Tight Lines Tom