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Stocks Sunday July 29th

DATE                      July 29th Report by Ben Dobson
BEST CATCH        10trout for Steve Bland, 9 trout for Carl Nixon
BEST BAG OF 4    19lbs 15oz for Colin Gibbons
BEST RAINBOW    13lbs 15oz for Colin Gibbons
BEST BROWN       4lbs for Carl Nixon
BEST BLUE            Several between 2lbs and 2lbs 8oz
ROD AVERAGE    2.75 fish per angler
SPORT:  Today we hosted the last day of the Lexus competitions at Stocks Reservoir. It has been a brilliant four days. John Horsey certainly knows how to run a great event. We have seen 134 anglers take to the water to try and reach the finals. Some anglers have taken part in their first fly fishing match whilst others are experienced hands. I hope everyone has enjoyed it as much as I have.
Today was the last of the two team heats. Each team consisted of six anglers trying to reach the international final on Rutland Water in September. We saw some great catches today on a variety of methods but olive dabblers fished on intermediate lines was a method that scored well for many people. These wets could be stripped back slowly or simply figure of eighted all the way home. Other flies that scored well were snatchers, bibios, Cats boobies and orange blobs. Steve Bland caught his fish on dabblers over the Willows at the Northern end of the east bank. 10 fish was a cracking score…good angling. I personally was given a fishing lesson by my boat partner Carl Nixon who caught nine trout from Hollins Bay whilst figure of eighting a mixed cast of olive dabblers and snatchers on a slow intermediate. I could not replicate his method could only watch whilst he netted fish after fish. 30 years of fly fishing and I’m still learning! That’s what makes these competitions so interesting. Thanks for a great days fishing in good company Carl. Other productive areas were Newclose Bay, David’s Drain, The Alders, Gull Island and Grindy’s Lawn.
The results were as follows.    Points    fish    total weight
1st Greys Team Stocks                   73    25    49lbs 2oz
2nd Stocks Falcons                        80    18    36lbs 10oz
3rd Peregrine Esthwaite             103    16    32lbs 3oz
4th Stocks Otters                          107    11    25lbs 8oz
5th Stocks Badgers                      129    12    23lbs 14oz

Tight Lines Ben

Stocks report Saturday 28th July

DATE:    Saturday 28th July
NOTABLE CATCH:    8 fish for Scott Nellins, 7 fish for Andy Campbell
NOTABLE BAG    8 fish for 17lb 4oz
BEST BROWN    3lb 5oz Dave Allen
BEST RAINBOW:    3lb 6oz Paul Little
BOAT ROD AV:    2.3 fish per angler.
SPORT:  Today we held the first heat of the Lexus European championships team events. 5 teams took to the water and 3 would qualify for the international final on Rutland water in September
Here are the results in order

1 Chatton Trout Fishers with 17 fish for 35lb 13oz
2 Stocks Hawks with 16 fish for 34lb 4oz
3 Ospreys 16 fish for 33lb 6oz
4 Stocks Barracudas 11 fish for 22lb 6oz
5 Ospreys B team 9 fish for 18lb 6oz

The top three teams above haver qualified for the International final in September well done to those and a big thanks to everyone who took part.
Tomorrow night we will give a more in depth synopsis of tactics and areas.

Tight lines Matthew

Stocks report Friday 27th July

DATE:    Friday 27th July
NOTABLE CATCH:    4 fish for Gerallt Hughes and Pete scholes
NOTABLE BAG    4 fish for 8lb 4oz Gerallt Hughes
BEST RAINBOW:    3lb 1oz Chris Guthrie
BANK ROD AV:    fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV:    1.5 fish per angler.
SPORT:  Today we held the second heat of the Lexus European championships.
Yesterday all anglers were limited to a floating line, So in theory with tougher conditions you would think that they could at least change their lines and tactics and improve on the catches right? Well although any line you liked could be fished the going has been pretty tough and a good bag to the scales was something of an achievement.
Here are the results in order

1 Gerallt Hughes 4 fish for 8lb 8oz
2 Peter Scholes    4 fish for 7lb 4oz
3 Bob Fitzpatrick 3 fish for 7lb
4 Richard Hood   3 fish for 6lb 5oz
5 John Brown      3 fish 5lb 15oz
6 Ben Dobson     3 fish for 5lb 13oz
7 David Carr       3 fish for 5lb 10oz
8 Mike Laycock  3 fish for 5lb 10oz
9 Tony Newall    3 fish for 5lb 4oz
10 Tony Taylor   2 fish for 5lb 4oz
11 Chris Guthrie 2 fish for 4lb 10oz

Yes the fishing was tough but with bright and breezy conditions it was never going to be a walk in the park.

Tight lines Matthew

Todays qualifiers for the Lexus any line day

Stocks: Thursday July 26th

DATE:                               Thursday 26th July.
REPORT AUTHOR        Paul.
NOTABLE CATCH:        9 fish for Andrew Bentley.
NOTABLE BAG               4 fish weighing 18lb 1oz for Laurie Taylor.
BEST RAINBOW:           12lb 1oz for Laurie Taylor.
BEST BROWN:              Several weighing 2lbs
BEST BLUE:                  Several weighing 2lbs
BANK ROD AV:            4.50 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV:            2.94 fish per angler in competition.
SPORT: Today we hosted the first of 4 Lexus competitions. Today was the individual floating line only day which saw 32 anglers fishing for a place in the final to be held later in the year. The top 8 anglers won themselves a place in the final and there was one wild card spot for the biggest fish. Here are the top 8 anglers.
1st Andrew Bentley 9 fish Weight inc bonus 17lb.
2nd Laurie Taylor 7 fish 17lb.
3rd Mark Tyndall 6 fish 12lb 11oz.
4th Peter Edge 5 fish 10lb 8oz.
5th Dermot Speight 5 fish 9lb 8oz.
6th Jim Rigby 4 fish 9lb.
7th Tony Newall 5 fish 8lb 1oz.
8th Keith McAdam 4 fish 7lb 8oz.
Laurie Taylor caught the biggest fish of the day in the shape of a super 12lb 1oz rainbow but as Laurie had already qualified the wild card for the biggest fish went to David Carr with a 2lb 15oz fish. Well done to all anglers who fished and congratulations to those anglers who qualified. Tomorrow we host the second individual any line day. See tomorrow’s reports for placings. Tactics and patterns for the day were many and varied with washing lined nymphs, mini lures twiddled, and boobys pulled through the surface all catching fish. We will see what happens tomorrow. See you on the water Paul.
Ps The flying ants have just started to emerge this evening. These little insects are so numerous when this happens, they can litter the surface…….could be a game changer!

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