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Stocks: Thursday February 29th

DATE:                                      Thursday February 29th
REPORT AUTHOR                Ben
NOTABLE CATCH:                21 fish for Neil Coulson from Northallerton
NOTABLE BAG                       5 trout for 12lbs 2oz to Glyn Yates
BEST RAINBOW:                   4lbs 12oz Brian Adams
BANK ROD AV:                      5.4 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV:                      2.0 fish per angler.
SPORT: Once again it was the boats that enjoyed the best sport. Neil Coulson anchored behind Willow Island and found no need to move all day. He caught steadily away on a sinking line with two boobies on a long leader. Occasionally he changed his patterns and he had a cast or two with a floating line but it was the booby method that ruled the day. He landed an exceptional 21 trout. Also out on the water today was Wayne Dent; he fished along the margins with cats whiskers and blobs but had little success. He noticed that buzzers were hatching in good numbers and decided to try some more imitative patterns. A small black snatcher was soon working its way back through the water and the results were immediate, his line locked into a lively rainbow. The snatcher accounted a for another 11 fine fish all caught whilst drifting down the shoreline between Curry’s Cast and the Causeway. Gary Allen and Graham Hargreaves took 14 trout between them from the same area. Like Neil they too had found the booby method. This morning the bank fishing was more difficult and the trout only started to show on the surface in the late afternoon. Mr Biilington took 5 trout to 3lbs 8oz on Diawl bachs from Two Trees and Frank Green tempted 4 fish to olive damsels and Sheila Dandridge caught a lovely 4lb+ rainbow from Hollins Bay on a home tied fry pattern. The trout are lying very tight in to the shoreline and it is easy for bank anglers to cast right over the top of them and concentrate their effort too far out. Mr Billington caught all five of his fish within 12 feet of the shoreline. Other anglers have commented on this as well so it may be better not to wade at all and too cast down the banking rather than straight out. Tight Lines Ben

Stocks:Tuesday 28th febuary

DATE: Tuesday 28th February.
NOTABLE BAG 3 fish weighing 14lb for Chris Sheperd.
BEST RAINBOW: 10lb for Chris Sheperd.
BANK ROD AV: 3.40 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV: 3.70 fish per angler.

SPORT: There were good angling conditions here today with reasonably warm temperatures and just a gentle breeze and for most of the day the drizzle held off. There were some great catches made today with a number of anglers landing 7 trout. From the bank the best catch was taken by James Jackson who tempted 11 good rainbows. James caught his fish in Hollins bay and found a black and green fritz lure to be his best fly. From the bank other anglers found lures effective with Hollins bay, Bell point and Bens beach being the best areas. From the boats the best catches were taken by drifting boats as opposed to these anchored. James Kerrigan landed 8 good fish in the willows on a cats whisker. Antony Smith, David Manning and Keith Howard all landed 7 fish around the northern shallows area with various lures on sinking lines accounting for the majority of the trout. The best fish of the day was a rainbow that weighed 10lb exactly. This great fish was captured by Chris Sheperd and was caught from willow isle on a cats whisker. Well done Chris. The weather is supposed to stay reasonable all week so more great fishing should be on the cards. See you on the water Paul.

Stocks report Monday 22nd February

DATE: Monday 27th February
NOTABLE CATCH: Mr Newson 11 fish,
NOTABLE BAG 5 fish for 12lb Kieran Morton 13 fish Ian Greenwood, 13 fish Mark Tyndall
BEST RAINBOW: 3lb 10oz Gavin watson
BANK ROD AV: 3.5 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 5.6 fish per angler

SPORT: Well despite the constant rain, today has fished exceptional once again!

The place to be is certainty on the drift on the northern shallows.

Kieran Morton had a cracking day with 8 fish to the boat and numerous more that were close! Fishing a peach booby on a Di3 line was the key to his success.

Kieran found the fish in Newclose, Willow Island and the willows approaching the Causeway.

Top boat today went to Ian Greenwood and Mark Tyndall who could fail with the Dawson’s olive. Both guys had 13 fish each with the fish coming all day long from right along the willows down the east shore.

The fish are certainly on the move now and the coming days will see catches from all corners of the reservoir.

Mr Newson led the way from the bank with 11 fish all safely returned. He couldn’t fail with cats whisker variations and picked up all the fish from Hollins bay. His father didn’t do too shabby either with 5 fish; again the cat’s whisker was the fly to tie on!

Well no tagged fish came to the lodge today and that pot of money is growing bigger and bigger! It’s now heading towards £400 and that first tagged fish to the lodge is going to make someone very happy indeed!!

Tomorrow is forecast to be a belting day, and I see no reason why that average will be heading up and up!

Tight lines, Matthew.

Sunday February 26th

DATE:                                   Sunday February 26th
REPORT AUTHOR           Ben
NOTABLE CATCH:            22 trout for Peter Mathews and Ryan Mathews
NOTABLE BAG                   5 fish for 27lbs to Laurie Taylor
BEST RAINBOW:               11lbs 8oz caught by Cameron Rothwell
BEST BROWN:                   5lbs for Mr?
BEST BLUE:                        10lbs 12oz caught by Laurie Taylor
BANK ROD AV:                  2.6 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                  8.4 fish per angler

SPORT: Today definitely belonged to the boats. Peter and Ryan Mathews had an amazing 44 fish to 9lbs 8oz. They’re best patterns were cat’s whiskers and variants of cats. They fished all along the northern Shallows and at The Causeway on intermediate lines with a steady retrieve. Laurie Taylor and Jock Kay were also at the Northern end of the reservoir. They concentrated their efforts between Willow Island and the Northern shore and landed 22 fine fish between them. In the morning Laurie was slowly retrieving a Dawson’s olive when his line tightened into something very solid and after a lengthy battle a rainbow of 9lbs 4oz was brought to the net. After a quiet spell he decided to switch to a small candy coloured booby and once again he hit into something with considerable power. The fish made for parts unknown and Jock had to start the engine and give chase. It gave an arm aching fight before finally succumbing to the net, a beautiful 10lb 12oz blue trout. Laurie’s bag of five weighed 27lbs and won him an SK4 10’ fly rod. Pete Scholes was also amongst the fish, this time at the Causeway and in Cook’s Creek. His catch of 17 trout included an 8lb rainbow and two others at 6lbs. Pete Started the day fishing with Bob Swan who’s unusual sparkler booby caught him 9 nice fish before he had to leave at lunchtime. Up until that point Pete had been catching on a black n gold double but in the afternoon he used Bob’s booby to net a further nine trout for himself. Paul Davison and Steve Smalley landed 22 trout from the same areas on humongous patterns and Mick Hogg and boat partner used yellow dancers to take 16 fish from Curry’s Cast on the East bank. This shows that the stocked fish are really starting to spread out. They are still very poddy though and some fishermen today struggled to find them so it’s best to keep moving if you are not catching. The fishing from the shore was much trickier. There were some good catches for which we received no return slips, so we can’t include them in the stats. However the bank did produce the best rainbow of the day, which fell to a cat’s whisker fished on a floating by Cameron Rothwell near to the jetty area. There was a massive hatch of buzzers today, all along the northern end of the reservoir. It was a bit soon for the newly stocked fish to really recognise this new food source but it won’t take them long. The weather is set to be mild all week with light winds, so buzzers will continue to hatch and I expect the successful tactics will soon include more imitative patterns. Neither of the tagged fugitive trout have been caught yet and the bounty for the first one brought into the lodge has risen to over £350!  Double click on the pictures blow to enlarge them. Tight Lines Ben

Saturday February 25th

DATE:                                Saturday February 25th
NOTABLE CATCH:         26 trout for Lee Cowking and  Paul Miller
NOTABLE BAG                5 fish for 21lbs 2oz to John Read and 4 fish for 19lbs 9oz to Tracy Watson. 5 fish for 18lbs 4oz to Anthony Hooley
BEST RAINBOW:            12lbs to John Read, 10lbs 8oz to Karl Kilbride, 10lbs 4oz to Phil Green
BEST BROWN:                  1lbs (wild fish) John Whittam
BEST BLUE:                      12lbs 9oz Tracy Watson (new fishery record)
BANK ROD AV:               6.8 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                4.1 fish per angler

SPORT: What a great day! There were loads of great catches and great bags today so I’ll apologise now if you don’t get a mention. From the shore, Hollins bay was the place to be, Lee Cowking and Paul Miller both had 26 trout today. Paul Miller took most of his fish on black and green lures and damsels and Lee caught also caught on black and green lures. This morning Frank Hartley had 21 trout whilst fishing an unweighted damsel on a long leader and a floating line. Frank said that the fish were following his fly right in and that a slow lift before recasting accounted for a lot of his fish. When Lee was fishing in the afternoon, the fish did go down a bit and his best lure was a lead head. John Read had a fantastic bag of trout, which he also caught on a black and green pattern. Whilst fishing a viva booby on an intermediate he hooked into a belting 12lb rainbow. John then added four more to give him a total bag weight of 21lbs 2oz. John had the best bag of the day, winning him an SK4 10’ 6/7# fly rod.
The best areas from the shore were Davy Jones, Hollins Bay, Two trees, Bell Point and Ben’s Beach right up to Grange Point. The Dam wall and the East Bank didn’t fish very well but we did get fish caught out of Newclose bay.
Out on the boats the day belonged to Tracy Watson (pictured below). Tracy was out with her husband John and our resident guide Paul Bebb. They were fishing along The Northern Shallows towards the causeway when her line tightened up and they immediately knew that this was a big one. The big trout ran her on a merry dance and John and Paul started to wonder whether she was going to get this one to the boat. But that she did and when they lifted the fish on board they saw it a cracking big blue trout. In fact it turned out be a new fishery record at 12lbs 9oz beating the previous record, held by Roger Dandridge by 3oz. The big blue fell to a green Pea on a floating line and has won Tracy an SK4 fly reel. Good angling. There were other great catches on the boats today, Richard Newbolt and Michael Gorst had 27 trout to the boat on cats whiskers, fished on intermediate lines. Peter Andrews and Stuart McCaughie had 23 trout. They fished mainly at the Northern Shallows and found that lures fished back slowly on Di3 sinking lines was most productive. Andy Cooper and Phil Green also had 23 fish from the same area and Phil landed a cracking rainbow of 10lbs 4oz. Out on his own John Sykes found another area, he concentrated his efforts along the east bank from the Willows to The Causeway and landed a total of 14 trout. Paul Davison and Ryan Feber had 16 trout and they landed two nice blues, one of 8lbs and one of 5lbs. It must be said that not everyone got amongst the fish today, they do seem to be very poddy and it was easy to miss them. We did see a spread of catches from the odd blank right through to the high scores previously mentioned, so if you are not catching it is best to try new areas. Finally, on an amusing note, Mr Bowden from Manchester arrived at the fishery this morning and decided that, as we were busy, he would go and try his luck on our other water- Bank House Fly Fishery. He had a great day fishing a cat’s whisker on a floating line and landed four rainbows and brownie. His four fish bag tipped the scales to 31lbs! He didn’t have a fish under 5lbs. Tight Lines Ben

P.S The fugitive trout are still at large. The bounty pot currently stands at £195, meaning that the first tagged trout to be caught carries an award of £295!!