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Bank House Fly Fishery Dec Sat 17th to Wed 21st

DATE                                           DEC SAT 17TH – DEC WED 21ST                 Report by Ben Dobson
BEST CATCH                               17 TROUT FOR DAVID HARRISON FROM LYTHAM
BEST BAG                                    14LBS 8OZ (4 FISH) TO IAN STANWORTH FROM BLACKPOOL
BEST BROWN                              4LBS KARL WRIGHT FROM LIVERPOOL
BEST BLUE                                  5LBS NEIL PATTISON FROM LANCASTER
BEST TIGER                                2LBS 8OZ IAN STANWORTH
ROD AVERAGE                         5.13 FISH PER MAN
SPORT: It’s been a fantastic few days at Bank House. Warwick Alabaster caught and returned a cracking 18lb rainbow from the Mill Pool. Warwick caught this fish on an egg fly fished statically under the bung. After determined battle the monster fish was quickly weighed, photographed and returned to fight another day. Ian Stanworth became the first angler to complete the Bank House McNab. Ian landed a rainbow, a brown, a blue and a tiger trout as part of his 8 fish catch and what was the pattern that tempted all four types of trout? It was of course the ever consistent Cat’s Whisker. Ian found the best tactic was to keep on the move and cover lots of water. Lots of other anglers did manage to catch three of the four types, but up until now Ian’s is the only one to get all four. Good Angling. David Harrison had a great day on Wednesday he caught a whopping 17 trout the best of which tipped the scales to 10lbs. David took the first 11 fish on white buzzers fished under the bung but then things quietened down. After fishing for a time with little action David stumbled across another killer method. He was stripping back to recast when a large trout bow waved after his bung. He quickly switched his set up to a single fly on a floating line and started to strip it back quickly just under the surface. He got his last 6 fish in just 30 minutes. This mild weather is likely to produce much more of this type of sport as the fish move up in the water and become more active. Karl Wright also had bumper catch with 13 trout to the net. His catch included a 4lb 8oz rainbow, a 4lb brownie and a 3lb blue. Most of his fish came to an egg fly fished near a submerged birch tree that has blown over into the top of the lake. The average weight of the trout taken is still really high at 3lbs 2oz and this average doesn’t include the returned doubles. The best patterns have been damsels, eggs, black lures, and buzzers. We hope to see you over the Christmas period but if not have a very happy one. Tight Lines Ben and Charlotte

BANK HOUSE FLY FISHERY: Dec 7th to Dec 16th

DATE                                WEDNESDAY DEC 7TH – FRIDAY DEC 16TH                 Report by Ben Dobson
BEST CATCH                 22 trout for Gordon Swain from Dipton in Co Durham
BEST BAG                         4 trout for 14lbs to Gordon Swain
BEST RAINBOW            5lbs to Tony Taylor from Blackpool
BEST BROWN                 7lbs+ to Mr Bisgrove from Morecambe
BEST BLUE                      2lbs 12oz Gordon Swain
ROD AVERAGE          4.8 fish per angler
Sport: The water clarity has been really good and so has the rod average at 4.8. Gordon Swain caught a cricket score when he visited us earlier in the week. Gordon fished an olive apps worm on a floating line to catch a mixture of rainbows, blues and browns to 4lbs 14oz. His killer method was as follows: After casting out he allowed the fly to sink for about 10-15 seconds (he caught two fish during this period). Once the fly was at depth he started to retrieve the worm with short fast strips and this was the key to his success.  Gordon landed a total of 22 trout. His fishing partner Mr Proudlock caught 11 fine fish with both browns and rainbows to 4lbs. His method was different however, after trying worms with little success he switched to a black fritz fished statically under a bung. John Gilbert also found success with lures. He caught 10 trout on cat’s whiskers and egg fly patterns; he kept on the move and caught all over the water. Buzzers have been fishing well too, especially patterns with bright colours in them. Tony Taylor took eight trout, all of which fell to his small yellow buzzer and David Harrison took ten trout on a white buzzer pattern. The best brownie of the week was a cracking fish of 7lbs and was tempted to an orange fritz by Phil Bisgrove. The average size of trout being caught this week was 2lbs 13oz. We are open for business right through the Christmas period and will be stocking daily with some cracking fish including some big specimens. Hope to see you soon. Tight Lines and Merry Christmas Ben and Charlotte Dobson

BANK HOUSE FLY FISHERY: Monday Nov 28th to Tuesday Dec 6th

DATE                                    MONDAY NOV 28TH – TUESDAY DEC 6TH
BEST CATCH                     9 trout for Pete Bramwell from Penrith and for Mr D Cannon from Mellor
BEST BAG                          4 trout for 17lbs 15oz Dave Simmons from
BEST RAINBOW             12lbs to Dennis Tallentire from Preesall
BEST BROWN                    4lbs 3oz to Norman Chapman from
BEST BLUE                        3lbs 11oz to Norman Chapman
BEST TIGER                      2lbs 12oz to Mr?
ROD AVERAGE              3.3 fish per angler
SPORT: Bank House Fly Fishery has fished well this week despite a real change in the weather. Pete Bramwell took nine trout all to a brown damsel pattern. Pete found the trick was to keep on the move and fish right round the water. Mr D Cannon also tempted nine trout the best of which was a cracking rainbow of over 10lbs. Mr Cannon caught most of his fish on gold buzzers his best area was the Mill Pool. Dennis Tallentire landed eight fine rainbows and blues. His best fish tipped the scales to 12lbs and was tempted by a cat’s whisker. Norman Chapman from Liverpool had a great bag on Saturday and almost completed the Bank House McNab, he just needed that elusive tiger trout. He did land a brownie of 4lbs 3oz, rainbow of 3lbs 4oz and a blue of 3lbs 11oz. His bag was topped though by none other than his fishing buddy Dave Simmons. Dave bag of four included two rainbows of over 5lbs and totalled 17lbs 15oz. These big fish have continued come out from all over the water. The average weight of the fish killed last week was 3lbs 2oz and that doesn’t include the two doubles as they were returned to fight another day. Norman and Dave’s best pattern was a black fritz but damsels, Cat’s and buzzers have continued to fish well. The lodge pool, witches Island and the swim have probably been the most productive areas. Tight Lines Ben and Charlotte.