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Bank House Fly Fishery: Monday Nov 21st – Sunday Nov 27th

DATE:                                November Monday 21st to Sunday 27th
NOTABLE CATCH:         7 trout for Mr C Clayton from Wigan and 6 trout Mr Eric Simpson
BEST RAINBOW:           9lbs 14oz Dave Lee, 6lbs J K Lowrie and 6lb Mr S Court
BEST BROWN:               5lbs to Mr Vince Williams from Heysham
BEST BLUE:                    4lbs to Mr P M Boden from St Helens
BEST TIGER                   2lbs 8oz Vince Williams and Steve Bland
ROD AV:                          2.3 fish per man.

Sport: Once again the average size of fish caught this week has been exceptional at 3lbs 2oz. No one quite managed to complete the McNab but a few have been close. Vince Williams had a lovely bag of trout on Saturday. His catch included two rainbows one at 3lbs and one at 4lbs, a brownie of 5lbs and a tiger trout 2lbs 8oz. He just needed a blue but he only had the morning and eventually the time got the better of him. Vince fished a mini cats lure ultra-slowly on a floating line. Mr J K Lowrie also came close. His bag included a 6lb rainbow, 3lb 8oz brownie and small blue trout of 1lb 12oz. he just couldn’t find the tiger. His best fly was an Invicta.
During the early part of the week we had some heavy rain, this put a peaty tinge into, what was, crystal clear water. The rain was also quite cold and this made the fishing more difficult at the beginning of the week. (Reflected the in the lower rod average) During this time patterns with fluorescent colours incorporated in them scored well. Mr C Clayton caught his seven trout on a bright yellow buzzer pattern. It also paid to slow down the retrieve or fish completely static, a

Stocks report 21st to the 24th November

DATE:    21st to the 24th November
NOTABLE CATCH:    Ian Greenwood and Mark Tyndall 6 fish to the boat, Tony Taylor 4 fish, Jeff Beamer 5 fish on the worm.
NOTABLE BAG    Tony Taylor 4 fish for 9lb
BEST RAINBOW:    Derik Moore 4lb 8oz Rainbow
BEST BROWN:    Numerous fish to 3lb

Both the bank and the boat are producing bags of fish. Boobies and Di3 lies are taking the fair share, so too are the anglers opting to fish the worm.
Tony Taylor has had 2 visits this week and has landed fish both days. Fishing his own booby patterns in an olive colour Tony has found all his fish from Bell point. On his last visit this week he managed 4 good fish weighing in at 9lb.
Jeff Beamer landed 5 fish on worm and float. Jeff found the fish wanted the bait at about 8ft down fished around the willows.
The season finishes next Wednesday and while the weather is still mild the fishing is going remarkably well.
Tight lines Matthew


DATE:                                November Monday 14th to Sunday 20th
NOTABLE CATCH:        11 trout for Mr D Ashburn from Egremont and 10 trout for David Harrison.
NOTABLE BAG               4 fish for 13lbs 8oz to Ian Stanworth from Blackpool
BEST RAINBOW:           5lbs 12oz to Ian Stanworth, 5lbs 8oz to W G Newman from Blackburn and 5lbs 8oz to M Armstrong from Whitehaven
BEST BROWN:                4lbs 14oz Tom Prescott from Ormskirk and 4lbs 8oz Phil Bisgrove from Morecambe.
BEST BLUE:                     3lbs Mr A Gysbers from Worston
ROD AV:                         3.93 fish per man.

Sport: Bank House has continued to fish really well. The methods are mixed at the moment with the best catches split between lures and buzzers. The stamp of trout being caught is excellent; the average weight of each trout caught this week was 2lbs 12oz.
Mr D Ashburn from Egremont switched between blobs, buzzers and egg flies to take 11 trout and David Harrison took 10 fish on buzzers fished under the bung. Several other anglers landed 9 trout but two worth a mention were Mr W G Newman from Blackburn and Mr B Kay from Blackpool. Mr Newman’s nine fish haul included a cracking 5lb 8oz rainbow and his best pattern was the trusty old cat’s whisker. Mr Kay was the only angler of the week to catch the Bank House McNab (catching a rainbow, a blue and brownie on the same day) he used a green lure but also found success with orange. During this coming week we will be stocking some lovely tiger trout so the McNab will include four trout types. I can say that all four types of trout will be present in number. Can anyone catch all four in one day?
The best bag of four fish was 13lbs 8oz and was caught by Ian Stanworth on buzzers. Ian’s best area was the Mill Pool. Two brownies over 4lbs were taken the first was a fish of 4lbs 8oz by Phil Bisgrove on a Damsel, the second weighed 4lbs 14oz and was tempted to a Cats whisker by Tom Prescott. I was a little surprised that no doubles were caught this week, there were stories of the one that got away and some anglers were broken by what seemed to be very large fish. Let see what this next week brings. Tight Lines Ben and Charlotte

Stocks Reports: Sunday 20th November

DATE    Sunday 20th November
NOTABLE CATCH:    Steve Hacking & Thomas Hacking with 9 fish
BEST RAINBOW:    3lb for Tony Taylor
BEST BROWN:    2lb 6oz for Michael Taylor
BANK ROD AV:    2.0 fish per man.
BOAT ROD AV:    4.5 fish per man.
Sport:  Today out on the boats we had father and son team Steve and Thomas Hacking, the team had a great half day session with 9 fish to the boat. The pair opted to fish worm taking advantage of the any method we are holding this month. They fished around both Gull and Willow Island choosing to float fish their worms varying the depth though out the day. On the bank we had Michael Taylor, who landed a number of fish around Bell Point fishing orange boobies on a sinking line. Another angler on the bank today was Tony Taylor who had 5 fish from around Bell point. Tony fished with a streamer tip line and Dawson’s Olive boobies, and commented that the fish where taking the top dropper almost strait away.
Tight Lines Tom

Stocks Report: Saturday 19th November

DATE    Saturday 19th November
NOTABLE CATCH:    Bob Fitzpatrick with 7 fish, John Hood with 6 fish
NOTABLE BAG    Bob Fitzpatrick with 13lb 4oz
BEST RAINBOW:    4lb 6oz for Bob Fitzpatrick
BEST BROWN:    3lb for Peter Andrews
BANK ROD AV:    1.0 fish per man.
BOAT ROD AV:    1.8 fish per man.
Sport: Today at Stocks we held the 2011 Stocks and Shares, with 15 anglers fishing that gave a £300 pot. The majority of the anglers opted to fish from the boats with only one choosing to fish on the bank. Taking the 2011 Stocks and Shares crown was Bob Fitzpatrick who fished around the back of Willow Island using a Di-3 line and boobies. Bob had a black pearly cormorant booby on the top dropper and a cat’s booby on the point, and used a very slow roly-poly to get the takes all day. With the 5 Rainbow’s Bob weighted in that gave him a £115 pound share of the pot, as well as a Vision Atom jacket worth £90, he also returned 2 Browns. In Second place was Jim Pickford who landed two Rainbows giving him a £46 pound share of the Pot. Another angler who did very well today was John Hood who landed 6 fish unfortunately for John 5 of those fish where Browns so he only could weight in one fish which was worth £23 pounds of the pot.
Tight Lines Tom