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Stocks: Monday October 24th

DATE                            Monday October 24th
BEST RAINBOW:       5lbs 8oz Tony Taylor
BEST BROWN:           2lbs Lee Cowking
BANK ROD AV:          1.5 fish per man.
BOAT ROD AV:         2.0 fish per man.
Sport: It was really windy today with white horses right across the main basin and into Hollins Bay. For large parts of the day the sky was bright so it wasn’t exactly perfect for fly fishing. Despite the conditions we did see some nice trout caught. Tony Taylor had three fish. His first two came Hollins Point to a booby fished on a clear intermediate line. But then the wind really started to blow hard into to him, so he went round to Bell Point. He was fishing with the same method when his rod was nearly ripped out of his hand and a beautiful 5lb 8oz rainbow leapt from the water before tearing his line into the backing. He did eventually land it, but it gave him a real run for his money. Simon Shorecross took two fish from the east bank on Shipman’s buzzer fished dry. His fishing buddies Michael Stanley and Jonathan Tomlinson had one apiece to fritz lures. We had one brave angler on the boats today: Lee Cowking took a half day ticket in the afternoon (the windiest part of the day) and went north to try and get some shelter. He took a nice brownie on a minkie near willow island and missed another. He then fished his way back along Ben’s Beach where another nice trout was added to the bag. When he got to Bell Point he had a bit of a hot spell with pulls and fish briefly hooked but no more stuck. The rest of the week looks much more clement so, fingers crossed, we should have some good sport. Tight Lines Ben

Stocks report 19th October

Brian Gafney was the sole angler here today and he made the most of it! Brian brought this cracking rainbow to the scales

weighing in at 9lb 8oz. Brian caught the fish along Hartleys just shy of Bell point. Fishing a steady retrieve with his own version of a viva.

This time of year can often see some larger fish come to the scales, and to add to the chances further there must be hundreds of fish out there at

moment that are well into double figures. Keep on the move fishing the margins and you have a good chance of hooking something really

special, just like Brian!!

Stocks report Monday 17th October

Stocks fishery report Monday 17th October
Mark Tyndall and Ian Greenwood had a good morning with 7 fish in the boat drifting the east bank in all but 1 hour! Fishing a Di5 and boobies both guys found the fish tight in along the shore from a drifting boat. As the wind started to pick up they found it trickier to hook fish and to control the flies and indeed their casting! It wasn’t until the afternoon until they had fish number 8 along the willows. Good angling guys and maybe the Di5 is the way to go? I know its feeling a lot colder but the fish are still there, you might be onto something!
Tight lines Matthew


This weekend The autumn invitational took place on Rutland and Grafam water.

I am delighted to announce that Stocks regular John Hood blew away the competition with 8 fish on Grafam for 26lb,then a further 4 on Rutland

for 9lb 10oz. John found the fish over the weed beds on Grafam were a minki on a slow intermediate did the trick. Rutland saw a switch to the

nymphs. Good angling John, worth noting too that his dad finished 8th!

2nd place went to another stocks regular Stevie Welsh, good angling guys and well done to all who took part.

tight lines Matthew.

Stocks report Sunday 16th October

DATE    Sunday 16th October
NOTABLE CATCH:    Several anglers had their 2 fish limit
BEST RAINBOW:    Several at 2lb +
BEST BROWN:    One returned at 3lb
BANK ROD AV:    1.00fish per man.
The fishing has been tricky to say the least. But some solace should be taken in the fact that the weather seems to be staying a lot more consistent. The hard fishing has got to be down to the fact that the weather has not made its mind up for days on end! Changeable wind directions dropping temperatures, all things that trout are not fond off! So the weather is now a little more settled and to be fair I’ve seen a fair few fish moving and with unusually high numbers of sedges about the fish are keen to take a dry. Try slowly pulling a sedge pattern across the surface to rouse some interest. Hares ears and diawl bachs have taken a few fish and a roving approach will prove to play a big part in success.
Bell Point, Hollins point and the east shore have all seen catches.
Tight lines Matthew.