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Stocks report Wednesday 31st August

DATE    Wednesday 31st August
NOTABLE CATCH:    Bill Orel 13 fish
BEST RAINBOW:    Bill Orel 5lb 12oz
BEST BROWN:    Several for 2lb plus
BANK ROD AV:    5.00 fish per man.
BOAT ROD AV:    1.50 fish per man.

Sport: Definitely a day for the roving bank angler! I dare say a boat drifting the margins could have done just as well, however it was Bill Orel who found the key to success. Fishing the margins Bill tempted 13 fish all of them of a good size two tipped the scales at well over 5lb! A little black pheasant tail double was the pattern to take swimming!
Bell Point, Hollins bay and Bens beach have all seen the action, with the east bank been the best for the boat anglers.
Settled conditions are in the pipe line for the rest of the week so I’m thinking we may squeeze a few more weeks of surface sport!
Tight lines Matthew.

Stocks:Tuesday 30th August.

NOTABLE CATCH:    Several anglers landed 3 and lost others.
BEST RAINBOW:    4lb for Peter Morris.
BEST BROWN:    2lb.
BEST BLUE:    2lb.
BANK ROD AV:    2.50 fish per man.
BOAT ROD AV:    2.00 fish per man.
The weather was not up to much here today with much cooler temperatures than we have had recently, at least it did not rain all day. Quite a few anglers today said they had loads of pulls, nips and follows without the fish getting hold properly, maybe the change in temperature has affected the fish in some way. Ben made a big stocking today with some belting rainbows and blues weighing between 3lb and 5lb, superb sporting fish that will give a great account of themselves when hooked. See you on the water Paul.

Stocks: Monday August 29th

DATE                             Monday August 29th
NOTABLE CATCH:    9 trout for Ryan Feber, 6 trout for Bernard MacBride
BEST RAINBOW:       3lbs 8oz Geoff Garfield
BEST BROWN:           4lbs David Jackson
BEST BLUE:                Several at 2lb+
BANK ROD AV:           1.7 fish per man.
BOAT ROD AV:           1.8 fish per man.
Sport: It was a difficult day on the reservoir today and we saw a very mixed bag of results. A lot of anglers struggled to get amongst the fish, the drop in air temperature seemed to have put them down. In the lodge we were recommending floating lines with wets or dries but today this method didn’t really produce for most people. We did see a lot of catches between 2 and 4 trout but we also saw a fair few blanks. However like always somebody finds a way and today it was Ryan Feber and Bernard MacBride. They had a great catch of 15 trout to their boat, they tried the fore mentioned tactics with only a little success so they started make some changes. It was when Ryan switched to a fast intermediate and started pulling back wets that they really started to catch. Ryan said he thought the trout had moved from the surface to a couple of feet down. He used a fairly fast draw retrieve and his best pattern was the Kate McLaren. They found fish close in on the East Bank, at Willow Island and In Newclose Bay. The air temperature is due to rise again this week which should bring out the terrestrials once again and, in turn, the trout back to the surface. I will be stocking tomorrow with some lovely 3-4lb rainbows/blues so the sport should be good. Tight Lines Ben

Stocks Report: Saturday 27th August

DATE    Saturday 27th August
NOTABLE CATCH:    Bernard MacBride and Lloyd Edwards 8 fish
BEST BROWN:    2lb
BEST BLUE:    4lb
BANK ROD AV:    3.0 fish per man.
BOAT ROD AV:    3.25 fish per man.
With bright wind conditions up at Stocks today the fishing has been difficult; however there have been a couple of good catches. Bernard MacBride and Lloyd Edwards had a good day in difficult conditions with 8 fish to the boat with 4 a piece Lloyd fished dries all day to get his 4. While Bernard choose to fish a team of mini lures on a floater. Their best area was off bell point and around Gull Island. Antony Roskill also had a good half day session of the boat but this time found that it was wets on a midge tip that the fish wanted Antony fished around the willows to get his fish.
Tight lines Tom

Stocks Report: Friday 26th August

DATE    Friday 26th August
NOTABLE CATCH:    John Sykes with 8 fish
BEST RAINBOW:    5lb John Sykes
BEST BROWN:    3lb John Sykes
BEST BLUE:    4lb John Sykes
BANK ROD AV:    5.6 fish per man.
BOAT ROD AV:    3.0 fish per man.
Conditions where great for fishing today up at Stocks overcast skies with a little ripple, and to top it off there was a massive buzzer hatch with fish rising to them all over the place. As a result there have been some good catches both of the bank and the boats. John Sykes had a fantastic half day session of the boats today. John contacted a number of good fish today over on the east bank in fact today he had the best fish in all three categories. John found that the fish where yet again willing to take the dries, this time it was hoppers they wanted, tight into the east bank. On the bank today Antoon Gysbers had a good session on Bell point Antoon only fished for a couple of hours but in this short time he landed 5 fish Antoon best method was retrieving wets just under the surface on a floating line. His best patterns were Watson’s bumble (see the picture below) and a Kate McLaren. Also on the bank today was Norman Walker and Peter Clough. They fished around Bell point and had 6 fish a piece there best method was to fish hoppers in the morning casting to rising fish and if the fish went of the feed for a bit on  the top they would switch to lures to continue getting the takes.
Tight Lines Tom

Antoons top pattern the Watsons Bumble