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Stocks: Sunday July 31st

DATE                                Sunday July 31st
NOTABLE CATCH:       Bob Fitzpatrick 10 trout. Jim & Malcolm Hunter had 17 trout to their boat.
BEST RAINBOW:          4lbs 14oz to John Reed
BEST BROWN:              Several at 2lbs
BEST BLUE:                   2lbs 8oz to Phil Holding
BANK ROD AV:             1.92 fish per man
BOAT ROD AV:             4.63 fish per man
SPORT:  Dries were the call of the day. In the afternoon and evening there were fish rising on and off all over the reservoir. Bob Fitzpatrick had 10 trout on beetles, bits and daddies. Bob caught on the calm lanes in Newclose Bay and in the main Basin out from the Jetty. Malcolm and Jim Hunter had great sport with 17 trout to the boat, they caught in a few places but their most fruitful area was drifting out from the Dam towards the east bank. Their best pattern was a fiery orange f fly. This was probably due to the many soldier beetles that are flying about at the moment. Paul Bebb was guiding today with Dave Gove and first time fly fisher Veselina Lyutskanova they saw quite a few heather flies on the water. Once again they caught gingery orange dries and on daddies. They landed 7 trout, but like all the pre mentioned anglers, if they had connected with all the takes they could have had many more. The bank fished harder today I think this was because the trout were feeding up on the surface and out in open water. However there are still quite a few fish targeting the mountain minnows in the margins and indeed the best bank  catch came to fry patterns. Stocks regular Bryn used a minkie to catch 7 trout to 3lbs. Bryn caught most of his fish around Bell Point. There are still a few anglers on the shore and still quite a few boats out on the water.  I am sure there will be some good catches amongst them so I apologise if you’ve missed the report. Tight Lines Ben

Stocks Report: Saturday 30th July

DATE    Saturday 30th July
NOTABLE CATCH:     5 fish for Derek Moore and Tony Plat
BEST RAINBOW:        3lb 7oz for Tom Edwards
BEST BROWN:            David Tetley 2lb 6oz
BEST BLUE:                 Derek Moore  3lb 7oz
BANK ROD AV:            2.75 fish per man
BOAT ROD AV:            2.19 fish per man
SPORT:   Tricky conditions today up at Stocks, with no wind and bright sun, although despite these conditions a number of angers did well. Out on the boats Tony Plat and Alex Blaque did well bring fish to small dries all day. They used small size 14 Bob’s bits in black and claret. They commented saying that there was very few rising but they would come up for the dries and if one rose and you covered it they would take confidently. Also out on the boats today was Lloyd Edwards and Bernard MacBride they again fished with dries to tempt a number of fish to the boat.  On the bank in was a similar story with the flies small dries fished in the surface film was the key to success. Although Denis Doogan broke the trend on dries and fished small wets just under the surface Denis fished wets like Snipe and Purple to catch a number of fish.
Tight Lines Tom


Date: Sunday August 7th

This is a brilliant, relaxed and friendly event fished over two 4hour sessions with an hours break for lunch in the middle and thanks to generous supports from GREYS we are able to offer you superb value for money.
Each entrant will receive a buffet lunch with drinks and the chance to win some great prizes. This year rather than give away a rod or a reel that you may not need, GREYS have kindly suggested that we award you with vouchers.  You can spend the vouchers with us on any items from the extensive GREYS range. You could get anything from waterproofs to rods, reels, fly lines, drogues, nets, you name it.

The Dry Lines is fished from drifting boats with the use of floating lines only and fishery rules flies.
It is fished over two 4 hour sessions. (9:30am to 1:30 Lunch 2:30 to 6:30pm).
You must take the first two fish in each session. Each fish returned thereafter will add a further 2lbs to your bag weight.
Any individual fish cannot add more than 5lbs to your bag weight but will count in full when qualifying for the biggest fish of the session.
The over all champion will be determined by the lowest combined rankings over the two sessions.
E.g. If Joe Blogs was 6th in the morning and 4th in the afternoon his total score would be 10.

Competitors cannot win more than one of the following six prizes.

The2011 Dry line Champion:     1st    £200 GREYS voucher
Morning Session:                            1st     £150 GREYS voucher
Morning Session:                            2nd   £100 GREYS voucher
Afternoon Session:                         1st    £150 GREYS voucher
Afternoon Session:                         2nd   £100 GREYS voucher
Biggest fish am:                                           £50 GREYS voucher
Biggest fish pm:                                           £50 GREYS voucher

Competitors cannot win more than one of the seven prizes.
The cost of entry is just £14 plus the fishing fee for the day.
You may enter the Dry Lines by calling the lodge on 01200 446602.

Stocks: Friday July 29th

DATE                               Friday July 29th
NOTABLE CATCH:        14 trout for Terry Farrell
BEST RAINBOW:           3lbs 1oz terry Farrell
BEST BROWN:                1lb 8oz Steve Bridgeman
BEST BLUE:                    2lbs Antoon Gysbers
BANK ROD AV:              2.7 fish per man
BOAT ROD AV:               1.5 fish per man
SPORT:  It was tricky out there today unless your name is Terry Farrell that is! What’s more he took all 14 trout on the same fly. So if you are at the vice you want olive thread, some plain pheasant tail, an olive cock hackle, some deer hair and a size 12 dry fly hook. Terry’s lethal home tied sedge pattern has a pheasant tail body with an olive hackle palmered over the top and a short deer hair wing, about the length of the hook shank, and its tied off with olive thread. Terry’s bag included rainbows blues and browns. He was bank fishing and caught 5 in Newclose Bay, two along Beetle’s Drop and and the other seven from Grange Point and along Ben’s Beach…..Good Angling. Out on the boats Peter Andrews took 5 nice rainbows from Newclose and Willow. Bill Arnold took 3 nice trout whilst fishing black n green fritz and gold Humongous patterns close into the shore along the East bank. John Dixon lost the fish of a life time today, a huge blue engulfed his daddy and shot off for parts unknown. The fish actually emptied his reel of all its backing before snapping him. Unlucky John but you’ve got to respect that fish! Tight Lines Ben

Stocks:Thursday 28th July.

DATE    Thursday 28th July.
NOTABLE CATCH:    Several anglers landed 5 fish.
BEST RAINBOW:    4lb for Dave Walton.
BEST BROWN:    3lb for Paul Warbrick.
BEST BLUE:    3lb for Dave Walton.
BANK ROD AV:    3.25 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV:    3.28 fish per angler.
SPORT:   This morning started off very bright but cloud soon began to build and this afternoon we had good angling conditions. The best catch today went to Dave Walton who landed 6 good trout. Dave fished all the way around the bank from Newclose bay to Hollins point. Although Dave caught on several different patterns ginger dry flies were certainly best. There were several anglers who landed 5 fish today from all areas, both on the bank and from the boats with dry fly patterns accounting for many of these catches, I went out on the water briefly this afternoon and round in Newclose bay from the mushroom tree to willow island there were fish rising everywhere to both ants and heather flies, a great sight to see,  just wish I had a rod with me! See you on the water Paul.