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Stocks Report: Thursday 30th June

DATE    Thursday 30th  June
NOTABLE CATCH:    Phil Davies with 10 fish.
BEST RAINBOW:    8lb for Phil Davies
BEST BROWN:    3lb for Derek Moore
BEST BLUE:    8lb for Bill Orrell
BANK ROD AV:    3.44 fish per man
BOAT ROD AV:    2.62 fish per man
SPORT:   With bright windy conditions up at stocks today the fishing has been a little bit for tricky than it has been recently. However despite these conditions there have been a few good scores. Top rod today went to Phil Davies who landed 10 fish and played over 20. Phil fished up at the Dam as he does every time he comes. He fished a sinking line and a cats whisker and left the line sink until the fly was about 5ft down. He then began to retrieve with long slow draws to get the takes. Phil also had a great weight of fish for his 5 killed he weighed in 22lb 8oz. The bag contained a nice 8lb rainbow and a fantastic over weighted rainbow. This fish was very long and thin but had a massive head and a rudder like tail. Another catch on the bank today went to stocks regular Bill Orrell who had 6 fish in a short half day season, Bill found that the fish wanted a black tadpole on a floating line today and got most of his fish around the jetty before the fence. Out on the boats today things have been a little trickery due to the high winds and bright sun however despite these conditions Derek Moore caught well landing 6 fish with various other offers. However Derek kept his card very close to his chest as he is fishing in the 3rd round of the stocks pair’s competition tomorrow.
Tight lines Tom

Stocks:Tuesday 28th June.

DATE    Monday and Tuesday 27th+28th June.
NOTABLE CATCH:    Several anglers landed 6 trout.
BEST RAINBOW:    Several weighing 3lb.
BEST BROWN:    Several weighing 2lb.
BEST BLUE:    Several weighing 2lb.
BANK ROD AV:    4.00 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV:    2.66 fish per angler.
SPORT:  On Monday we had a very hot day with sky high temperatures then today although it was still a nice day to be out fishing it was a lot cooler. On Monday season ticket holder Ken Dewar landed 5 good fish right off the top on a dry sedge and when these fish were later spooned were found to be stuffed to the gills with beetles. Ken said that considering the amount of beetles these fish had consumed he was surprised not to see more fish rising which would suggest that the beetles were being taken sub surface once they had started to sink. Also on the water yesterday were David Willacy and David Nixon who caught well on buzzers. David W caught all his trout on a brown buzzer whilst David N was struggling until he also tied on a brown buzzer then hey presto, he was also into fish. On the bank today was Joe Halton who caught 6 trout. Joe caught his fish at Bens beach with all his fish falling to the same fly, a woolly damsel. On the boats today were Derek Moore and James Brown who caught well on dry flies with their fish being taken from the dam. As you see all the best patterns have been imitative, matching what trout would feed on naturally. See you on the water Paul.

Stocks: Sunday June 26th

DATE                                 Sunday June 26th
NOTABLE CATCH:         20 trout for Paul Davison
BEST RAINBOW:           10lbs 2oz Bob Fitzpatrick
BEST BROWN:               Several at 2lbs+
BEST BLUE:                    3lbs John Hood
BOAT ROD AV:              6.7 fish per man
SPORT: What a difference a day makes. On Saturday I looked down the jetty to see anglers wrapped up in heavy waterproof gear, snoods were being used as balaclavas a sight more familiar with early April than the end of June. On Sunday it couldn’t have been more different, the wind had dropped away the air temperature was warm and rising, we did see a few short showers but on the whole it was a good day for fly fishing. First thing in the morning it was a little bit bright so many anglers went out with nymphs on the washing line or cormorants and boobies on slow sinking lines. Paul Davison continued his great form he showed on day one, he took five trout on his first drift between Willow Island and the buoys marking the nature sanctuary. Paul fished two cormorants on the middle droppers and two boobies one on the top dropper and one on the point. The trick was to start the retrieve with a couple of sharp strips to pop the boobies through the surface then to figure of eight the flies all the way home.
After an hour or so the cloud thickened and the wind almost left us completely…perfect for dries. The trout started to pop up for emerging buzzers, sedges and wind-blown soldier beetles. Most anglers changed their methods accordingly. Some fished boobies on a floating line stripping them back past rising fish to induce the take. But the best method was proven to be dries. Black bits, F Flies, CDC buzzers and Half Hogs all caught well but once again it was Paul Davison who really mastered these rising fish. He fished big fiery brown hopper-like patterns about 10 feet apart on 9lb fluorocarbon. He did have a bibio raider on the middle dropper but this got little attention from the trout. Paul fished these flies by regularly casting a short line just in front of his drifting boat. He quickly caught another four trout in the morning which took his tally to nine but this was then followed by a long quiet period where, for whatever reason, the fish stopped playing ball. Paul then ventured down to the Dam where he added another however it was when he went into Newclose bay that he really streaked ahead from the rest of the field. Fish were rising in the light ripple right across the bay and by the end of the match at 6pm Paul had landed twenty trout, a mere ten trout clear of the next angler! Alistair Beaumont was that man he landed ten and lost a few more whilst fishing dries between Gull Island and the Causeway. Paul Bebb made up for a rare slip up on day one when he too landed ten fish from the same area. Steve Smalley and John Hood had unusually quiet first days only to make strong come backs with nine trout a piece. Mark Howard fished consistently on both days (4th and 6th) he was using similar tactics to Paul Davison. The last two hours between 4pm and 6pm on Sunday proved crucial as many anglers started to really catch at the northern end of the reservoir and no doubt this had a major effect on the results, which were as follows.
Position                                   Day 1     Day2     Total Rank    Fish Caught
1st       Paul Davison                1st         1st               2                   29
2nd      Mark Howard               4th        6th              10                  15
3rd      Alistair Beaumont         8th        2nd             10                  14
4th      Bob Fitzpatrick              5th         7th             12                  11
5th      Tom Bird                       3rd        10th            13                  10
6th      Ryan Feber                   2nd        11th            13                   9
7th      Paul Bebb                     12th        3rd             15                 12
8th      Ben Dobson                  6th          9th             15                  9
9th      John Hood                    13th         4th            17                 10
10th    Lloyd Edwards              11th         8th            19                  9
(Top 10 shown)

I think the top four and possibly Tom in fifth will get through to the final best of luck guys. I would also like to thank Steve Smalley and Richard Hood who were my boat partners. I had great company on both days and thoroughly enjoyed my fishing. Tight Lines Ben

Stocks Report: Saturday 25th June.

­DATE    Saturday 25th June
NOTABLE CATCH:    9 fish for Paul Davison
BEST RAINBOW:    Paul Davison 3lb 1oz
BEST BLUE:    2lb 6oz for Tom Bird
BOAT ROD AV:    3.31 per man
SPORT:  Today up at Stocks we held the first day if the odds and sods competition, with the level rising over night. The fishing looked set to be difficult. However despite this there have been a number of good scores.  Paul Davison took top rod today with 9 fish. Then is second place there was Ryan Feber with 6 fish for 11lb 12oz in third place. In third place there was Tom Bird who was beaten to second by one once by Ryan. Then in fourth position there was Mark Howard who again had 6 fish this time for the weight 11lb 6oz for a full report see tomorrow night’s report.
Tight lines Tom

Stocks report Friday 24th June

DATE    Friday 24th June
NOTABLE CATCH:    Ray Entwistle 8 fish
BEST RAINBOW:    10lb 11oz Ben Bayliss
BEST BROWN:    3lb Ben Small
BEST BLUE:    Several for 2lb +
BANK ROD AV:    3.70
BOAT ROD AV:    4.50
SPORT:   Well as you may be aware there is a number of anglers competing for a spot on the England team tomorrow so todays tactics were shrouded in mystery!  I can divulge however that I saw bent rods at all corners of the reservoir. Tactics for the day seemed to be anything from pulling blobs and boobies to fishing nymphs on the washing line.
Ben Bayliss caught a stunning rainbow of some near 11lb. Ben picked up the specimen fish in Hollins bay on a diawl bach. (I believe Ben got a photo so one should be on here soon.)
Ray Entwistle had some good sport too with 8 rainbows, the best weighing 7lb 8oz! Ray found fish from the jetty towards two trees and had fish to nymphs and lures.
The weather is getting warmer for the weekend and as I write this the reservoir is still with fish topping…Nice.
Tight lines Matthew