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Stocks report Friday 27th May

DATE    Friday 27th May
NOTABLE CATCH:    Andy Ross and Ian Ross 11 fish, Peter Andrews and Andrew Bentley 10 fish.
BEST RAINBOW:    3lb Andrew Bentley
BEST BROWN:    2lb 8oz Peter Andrews
BANK ROD AV:    1.00 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:    3.00 fish per angler
SPORT: yesterday’s heavy rain has made things a little tricky today, I can’t quite put my finger on it but maybe the slight change in water temperature or the influx of extra water. That said if one man can find the fish it’s our Paul who was out with Tim and Pete. Although they only had 6 to the net the y had many offers and the fish were keen to take right off the top.
Peter Andrews and Andrew Bentley had varied success with nymph’s dries and boobies. Finishing the day with 10 in the boat they displayed some canny ability.
Sticking with the dries all day long were Andy Ross and Ian Ross. Although conditions haven’t been perfect for the dries they mustered 11 fish to the boat.
Hoppers were the top pattern and a drifting boat was the way to go!
The weather is settling for the weekend and I’m sure the fishing will go from strength to strength.
Tight lines Matthew.

Stocks:Thursday 26th May.

DATE    Thursday 26th May.
NOTABLE CATCH:    15 fish for John Mees.
BEST RAINBOW:    3lb 2oz.
BEST BROWN:    2lb 6oz.
BEST BLUE:    8lb.
SPORT:   Although the wind has dropped compared to the last week or so we still saw rain today and it was quite heavy at times, there were a few soggy anglers this evening! Despite the weather there were some good catches made. The English Fly Fishers held their annual competition today and after a closely fought battle John Mees emerged the winner. John caught a total of 15 trout. Johns winning tactic was to fish various wet flies such as gorgeous George, octopus and doobry on a slow sinking line. He found a steady retrieve effective and caught fish all over the reservoir. I don’t have all the info or results as they are being announced at a dinner this evening. Well done to all who took part and we look forward to seeing you all again next year. See you on the water Paul.

wednesday 25th May

DATE    Wednesday 25th May
NOTABLE CATCH:    John Calvert and Mike Laycock 40+ to the boat
BEST RAINBOW:    8lb 8oz
BEST BROWN:    Several for 3lb
BEST BLUE:    3lb 8oz Mike Laycock
BANK ROD AV:    2.50
BOAT ROD AV:    7.00
SPORT:   Excellent sport today. Dries and nymphs lead the way with fish coming thick and fast right off the top all day long. Mike Laycock and John Calvert had a blinder of a session in fact one of the highest scores in about 6 weeks! 40+ fish to the boat between them!! Drifting the middle basin, New close bay, east bank, it didn’t seem to matter where they were!
Daddies, hoppers, and CDC patterns did the trick.
Ben Franket had a good morning with 8 fish to his boat. Ben stuck to the nymphs with Diawl bachs doing the trick.
John Sykes had 7 fish this afternoon again all coming to the dries!
The wind is set to drop away totally and with just light rain tomorrow I sence some bonanza scores!!
Tight lines Matthew.

DATE  Sunday May 15th
NOTABLE CATCH: 22 fish for Paul Davison
NOTABLE BAG: 5 fish for 14lb 8oz for Tony Taylor
BEST RAINBOW: 3.7lb for Tony Taylor
BEST BROWN: 3.4lb for Ian Stanworth
BEST BLUE: 4lb for Tony Taylor
BANK ROD AV: 5.00 fish per man
BOAT ROD AV: 3.52 fish per man

SPORT:  With overcast skies up where at stocks today, the fish on the dries has been fantastic. Paul Davison was out today and fished dries all day to tempt 22 fish to the boat, Paul commented that in the morning the fish where not really showing. However after the heavy rain the fish went crazy and he had over 15 fish in 2 hours. Paul mainly fished in Newclose bay to get the majority of fish with a couple from up near the dam. Also out on the boats Andrew Roskill had a good afternoon with fish coming to wet flies pulled just under the surface. Also finding this tactic successful was Melvin Wood and Dylan Holey, who had 11 fish to the boat.  Melvin and Dylan fished around willow and Gull Island to contact the fish.  On the Bank today the fishing had also been great with Tony Taylor having 8 fish up near the spillway on small cats booby on a Di 6 line just twiddled back.  Ian Stanworth also had a good days sport fishing cats whiskers in Hollins bay.

Tight Lines Tom

Stocks report: Friday 20th May

DATE    Friday 20th May
NOTABLE CATCH:    20+ Chris Sharples and Geoff Thomas, Lee Cowking 10 fish,
NOTABLE BAG:    Graham Cooper 4 fish for 9lb 8oz, Terry Farrell 4 fish for 8lb 15oz
BEST RAINBOW:    Chris Sharples 10lb++ Bill Orrell 4lb 8oz
BEST BROWN:    Terry Farrell 2lb
BEST BLUE:    Bill Orrell 4lb 8oz
BANK ROD AV:    4.7 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:    6.0 fish per angler
SPORT:  Some good sport was had right across the water today. In fact some of the best of the week! The northern shallows have switched back on and the fish are happy chasing lures, taking nymphs or even the odd dry! Chris and Geoff finished off well past 20 to the boat. Both guys had fish to so many different methods. The only thing in common is that a floater or intermediate was deep enough. Good angling guys!
The influx of extra water has pushed the fish right in along the shallows and often flies that disturb the surface can have a devastating effect! Blobs, boobies, and sedge patterns will do the trick nicely.
Terry Farrell had some good surface sport with four fish coming to the sedge right off the top. I didn’t get chance to speak to Terry but I’m sure he will have been in his favourite spot somewhere along Ben’s beach.
Graham Cooper put the score in for the buzzers with 6 fish to the net. Graham found that black and white did the trick and did a good job as this morning was not ideal buzzer conditions. Good Angling!
So all in all some great sport and let’s hope it continues throughout the weekend.
If I was out in a boat tomorrow or indeed Sunday my first port of call would be the northern shallows then maybe a long drift down the east bank. Or even though it hasn’t done the business today, a good drift right down the middle of the reservoir. If the wind gets up stroke some bushy wets back, if it’s calmer try targeting rising fish with dries or some surface lures.
From the shore Bell Point and New close bay will be seeing plenty of action. Watch out for the stream mouths as fish will be around those in the fresh water.
Tight lines Matthew.