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Stocks: Monday April 25th

Date:                           Monday April 25th
Report Author:         Ben
Notable Catch:          19 trout for Mark Tyndal
Best Bag:                   Five trout for 15lbs 1oz Steve Ainsworth
Best Rainbow:          8lbs 9oz Steve Ainsworth, 7lbs 13oz Ian Greenwood, 7lbs 5oz Tom Bird
Best Brownie:           Several around 2lbs
Best Blue                    3lbs 8oz Alan Collier
Bank Rod Av:            1.82 fish per angler
Boat Rod Av:             3.73 fish per angler
Sport: Today was the first heat of The Stocks Pairs and 13 pairs took to the water to try and earn a place in the grand final and the chance to win a guaranteed £1000. Each pair had to try and catch 10 trout between them and then return to the jetty to receive a ‘time bonus’. The time bonus was rewarded as 8oz for every complete 15 minute left before 6pm, the match finishing time. The first anglers to complete their bag were Mark Tyndal and Ian Greenwood who caught their 10th trout at 12:30pm. Not bad considering the match only started at 10am. Ian also caught a cracking 7lb 13oz rainbow that was tagged. So on top of qualifying for the final, he won a £40 tackle voucher. Their bag weight, with their big fish capped at 5lbs, was 22lbs 9oz which gave them a total 33lbs 9oz. Ian and Mark fished Di5 sinking lines with a blob on the top dropper, a sparkler on the middle dropper and a sparkler booby on the point. They caught most of their fish in Black House Bay and said that the hang was very important. In 2nd place with a total of 30lbs 7oz was Steve Ainsworth and Pete Navin. They too were pulling lures, this time over Davy Jones and the neck of the Dam. Steve’s last fish was a beautiful 8lb 9oz rainbow that ran him on a merry dance. Several times I saw his rod bent double and disappearing under the boat as the fish ran behind him. In third place was father and son team Peter And Ryan Mathews. They were actually were the second pair to bag but they had lighter fish. Taking the final place in the final was Paul Davison and Ryan Feber who caught their 10th trout at 3:15pm. Paul caught most of his fish on the Midas, his secret and famous dry fly pattern. Taking the wild card spot in the final with the biggest trout from the rest of the field was Tom Bird and Richard Hood as Tom caught another good rainbow of 7lbs 5oz. (pictured below) The next heat is on Sunday May 29th so if you would like a go just call the fishery on 01200 446602.
Today also saw the end of our Junior Easter Challenge, where we award a GRXi fly rod to the junior who has caught the biggest trout over the Easter break. No body managed to beat Jordon Lee’s 3lb 8oz rainbow. (Pictured below) So congratulations Jordon there will be a rod on its way to you. Tight Lines Ben

Ps. Double click on the pictures to check out the tails on Steve’s and Ian’s trout

Stocks: Sunday April 24th

Date:                         Sunday April 24th
Report Author:       Ben
Notable Catch:        12 trout for John Calvert
Best Bag:                   5 trout for 11lbs 11oz
Best Rainbow:          5lbs Richard Hood
Best Brownie:           Several at 2lbs
Best Blue                   2lbs 11oz Carl Nixon
Bank Rod Av:           2.20 fish per angler
Boat Rod Av:            3.54 fish per angler
Sport: It was bright sunshine all day, with a northerly wind in the morning that later changed to a southerly and not surprisingly the fishing was much more difficult than in recent days. Out on the water today were anglers from the northwest fishing in their eliminator to try and qualify for the national final and ultimately the 2012 English fly fishing team. After some wonderful fishing over the practice days they were faced with much trickier conditions. John Calvert led the way and ended up with a very respectable 12 trout to the boat. This gave him a 14lb bonus to add the weight of his 5 fish bag. His total was 23lbs 13oz, 9lbs clear of his nearest rival….good angling. John fished a cat booby and cormorants on a Di 5 sinking line over the main basin and down towards the dam. Mike Laycock was in 2nd place with 14lbs 12oz. Mike was using a similar method the john. In 3rd place was John Sykes with 14lbs 1oz john caught most of his fish in the Dam area. In 4th place was Carl Nixon with 11lbsw 11oz and in 5th place was Mike Frith with 9lbs 2oz. Carl and Mike fished around Gull Island and Curry’s Cast. Good luck in the final guys.
On the shore Dave Zalans was up to his usual tricks fishing buzzers on a floating line. Dave fished the afternoon and evening along the east Bank to take 6 nice trout. Tomorrow looks a lot better for fishing. We have increasing cloud cover as the day goes on and only light winds. Hopefully it will bne back to dries and nymphs. Tight Lines Ben

Stocks report Saturday 23rd April

Date:    Saturday 23rd April
Report Author:    Matthew
Notable Catch:    Mike Laycock and Carl Nixon super sport on the dries
Best Bag:    4 fish for 9lb 10oz
Best Rainbow:    Mike Laycock 3lb
Best Brownie:    Several 2lb +
Best Blue    8lb 8oz carl Nixon
Bank Rod Av:     2.6 fish per angler
Boat Rod Av:     3.0 fish per angler
Sport: the fishing has remained good but not as exceptional as the last few days. The problem seemed to be the wind that kept changing directions all day long! As I write this though it does seem to have dropped right off should revert to conditions of the past few days.
Many anglers did do well though for instance James Gallagher had a good day with 11 fish with the black booby doing the trick. James had 6 rainbows and 5 browns. Interestingly many browns seem to have been caught today.
Mike Laycock and Carl Nixon had some excellent sport with the fish coming thick and fast all day to dries. Both guys had fish all over the reservoir with long drifts over deeper water proving the method of attack.

When that sun is out its super important to keep the shine off the tippet material, it’s not a bad idea to keep applying fullers earth to the cast every half hour or so. Another thing when fishing dry flies is to fan cast on a short line covering as much water as possible. The flies need only be on the water for 5 seconds or so before re casting. It’s that initial plip on the surface that triggers the trout’s response. Dry fly fishing should come into its own over the coming weeks with terrestrial insects landing on the water. In fact I saw a few Daddy long legs on the door this morning!! Watch this space!!
Tight lines Matthew.

Stocks report Friday 22nd April

Date:                                    Friday 22nd April
Report Author:               Matthew
Notable Catch:                Andy Cooper and Phil Green 32 fish to the boat!
Rick Nuttall and Stuart McKaki 16 to the boat. Richard Murray 10 fish. Plus so many anglers with bag limits and boats in to double figures!!
Best Bag:                           5 fish for 17lb 8oz Andy Cooper
Best Rainbow:                Clint Waddington 10lbs, Steve Bland 10lb 8oz,  Andy Cooper 9lbs, Pete Williams 7lb 4oz, Mike Dorian 7lb8oz.
Best Brownie:                 Steve Bland 3lb 8oz
Best Blue                          Graham Carruthers 3lb
Bank Rod Av:                3.5 fish per angler
Boat Rod Av:                7.0 fish per angler
Sport:  so spectacular action and indeed weather!! While we are all basking in 25oC Sun you could be mistaken for thinking the fishing may take a turn for the worse. How wrong…
Andy Cooper and Phil Green had a magic day with 30 plus fish to the boat!
A staggering figure on any day but with that bright sun and strong easterly winds that’s some going. Both guys found the fish keen to chase the blobs especially Phil’s own tied “red arsed sun burst blob!” This tidy little pattern actually landed Andy a rainbow of some 9lb plus! Both anglers found the fish along the shallows, the alders and drifting onto the dam. Good angling guys and surely a day to remember!
Richard Murray took 10 good trout drifting the east bank. And as Henry Ford said “ you can have any colour as long as its Black” well that’s what he gave the trout!  Richard couldn’t fail with black flies be it small lures or wets.
Steve Bland found the fish along the Northern shallows landing 8 in total with a fish of some 10lb+ returned.
Antoon Gysbers was at it again with those diawl bachs landing five fish in all but 2 hours! Antoon fished the shore around Bell point and retrieves those nymphs very slow.
Fish of  the day though goes to Clint Waddington. In fact I will put my neck on the line and say it’s the best looking fish of the season! Clint found the Specimen fish down in Hollis, a spot that is fishing exceptionally well in this easterly wind .Clint took the fish to a diawl bach and finished the day with 6 in total.
The fishing is at present some of the best Ive seen long may it continue!!

stosks:Thursday 21st april.

Date:    Thursday 21st april.
Report Author:    Paul.
Notable Catch:    John Calvert and Mike Laycock caught over 20 trout.
Best Bag:    5 fish weighing 12lb for Ashley Robertson.
Best Rainbow:    4lb for Ashley Robertson.
Best Brownie:    Several weighing 2lb 8oz.
Best Blue    Several weighing 2lb 8oz.
Bank Rod Av:    4.80 fish per angler.
Boat Rod Av:    5.73 fish per angler.
Sport: The great weather continues and is looking set to stay well past weekend and so does the great fishing. There were lots of good catches made today, far too many to mention them all so here is just a small selection. Fishing from the bank today was Michael Huddlestone who tempted 6 fine trout in a short half day session. Like other anglers he found a variety of patterns effective but most of his fish fell to flies with mostly black in them. There were a lot of boats out today and they enjoyed some super fishing with all areas of the reservoir producing good catches. John Calvert and Mike Laycock took to the water today and caught steadily all day landing well into double figures of trout. They found fish in all areas and caught on various methods.  Talking to several anglers it became apparent that there was no set method or fly patterns that seemed to be out catching any other in fact one veteran angler told me that he had caught on all methods from dries to lures on a di5 sinking line and everything else in-between! With the weather remaining settled this Easter could be one of our best for trout fishing ever. See you on the water Paul.