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Stocks: Saturday April 30th

Date:                            Saturday April 30th
Report Author:          Ben
Notable Catch:          11 trout for Stuart Strachan
Best Bag:                     5 trout for 11lbs 12oz Stuart Strachan
Best Rainbow:            4lbs for Callam Marshall
Best Brownie:             3lbs 8oz Clint Waddington
Best Blue                     2lbs 8oz for Clint Waddington & Stuart Strachan
Bank Rod Av:             2.2 fish per angler
Boat Rod Av:              3.3 fish per angler
Sport: Another very windy day at Stocks we had white horses across the main basin. It was also bright so you would expect the fishing to be very tough. However there were sign that the fish seem to be getting use to these conditions and most people managed to catch a fish or two from both the bank and the boats. Out on the boats today were Stuart and Brian Strachan. They started out at the Dam where they worked out a method with a Di 5 sinker an orange blob on the top dropper, a cormorant on the middle and a small cat booby on the point. Once they had caught few from this area they started move elsewhere. Their best spots were Black House Bay and The Willows along the East Bank. They ended up with 17 trout to the boat. Good going on a bright and breezy day. On the shore Clint Waddington had also sussed out that sinking lines were the way to go. He fished from Bell Point with a washing line set up on a medium sinking line. Although he had an orange booby the point he let it go down and fished them slowly and deep. He landed 6 trout in a half day session and his bag included a brown of 3lbs 8oz, a rainbow of 3lbs and a blue of 2lbs 8oz. Good angling.   Tight Lines Ben

Stocks report: Friday 29th April

Report Author:         Matthew
Notable Catch:          Elliot and Ken Horroks 19 fish to the boat,  steve Horroks and Dave Vose 28 fish to  the boat!
Best Bag:                      Elliot Horroks 5 fish for 14lb 2oz
Best Rainbow:           Steven Rankin 6lb
Best Brownie:            Several for 2lb +
Best Blue                     5lbs 14oz for Elliot Horrocks
Bank Rod Av:            1.5 fish per angler
Boat Rod Av:             2.5 fish per angler
Sport:  A darn windy day here at Stocks with strong gusts making the angling very difficult. Presenting the flies became extremely difficult as the day wore on and simple tactics came in to play and got the fish.
Today we held the Lancashire fire and rescue competition. 36 anglers took to the water and landed 96 fish between them. Steve Horroks took 1st place with an impressive 17 fish! In the boat with Steve was Dave vose who came 3rd with 11 fish. The guys found that fish were holding up in Hollins bay and a Di 5 line and cats whiskers were too much for the brownies to resist. The brown trout are notorious for holding up in Hollins bay in strong winds. Good angling guys. 2nd place went to Elliot Horrocks whose bag weight just piped Dave’s. Elliot found the fish in Cooks Creek on the east bank. Elliot fished a floating line and an Olive Nomad on a floater. A fast strip was key over on the east shore. On windy days like this it’s easy to admit defeat, but the fish are still there. Try looking for dirty water often fish shoal up along the edge of it and you will find that you can have a field day casting right along the edge of the mucky water. Or hunt out the calmer waters and you may find that one end of the reservoir is almost flat calm with fish rising! And as daft as it sounds fish will still come up for the dries.(cloud cover permitting) In another few weeks daddies will be on the water and I’ve been out on windier days with Carl Nixon taking fish of the top whilst holding on to the boat for dear life!!
Bob Fitzpatrick showed how to do it on the nymphs today with 11 fish to the boat. Again the east bank was the hot spot but the key was to present the flies just below that wave, so if a wind gets up maybe change your line not the flies. Bob found a midge tip held the flies just right below the wave.
Tight lines Matthew.

The Lancashire Fire and Rescue Anglers: Centre: Elliot Horrocks with his 5lbs14oz Blue trout. Double click this image to see it in full size.

Stocks:Thursday 28th April.

Date: Thursday 28th April.
Report Author: Paul.
Notable Catch: Bob Cooper and Derek Moore caught into double figures.
Best Bag: 5 fish weighing 12lb 10oz for John Watson.
Best Rainbow: 6lb for Bob Cooper.
Best Brownie: Several weighing 2lb 8oz.
Best Blue Several weighing 2lb 8oz.
Bank Rod Av: 4.50 fish per angler.
Boat Rod Av: 3.19 fish per angler.

Sport: The weather today was a bit tricky for fishing with a sneaky breeze and clear skies but there with still good catches made with most anglers landing trout. Although there were fish caught on floating lines with  nymphs and buzzers those anglers that opted for a sinking line approach were more successful. I was out myself for a couple of hours and found fish in all areas but each fish was caught at a different depth with a different retrieve so with a sinking line it really does pay to count your flies down and play with the retrieve. This is what Bob Cooper and Derek Moore found, they both used different density sinking lines and a variety of patterns but they were constantly searching the various areas and depths to keep in contact with the trout so good angling there. The best catch from the bank went to Bill Orrell who tempted 9 fish to his black lure. Bill found a slow sinking line effective and caught his fish from Bell point round to the jetty.  Even in these bright conditions there were still one or two fish moving on the surface and I think that given a bit of cloud cover dry flies would have caught fish. See you on the water Paul.

Stocks Report: Wednesday 27th April

Date: Wednesday 27th April
Report Author: Tom
Notable Catch: 12 fish for Phil Davies, 9 fish for Paul Morrall 8 fish for B Langstreth
Best Bag: 11lb 1oz for Paul Morrall
Best Rainbow: 3lb
Best Brownie: 2lb 6oz
Best Blue 6lb
Bank Rod Av: 2.55 fish per angler
Boat Rod Av: 2.33 fish per angler
Sport: A bright day here at stocks today, with a fairly strong breeze the conditions were not looking good, for fishing however despite the difficult conditions there were a number of anglers that caught well. Taking top rod today was Phil Davies with 12 fish a good score on a tricky day. Phil fished up at the Dam, with a team of buzzers on a floating line with a very slow retrieve just keeping in contact with the line as the wind blew it towards him. Another angler who caught well today was Paul Morrall who fished from a boat; Paul fished all over the reservoir picking fish up everywhere he stopped. His top tactic for the day was to fish a sight indicator. With a yellow bloodworm pattern 3 feet below it. Other good catches from the boats included Peter Scholes and Bob Swan they found the best tactic was to fish buzzers and nymphs on midge tips and floaters static around willow island.  Mr Langstreth caught well today from the bank fishing cat whisker patterns, his best area being Hollins bay.
Tight Lines Tom

Stocks:Tuesday 26th April.

Date:    Tuesday 26th april.
Report Author:    Paul.
Notable Catch:    J Parkinson-5 fish Mr Webb-5fish K Morton-7 fish.
Best Bag:    3 fish weighing 7lb 8oz for K Finch.
Best Rainbow:    6lb for Steve Bland.
Best Brownie:    Several weighing 2lb 8oz.
Best Blue    3lb 8oz for Kieron Morton.
Bank Rod Av:    2.57 fish per angler.
Boat Rod Av:    2.66 fish per angler.
Sport: What a difference a day makes. The weather has been fantastic for quite a while now but what a change today, a cold easterly wind and a change in atmospherics made things a little trickier than of late but there were still reasonable catches made. Mr Webb fished off Bell point and landed 5 fine trout. He found the wind a challenge but was rewarded for his perseverance with the trout taking a liking for his black tadpole pattern. Kieron Morton also fished from the bank today and headed off towards the dam. Kieron fished with various booby patterns and caught a mixture of browns, rainbows and blues. On the boats both John Parkinson and Steve Bland landed 5 trout. Both anglers found boobys and wet flies effective with fish being caught in several areas. Talking to Steve this evening he said that this morning they had loads of pulls and lost a lot of fish, lots of action, then this afternoon less takes but a better hook up rate, a sure sign that the weather was having an effect on the fishing. See you on or near the water Paul.