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Stocks: Wednesday March 30th

Date:                            Wednesday March 30th
Report Author:         Ben
Notable Catch:         Paul Bebb, Bob Fitzpatrick, Gary Parle, Ray Mercer, David Manning and Mr D Coupe all caught into double figures
Heaviest Bag:            5 trout for 14lbs 10oz Chris Webster
Best Rainbow:          11lbs to Paul Bebb
Best Brownie:            3lbs 8oz Alan Curran
Best Blue:                   3lbs 8oz to Gary Parle
Bank Rod Av:           4.2 fish per angler.
Boat Rod Av:           11.1 fish per angler.
Sport: It was a great day to be on a boat. The northern end of the reservoir has continued to fish really well. There was a slight swing away from buzzers today towards diawl bachs, cormorants, damsels and boobies. The washing line rig produced some great catches as did damsels twiddled back slowly. On the shore Ray Mercer fished a black n green lure to great effect in Hollins Bay and he was only superseded by his fishing buddy Mr Coupe who had, like the boat anglers, discovered the diawl bach method fished on the washing line. Tight Lines Ben

Stocks:Tuesday 29th March

Date:    Tuesday 29th March.
Report Author:    Paul.
Notable Catch:    Steve Horrocks-11 fish Derek Moore-19 fish.
Heaviest Bag:    5 fish weighing 12lb for Gareth Jones.
Best Rainbow:    10lb 4oz for Phil Jones.
Best Brownie:    Several weighing 2lb.
Best Blue:    Several weighing 2lb.
Bank Rod Av:    3.66 fish per angler.
Boat Rod Av:    6.07 fish per angler.
Sport: After a cold drizzly start the day began to warm up and this afternoon the sun came out and we saw a nice spring evening. The rise in temperature saw lots of buzzers hatching and this in turn brought the trout on to the surface to feed, there were times this afternoon when the surface of the reservoir was alive with rising trout, great to see. From the bank Bell point was the popular spot with lots of anglers catching fish from this area. Ron Samual fished at Bell point and seeing all the surface activity tied on a daddy and promptly caught 4 fish on it! Another angler finding sport on Bell point was Alec Hitchen who caught his 5 fish on a variety of patterns with a super 5lb rainbow being his biggest fish. Out on a boat today were Steve Horrocks and Phil Jones who tempted a total of 15 trout to their boat and although Steve caught the most, Phil caught the biggest with a belting 10lb 4oz rainbow that along with all their other fish fell to the charms of a Dawson olive fished in the northern shallows. Also up the northern were Derek Moore and Rob Denson who landed a total of 27 trout. They caught their great catch from the northern shallows with washing lined diawl bachs on midge tip lines being the effective tactic. Another catch worth a mention was the 15 fish haul taken by Brian Adams and Ray Bentham who found buzzers fished at willow island effective, they said that they had lots of pulls and nips and the key to their success was to ignore the pulls and wait until the fish was properly hooked before lifting the rod. See you on the water Paul.

Stocks: Monday March 28th

Date:                               Monday March 28th
Report Author:              Ben
Notable Catch:              David Manning, Phil Morgan, Kevin Osborne, Neil Parkinson, Ian Greenwood, Mark Tyndall and Bill Orrell all caught into double figures
Heaviest Bag:                4 trout for 13lbs 8oz Anthony Dover
Best Rainbow:                11lbs David Manning
Best Brownie:                 2lbs for Phil Morgan, Graham Heart & Neil Parkinson
Best Blue:                        6lbs 2oz Phil Morgan
Bank Rod Av:                 5.9 fish per angler.
Boat Rod Av:                  8.1 fish per angler.
Sport: What a cracking day, David Manning anchored his boat in front of Willow Island and straight lined a team of buzzers on a floating line. David had the top catch today on just a half day ticket, his final tally was one that Kevin Pietersen would have been proud of. David used anorexic size 12 olive and tan buzzers, these skinny patterns really have caught him loads of fish this season and today his catch included a cracking Specimen rainbow of 11lbs. One trick that David uses is to constantly count his flies down before retrieving and if when pauses his retrieve. This way he is able recreate the same successful retrieves over and over again. Other good Catches came on buzzers today, Neil Parkinson and David Notman had a cracking days sport on Grindy’s Lawn as did Paul Williams. Their catches included rainbows, browns and blues the best of which weighed 5lbs. On the shore Graham Heart used buzzers to catch a mix of all three types of trout from David’s Drain on the East Bank. Phil and Stuart Morgan used green buzzers in Newclose Bay, they also caught a mix of rainbows, browns and blues and their best fish was blue of 6lbs 2oz. But it wasn’t all nymphing today. Ian Greenwood and Mark Tyndall both caught well into double figures on intermediate lines and small black lures. They found fish at Phil’s Flats, Gull Island and off Bell Point.
On the shore it was great to see the return of Bill Orrell and John Clegg. On Bill’s first outing he was back up to his old tricks taking the top score from the shore and John was not far behind him. They fished black tadpoles around the Bell Point area. It was also a black tadpole that tempted the best fish from the shore today. Richard Dove hooked into what he was certain to be a double figure rainbow. After a sluggish start the fish suddenly woke up and screamed off to parts unknown, it put up won heck of a fight, but that’s not surprising when you see the picture below……what a tail! Tight Lines Ben

Richard Dove caught this fin perfect 8lb rainbow from Two Trees in Hollins Bay

Stocks Report Sunday 27th March

Date: Sunday 27th March
Report Author: Tom
Notable Catch: 13 fish for Tony Taylor
Heaviest Bag: 16lb 6oz
Best Rainbow: 10lb 4oz for Tony Taylor
Best Brownie: N/A
Best Blue: N/A
Bank Rod Av: 3.02 fish per angler.
Boat Rod Av: 5.83 fish per angler.

Sport: A fantastic day here at Stocks, with warm sunny conditions, and fish rising all over the reservoir including in the main basin, which is very early in the season. There have been a number of good catches from the boats today, of which Tony Taylor was the best; Tony fished in front of Willow Island with his new size 12 slim black buzzers on the droppers and a very foam black buzzer on the point. As well as having 13 fish Tony also had a fantastic 10lb 4oz rainbow (picture to follow) which earns him a place in this year’s double club. Another notable catch out on the boats today was Derek Moore and Bob Fitzpatrick they had 15 to the boat Derek fished Diawl Bachs on a midge tip to get most of his fish while Bob had the majority of his on dries. Sir Bob Copper was also out on the boats to day with Ian Richie they also had a good days sport again with the majority coming to the Diawl Bachs on a midge tip. On the bank today things where little quieter anglers got fish in Hollins bay and round in Newclose fishing again Diawl Bachs and Dries. However most of the anglers today commented on the amount of fish that could be seen rising to emerging buzzer.

Tight lines Tom

Stocks Report Saturday 26th March

Date:    Saturday 25th March
Report Author:    Matthew
Notable Catch:    Peter Andrews and Stuart McKaki 20 plus fish nymphing in strong winds!
Heaviest Bag:    5 fish for 10lb 5oz Ian Gordon
Best Rainbow:    8lb 50z Steve Jennings
Best Brownie:    Several for 2lb +
Best Blue:    Peter Andrews 3lb
Bank Rod Av:    4.2 fish per angler.
Boat Rod Av:    5.0 fish per angler.
Sport:  A big change in conditions today would have made even the most die hard angler think twice about heading out! Strong north easterly winds have made the fishing challenging to say the least! That said it has still fished exceptionally well, numerous boats around the bottom of Gull Island this afternoon had many a bent rod between them! in fact in the flatter water I saw 3 fish rise! Peter Andrews and Stuart McKaki had a cracking day with 20 + fish in the boat all on the buzzers and the diawl bachs. With the strong wind Peter found it easier to control and fish the nymphs on a midge tip line. This helps a lot by presenting the flies just sub surface and still in the realm of the feeding trout.
Reservoir Guide Paul Bebb was out with Geff Eskdale they found the fish around willow Island. Paul was telling me the tactic was simple! Cats booby on the point 3 buzzers on the droppers, floating line throw it out and do nothing! Between them they had 14 fish with every other fish between 3 and 4lb!
Generally success has been spread between the nymph fishermen this morning and the guys fishing the lures in the afternoon. As I write this the wind is already dropping off and I’m guessing that will make for an even better day tomorrow!