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Saturday 30th October

Date:    Saturday 30th October
Report Author:    Pete
Best Catch:    4 Fish Darren Booth
Heaviest Bag:    N/a
Best Rainbow:    2lb 8oz Mark Wilson
Best Brownie:    N/a
Bank Rod Av:    3.5 fish per angler
Boat Rod Av:    1.2 fish per angler
Sport:  With the Rio 4’s in less than twenty four hours there were several anglers out practising today so tactics are a little sketchy but from the bank Mark Wilson was back on form after a long break. He took 7 fish from the jetty area with a black Minkie being his best Pattern. From the boats G-Tec angler Darren booth was on the water with Bob Fitzpatrick they finished the day with 7 fish with Darren just ahead with 4 fish. Darren commented on how spread out the fish were. Dont Forget from Monday 1st November we are open to fish with worm, spinner or bubble float and fly this is the first time we have done this so come and have a go for some of the hardest fighting in the country. See you out there Pete

Week ending Saturday 23rd October

Date:    Week ending 23rd October
Report Author:    Pete
Best Catch:    4 fish Chris Harrison
Sport:  With the cold weather definitely with us now the fish are tight in to the margins and chasing the minnows, so its time to get the Minkies and zonkers out. Chris Harrison had 4 fish from the bank taken on a black lure. From the boats top rod was John Hood who found Minkies cast right onto the bank and the drawn off to be the best method. There are fish still rising although they are not keen to take dries. But this does show that the trout are not too deep.
Only a week till we allow spinning and worm, should be an interesting month. I wonder if the worm and spinning will catch better than the fly only time will tell. See you in the lodge Pete

Stocks Report

Week ending Friday 15th October

It’s been an up and down week so far at Stocks with the fish now back in the margins.
Top patterns are certainly Orange lures and Damsel variants.  From the shore the fishing has been most productive from Bell Point and along Hartley’s. From the boats Frank Hartley found three good blues around Gull Island earlier this week and I am sure with the near full level those fish will be in amongst those willows.
We stocked another 200 blue trout last night and another 100 or so rainbows, and as regulars will know this can often stir up the resident fish. The fishing has not been easy this week but the weather is a lot more settled as of this afternoon and I am sure we should have some good catches this weekend. If you are fishing from the boat take advantage of the light wind and let your boat drift the margins, try some fry imitations on slow sinking lines and play around with the retrieve. Orange, silver, black and yellow.
From the shore line try not to wade too far out, in fact take a step back and take a more stealthy approach and fish the margins again with fry patterns or even a team of nymphs. I know for a fact that the fish will be close in and it doesn’t take much to spook them and push them out
Tight lines Matthew.

Bank House: Open and fishing well

Date:    Tuesday 12th & Wednesday 13th of October
Best Catch:    17 trout for Mr A Kenway
Best Rainbow:    10lbs 3oz Mark Abram
Best Brown:    10lbs Mr D Harper
Best Blue:    3lbs 8oz Mr L Dugdale
Rod Average:    4.1 fish per man
Sport: Bank House is finally back up and running. We have made one or two changes; a couple of the pools are a lot larger now as we have removed parts of the islands. All of the shallow areas have been made deeper and silt has been removed from all over. The lake is currently fishing really well, so far it has mainly been lures that are doing the trick Phil Bisgrove took 15 trout most of which fell to an orange fritz fished on a floating line. He was only topped by Mr Kenway who netted another two to give him a tally of 17. He too was using an orange lure. An orange dog nobbler caught Mark Abram the bag of life time; he had two rainbows of just over 10lbs and two blue trout that lifted his bag of four to 25lbs 12oz! (pictured below) He caught 3 more cracking blues that were safely returned, lost another specimen and got smashed up by something really big! Other good catches came to cat’s whiskers and blobs. We will continue to stock daily to keep up the good sport. Tight Lines Ben

Mark Abram with his 25lb 12oz bag of 4. He caught these two cracking rainbows and two blues on an orange nobbler.

Mark Abram with his 25lb 12oz bag of 4. He caught these two cracking rainbows and two blues on an orange nobbler.

Bankhouse Update


The work at Bankhouse is now almost at an end and the lake will be fully open on Tuesday 12th October  with a full stocking of rainbows and blues with plenty of specimen double figure fish to put a bend in your rod bookings are now being taken for the opening day so call 01524 770412 to book your place