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Stocks: Saturday 18th September

Date:    Saturday 18th September
Report Author:    Pete
Best Catch:    7 fish by Richard Hood
Heaviest Bag:    13lb 6oz Richard Hood
Best Rainbow:    4lb Chris Harrison
Best Brownie:    2lb 8oz Gary young
Bank Rod Av:    2.57 trout per angler
Boat Rod Av:    2.15 trout per angler
Sport:  Today we hosted the 2010 Northern Boatmasters competition. 22 anglers took to the water and regular Paul Davison was straight into fish from the off taking 3 in his first drift, tactics are a little sketchy with the pairs final just 24hrs away. As the day progressed the fishing seemed to improve slightly and when all the competitors weighed in the standings were as follows
1st Richard Hood     7 fish weighing   13lb 6oz
2nd Paul Davison     6 fish weighing    11lb 4oz
3rd Rick Nuttall       4 fish weighing   8lb 7oz
4th John Hood         4 fish weighing    8lb
There was also a prize for the biggest fish this went to Andy Cooper with a rainbow weighing 3lb 9oz.The majority of the anglers were cagey with tactics but those that were prepared to talk used a variety tactics from floating lines with trad wets to boobies on sinking lines.
On the bank the fishing was a little better with Bell Point featuring for most anglers. Regular Chris Harrison took 5 fine fish from the Point with a mixture of Montanas and Black Blobs. Also on Bell Point was Terry Farrell who had 5 trout this time on an Olive Bumble.
With the water rising the fish are tight in the margins and feeding on all the insects trapped in the new growth on the banks so try to resist wading and use a stealthy approachuntil you have fished all the water at the edge. See you in the lodge Pete.

Stocks:Thursday 16th September.

Date:    Thursday 16th September.
Report Author:    Paul.
Best Catch:    12  fish for Jim Pickford.
Heaviest Bag:    Na.
Best Rainbow:    Several weighing 3lb 8oz.
Best Brownie:    4lb for Jim Pickford.
Bank Rod Av:    Na.
Boat Rod Av:    6.00 fish per angler.
Sport:  Much better conditions for fishing today now that the wind has dropped, we even saw the sunshine this afternoon. The best catch today went to boat anglers Jim Pickford and Ray Sanders who caught a total of 22 trout between them. They found fish in all areas with various lures on sinking lines being responsible for the majority of their catch. Ben made a big stocking this afternoon and as well as browns and rainbows some stunning looking blue trout. These blue trout are a lovely looking fish, very silver with that distinctive blue back, and when hooked often leap right out of the water, indeed sometimes when one of these fit fish are hooked they spend more time leaping out of the water than they do in it! Great sporting fish. See you on the water Paul.

Stocks: Sunday 12th September

Date:                                Sunday 12th September
Report Author:             Ben
Best Catch:                      7 fish for John Tennant
Heaviest Bag:                 4 fish for 13lbs Peter Langham
Best Rainbow:                6lbs 2oz Gary Minshall
Best Brownie:                 3lbs Des Ashcroft
Bank Rod Av:                 4.33
Boat Rod Av:                  4.00
Sport: The conditions were much nicer today although it did get a bit too bright in the afternoon and the wind picked up from the south. However we still saw some great catches. John and Robert Tennant worked their way back along the shore from Newclose Bay. They started out on the washing line with a F.A.B on the point and buzzers on the droppers. They got loads of takes but couldn’t make them stick so John changed tactics to a yellow dancer on the point with montanas on the droppers and this immediately produced a trout to the net. They fished this way back round into Hollins Bay with a floating line, a steady figure of eight/ twitchy retrieve. They caught 13 trout and had many nips, pulls and follows. We didn’t have many returns handed in from the boats today but of those that were handed in the top rods were Steve Ainsworth and Pete Navin who tempted a total of twelve trout to the net. They too had loads of follows and tweaks and found the trout keen in most places they stopped to fish. They caught best on twiddled nymphs and tweaked wets. Tight Lines Ben

Stocks report: Friday 10th and Saturday 11th September

Date:    Friday 10th  and Saturday the 11th September
Report Author:    Matthew
Best Catch:    9 fish for Paul Bebb
Heaviest Bag:    2 fish for 5lb 1oz Chris Cornell
Best Rainbow:    Donald Ashworth 3lb 4oz
Best Brownie:    Several at 2lb
Bank Rod Av:    4.00 ( Friday)  5.20 (Saturday)
Boat Rod Av:    2.75 (Friday) 2.50 Saturday)
Sport:  Wet and windy conditions for Friday made the fishing a real test with the guys on the bank doing the best overall. Donald Ashworth had 7 fish from Bell Point with Black Tadpoles doing the trick. Michael Huddleston had 4 on a short half day session; Michael found the fish keen to take the Bibio a fly that has been amongst the most successful of late.
Paul was on the water with Gary Lloyd and between them they had 11 fish, all the fish fell for red holographic Diawl bachs fished on the washing line. Top spots for Friday seemed to be Bell point and New close bay.
Saturday has been even more un settled with heavy rain throughout the day, incidentally all that rain has lifted the reservoir quite a lot with the fish concentrating round the margins. Paul was out again today this time with Tracey and John Watson. Similar methods brought 10 fine fish to the boat all on a half day session!!
From the shore the wandering bank angler found fish with dries and nyphs doing the trick. Dennis Doogan had 10 fish to the net and almost a specimen brown that threw the hook some 15 minutes into the fight! Dennis did however net a super brownie of 3lb along with a cracking rainbow nudging 4lb. Dennis found that Gosling’s fished slow on a floater did the trick.
Let’s hope the good sport continues.
Tight lines Matthew.

Pictured below are John and Tracey Watson with a fine 10 fish bag for 20 lb


Stocks:Thursday 9th September.

Date:    Thursday 9th September.
Report Author:    Paul.
Best Catch:    23 fish for Tony Dryden.
Heaviest Bag:    2 fish weighing 5lb 8oz for Alan Collier..
Best Rainbow:    Over 10lb for Tony Dryden.
Best Brownie:    Several weighing 2lb.
Bank Rod Av:    2.16 fish per angler.
Boat Rod Av:    5.00 fish per angler.
Sport: As yesterday, after a dull start it got brighter as the day went on but today we had a brisk wind that increased as the afternoon went on. The best catch from the bank went to Gerry Brewer who caught 7 good trout. Gerry fished a short half day session on Bell point and had a lot of action with several fish lost and lots of other takes. Other bank anglers also found fish around this area. On the boats the best catch went to Tony Dryden who fished round in Newclose bay and caught a total of 23 trout. Tony found his best pattern to be black spiders and palmers fished steadily on a floating line and included in his catch was a super stocks double which was estimated to weigh well over 10 lb before being carefully returned. Also enjoying good boat sport today was Tom Bird and Richard Hood who caught 11 trout between them. They found fish all over the reservoir and caught fish on a variety of methods with washing lined buzzers and dry flies being particularly effective. See you on the water Paul.