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Wednesday 29th August

For those of you have haven’t payed a visit to Stocks in last day or two you will be in for a real treat as we are only some six feet away from being  full again! This is a really nice height as the reservoir looks beautiful and the fish are back feeding over freshly flooded ground.
And just to make things even more interesting we released some cracking blue trout into the reservoir (see the pictures below). These fish tend to feed high in the water and they are more aggressive than a standard rainbow trout and this in turn this makes them willing to chase patterns right across the surface.  If you hook one of these fish you will know about it as pound for pound they fight like still water barracudas!!
Flies of choice at the moment will most certainly be Muddler and Minkie variants; however don’t rule out the washing line method with maybe some little claret hoppers. In previous years those little hoppers have been responsible for some bumper catches.
As you may be aware we have been draining and cleaning out silt from Bank House. The work is going well and the fishery is hoping to be fully stocked and back in business by this time next week. (Best to phone before travelling)
Tight lines Matthew.




Stocks: Friday 24th- Sunday 26th September

Date:    25-27th September
Report Author:    Pete
Best Catch:    6 fish Danny O’hara
Heaviest Bag:    5 fish weighing 12lb Danny O’hara
Best Rainbow:    3lb Graeme Warburton
Best Brownie:    3lb 8oz Mick Ashcroft
Bank Rod Av:
Boat Rod Av:
Sport:  With a constant Northerly wind over the weekend the fishing has been a little bit challenging but those that persevered reaped the results. Guide Paul Bebb was on the water on Saturday with Danny O’hara and Joe Brooksbank, They found the newly flooded land around Willow Island full of fish and ended the day with 8 fish. The washing line method featured best with Diawl Bachs and the Cats Booby  doing the trick Also on the boats Duncan Watson was out with his dad Richard on Sunday they found Black and green lures fished on a fast sinking line their best method and again Willow Island the place to be. They finished the day with 7 fish to the boat including a stunning little wild brownie that was released to fight another day. From the bank Mick Ashcroft had 5 trout from Bell point on a half day session, Mick took all his fish on Buzzers and commented on the fact the fish were constantly nipping at his flies. Also on the bank Ian little had 4 fine trout on an olive fritz pattern again from Bell point. So a couple of different methods are working indeed if the wind drops there are fish rising and keen to take dries. With the large areas of freshly flooded bank the fish are tight to the bank in fact as Paul would say if they were any tighter they would be rabbits. So maybe a stealthy approach and don’t be too eager to wade is the way forward. Just a quick note to congratulate stocks regulars John Calvert, Carl Nixon, |Fred Baindridge  and Keith Macadam on making it into the England team at the weekend great angling lads and good luck at next years international. See you in the lodge Pete.

Stocks:Thursday 23rd September.

Date:    Thursday 23rd September.
Report Author:    Paul.
Best Catch:    8 fish for Richard Hood.
Heaviest Bag:    Na.
Best Rainbow:    Several weighing 3lb.
Best Brownie:    3lb for Bill Orrell.
Bank Rod Av:    2.5 fish per angler.
Boat Rod Av:    2.6 fish per angler.
Sport:  The weather was not bad here today and although we had the odd shower for the most part the sun was out and it felt very pleasant indeed. The best catch today went to boat angler Richard Hood who landed 8 trout in a short session. Richard found newly flooded ground holding lots of fish and found a couple of methods effective dependant on weather conditions. When it was raining and no fish were moving Richard found boobys fished on a slow sinking line worked well and when the wind dropped and fish started to move a switch to dry flies ensured he continued to catch. When the wind dropped today or the rain subsided there were fish rising all over the reservoir, great to see, but if the wind picked up or it started to rain they would stop moving, just goes to show how the trouts habits change with the conditions. See you on the water Paul.



This is to notify all friends of bank house that the fishery will be closed until the 2nd October due to the lake being drained to remove silt and to replace walkways. During this time there will also be re-positioning of the islands and re-landscaping. The fishery will re-open on the 2nd of October and will be fully restocked with fresh Rainbows, Blues and browns, with plenty of big fish for those specimen hunters among you. We look forward to seeing you all there on the 2nd for the reopening
Regards Ben and Charlotte

Stocks: Sunday September 19th

Date:                                           Sunday September 19th
Best Catch:                               8 trout
Best Rainbow:                        3lbs 10oz Mark Tyndall/ Ian Greenwood
Best Brown:                            4lbs 4oz Chris Tuck
Best Blue:                                Several around 2lbs 8oz
Rod Average:                        2.4 fish per man
Sport: Today we hosted the Grand Final of The 2010 Stocks Pairs and we couldn’t have picked a wetter one! It was tipping it down from the moment I arrived at the fishery at 7am til the moment I left at 10pm! 40 anglers making 20 pairs had qualified for the final and they all took to the water to try and catch 10 trout for the scales and become the 2010 Champion Pair. The winners today received £1000 in cash, £500 was awarded for second place, a pair of SONIK SK4 10” 6/7# fly rods for 3rd, a pair of GRXi+ Reels for 4th, a pair of Greys Apollo Fleeces for 5th and a pair of Automatic Life Jackets for 6th place. If this wasn’t enough the captor of the biggest fish received a Wychwood cassette reel. So it was definitely worth putting up with the far from perfect conditions. Whilst the anglers were out on the water the level rose by about 2 feet this meant that along the shallow margins the water’s edge moved by about 15 feet. The whole lake had a narrow fringe of cloudy water where the run off was carrying debris into the reservoir. Although a huge influx of fresh water like this can disrupt the trout’s normal feeding behaviour and can indeed knock them off feeding all together, on this occasion some of the trout were quick to take advantage of this new food source quickly developing around the margins. As foodstuffs were washed in with the rain fish gathered tightly along the shorelines and by the afternoon they were frequenting water that had been dry land in the morning. Some of the competitors picked up on this phenomenon and started to build good bags of fish and no one more so than John Calvert and Mike Laycock. After a quiet morning with no fish in the boat they discovered a number of trout lying next to bank along the Alders and Ten Acre Foot. Mike was fishing bank side and his small black double fished on a fast glass line started to pull fish after fish from the shallows. John was getting far less action fishing further out and working the engine. At one point he seriously considered stopping fishing to concentrate on keeping the boat hugging the shoreline and Mike on the fish. Their strategy paid off handsomely and at 5:35pm they were the first and only pair to complete a 10 fish bag. Good Angling. John and Mick were crowned the 2010 Pairs Champions. They were taken right to the wire by three other pairs who were all fishing for their 10th and final fish but all three were eventually beaten by the clock. Steve Bland and Steve Lind had found fish around Bell Point and along Ben’s Beach, they too fished fast glass lines but this time it was black and gold lures and blobs that did the damage to earn them £500 and 2nd place. Round in Newclose Bay Gary Allen and John Sykes had got off to a flying start with 7 in the boat by lunchtime. However, they could only add another two in the afternoon so the early leaders took 3rd position. Gary and John fished black and green lures on sink tip lines and caught most of their fish on the hang. Back along the west bank in Hollins Bay Paul Davison and Steve Smalley were the third pair with 9 trout. They too used mini lure on fast glass lines, but were beaten into 4th place by the weight of their fish. In 5th place were Mark Tyndall and Ian Greenwood who took 7 trout from the Saddle and The Northern Shallows, frustratingly they lost a lot of trout on the way into the net . In 6th place taking the last of the prize positions were Jim and Chris Tuck and a 4lb 4oz brownie was enough to earn Chris the Wychwood Reel and to see off Steve Ainsworth and Pete Navin who had one more fish. Although the conditions were enough to test the very best of the array of waterproof clothing on display it did little to dampen a great match. (See photo of all the prize winners below.) Well done to all anglers who qualified for the Stocks Pairs Final. We will definitely being holding this competition next season so look out for the dates. We will publish then on the competition page.
As well as the Stocks Pairs today it was great to welcome Duncan Hesketh’s family to the fishery present the winner of the Duncan Hesketh Trophy for to the captor of the best brownie of the 2009 season. Duncan very generously donated this trophy and the £100 prize before he passed away. We are very happy that his family are keen continue this award in his honour he was a true gent and as great fly fisherman. The deserved winner was Chipping’s Bill Orrell. Last year Bill caught seven Stocks doubles and many more over 5lbs but amazingly he caught the season’s biggest rainbow and the season’s biggest brown. He fished in the doubles club fish off at the end of the season and won it; yes you’ve guessed it, with a big fish. Historically it was the third time he won the doubles club fish off, the second time he’s won the Duncan Hesketh Trophy. In total he’s caught 37 double figure trout over six seasons. Bill’s favoured hunting ground is between Granger Point and Davy Jones, where he moves between all the spots that have produced for him in the past. His favoured method is a floating a 15ft leader and a home tied black tadpole variant he’s named the Cyril
Tight Lines Ben