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Stocks:Thursday 22nd July.

Date:    Thursday 22nd July.
Report Author:    Paul.
Best Catch:    Several anglers caught 3 fish.
Heaviest Bag:    2 fish weighing 5lb 8oz.
Best Rainbow:    Several weighing 3lb.
Best Brownie:    Several weighing 2lb 8oz.
Bank Rod Av:    2.20 trout per angler.
Boat Rod Av:
Sport:  Today the bank anglers had the best sport, after the rain over the last week it seems that the trout have headed straight for the margins. It is amazing how close to the shore the trout will lie and in such shallow water, bank anglers can take advantage when this happens by casting along the bank instead of straight out in front of them and the boat anglers can cast right into the bank, i kid you not when i say you can cast your point fly onto the bank and catch a trout on your middle dropper!  Ben made a big stocking this afternoon with his usual superb quality trout. As well as the usual 3-4lb fish there were also some giants released, watch this space! See you on the water Paul.

Stocks report: Wednesday 21st July

Stocks is looking real good for the weekend! The water has raised a huge amount; this in turn should see the fish back in the margins feeding over the freshly flooding ground.  All over the reservoir there are gully’s and trenches were water has been rushing in and over the next few days these will be key features holding many feeding trout.  The wet weather has also seen many insects coming out after the down poor with daddy’s and beetles surely on the trout’s menu.
From the shore New close bay along with Ben’s beach should be a good bet. The boats should find plenty of action drifting the margins right the way along the east bank and indeed around Gull Island.
Top patterns are sure to be the daddy long legs right off the surface or even a team of buzzers fished in the margins on the washing line method, maybe a cat’s booby on the point.
The weather is looking a lot more palatable for the weekend with some excellent fishing conditions forecast.
Also Ben will be stocking some cracking trout for the weekend that should in turn stir up the more resident fish.
It should be a good weekend!!
Tight lines Matthew.
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Saturday 17th July

Date:    Saturday 17th July
Report Author:    Pete
Best Catch:    8 trout by Darren Booth
Heaviest Bag:    4 fish weighing 9lb 13oz by Darren Booth
Best Rainbow:    3lb 1oz by Darren Booth and Chris Guthrie
Best Brownie:    3lb 10oz by Mark Tyndall
Bank Rod Av:    2 fish per angler
Boat Rod Av:    2 fish per angler
Sport: Today saw the last of the four days of the Lexus Open European Fly Fishing competition and the second day for the team event. This saw 7 teams taking to the water with three qualifying spots up for grabs in the international final. With strong gusting winds again today the fishing was going to be a little tricky. at the end of the day the top individual was Greys Team Stocks angler Darren Booth with 8 fish Darren fished a four fly setup with a cats booby on the top dropper followed by two dabblers and a mini Dennis the Menace booby on the point. Darren reckoned the key to his success today was to never repeat a drift he caught a fish on and to rest for about 45mins before drifting it again.
The biggest fish of the day went to Stocks Hawks angler Mark Tyndall which wins him a pair of Maui Jims Sunglasses, Mark landed a stunning 3lb 10oz brownie from Newclose bay on a cat booby. the results for the teams are below
Total          Total
Fish           Weight

1st     Greys team stocks       20           41lb 10oz
2nd    Stocks Harriers            14           27lb 5oz
3rd    Peregrines                    13           24lb 11oz
4th    Stocks Hawks              11           24lb 1oz
5th    The Weasels                12           22lb 2oz
6th    Chatton trout fishers    10           21lb 7oz
7th    The Top Droppers        3             7lb 3oz

Well done to the top three teams for qualifying and to the rest of the field for a great performance on what was a testing day. See you in the lodge Pete.

Stocks report: Friday 16th July

Date:    Friday 15th July
Report Author:    Matthew
Best Catch:    6 fish for Steve Smalley and Mark Howard
Heaviest Bag:    6  fish weighing 8lb 11oz
Best Rainbow:    6lb 12oz Paul Davison
Best Blue    3lb 5oz Ryan Feber
Bank Rod Av:    1.5 trout per angler
Boat Rod Av:    2.43 trout per angler
Sport: Today we hosted the first heat of the Lexus 6 man team events. Conditions started out tricky with the first couple of drifts often bringing the bulk of the days catch.
The results are as follows:-

1st Place The Ospreys with 26 fish

2nd place Stocks Barracudas with 18 fish

3rd place Stocks Falcons with 13 fish.

The top two teams qualify for the final on Rutland in September so the best of Luck to those.

Tactics remain dries early on with traditional wets and lures coming into their own during the afternoon. The heavy rain has coloured the water slightly and that should start to settle for the weekend.
Tight Lines Matthew.