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Stocks Report: Friday 30th July

Date:    Friday 30th July
Report Author:    Matthew
Best Catch:    12 fish for Andy Hulls
Heaviest Bag:    Anton Gysbers 2 fish for 4lb 10oz
Best Rainbow:    Andy Hulls 3lb
Best Brownie:    Andy Hulls 2lb 8oz
Bank Rod Av:    3.4 fish per angler
Boat Rod Av:    2.7 fish per angler
Sport:  Although the weather has been pretty lousy today the fishing has not been bad at all! Bill Orrell wandered the shore from the jetty down to Barn Quarry and landed 8 good fish with the majority falling to his own black tadpole pattern.
Regular Anton Gysbers had some good sport early on with 4 fish coming to black mini lures and Diawl bachs. Anton fished the quarry corner with a floating line and slow retrieve.  Brothers Dave and Alec Hitchin had a short session with 7 fish between them Bell Point. Once again it seemed the fish were keen to snap up black lures with nomads been there top pattern.
From the boats its been one of those frustrating days for most with numerous dropped fish and plucky takes all day long! Andy Hulls however managed to keep hold of 12 fish! Andy fished a mini cat’s booby on a midge tip line with Barnes Quarry and Newclose Bay being the top spots. Andy’s boat partner Ray had too much cider last night and subsiquecially felt terrible all day and scared all the fish away from his end of the boat!
With temperatures creeping up slowly and just light rain forecast for the weekend there should be some good sport had.
Tight lines Matthew.

Stocks:thursday 29th july

Date:    Thursday 29th July.
Report Author:    Paul.
Best Catch:    Several anglers landed 5 fish.
Heaviest Bag:    4 fish weighing 8lb for Barry Foster.
Best Rainbow:    Several weighing 3lb.
Best Brownie:    3lb for Neville Pinheiro.
Bank Rod Av:    2.00 fish per angler.
Boat Rod Av:    3.80 fish per angler.
Sport:  It was a reasonable day weather wise here at stocks and there were plenty of trout caught with almost all anglers landing fish. As well as those trout caught anglers told me of missed takes and dropped fish, if these fish had stuck there would have been some great catches made, one of these days we are going to see some super catches. A variety of methods have worked well today including dry flies such as daddys, bibio hopper and black bits with these 3 surface patterns drawing a lot of attention from the trout. Subsurface favourites have included various lures in olive and cats whisker and buzzers with black and red being the best colour. When fishing subsurface patterns try not to strike into a take, try to ignore it and carry on your retrieve until the fish is very obviously hooked then a simple lift will see you attached to your fish, this is not as easy as it may sound  but give it a try, some of those pulls and nips that anglers are experiencing will be converted to trout in the net. Ben has just made another stocking of quality trout including some lovely looking brownies. I am out on the water tomorrow and cant wait to get amongst them! See you on the water Paul.

Stocks report: Wednesday 28th July

Date:    Wednesday 28th July
Report Author:    Matthew
Best Catch:    6 fish for David Watson
Heaviest Bag:    12lb 4 oz David McCabe
Best Rainbow:    Several for 3lb
Best Brownie:    2lb 4oz David Watson
Bank Rod Av:    2.5
Boat Rod Av:    2.0
Sport:  Well the reservoir certainly seems to be settling down now after the influx of water.  A drift down the middle of the reservoir is still a good bet with daddy long legs and hopper’s doing the trick.
David and Joan were on the water with Pete, between them they managed 8 good fish up to 4lb. All the fish came early on with the Dam and Grindy’s lawn producing the goods.
Paul had a cracking day too with Rob and Will Shelton. Although only 4 fish came to the net a total of 12 were hooked and played before loosing grip.
The weather seems key to how well it’s fishing at the moment and the forecast looks promising indeed.  Ben is doing a double stocking this week with hundreds of quality browns blues and rainbows.
Tight lines Matthew.

Stocks: sunday 25th July

Date:    Sunday 25th July
Report Author:    Pete
Best Catch:    9 fish for Lee Cowking
Heaviest Bag:    5 fish weighing 10lb 40z by Peter Kasminski
Best Rainbow:    3lb 8oz by Ian Shaw
Best Brownie:    Several at 2lb
Bank Rod Av:    2.25 trout per angler
Boat Rod Av:    2.93 trout per angler
Sport: It looks like the fish are definitely back on the feed with several good returns today. Peter Kasminski led the way on the bank with 7 fish and a 5 fish limit of 10lb 4oz. peter found all his fish on Bell Point and used a black Booby to tempt the majority of them. Also on the bank was Ian Shaw who tempted 5 fish including a stunning 3lb 8oz rainbow from Hollins bay, again the Booby did the trick but this time it was the cat booby.  Out on the boats the fishing was a little better with several anglers with good catches. Paul Banister came up far and an afternoon session and had 5 fish all on dries from the east bank and Newclose bay with a Wickhams fancy fished dry as his top pattern. Top Honours though go to Lee Cowking who struggled this morning but was really on fire this afternoon landing 9 fish in a but a couple of hours all his fish came from the east bank and the majority were taken on a UV  Straggle Cat. Lee commented that the fish all seemed to be at the end of calm lanes and were popping their heads up everywhere. This definitely bodes well for the following days. See you in the lodge Pete.

Stocks: Saturday 24th July

Date:    Saturday 24th July
Report Author:    Pete
Best Catch:    5 fish for  Stuart McCaughey and Steve Bland
Heaviest Bag:    3 fish for 7lb 8oz by Pete Williams
Best Rainbow:    3lb 8oz by Ray Whittle
Best Brownie:    2lb 8oz by Harry Smith
Bank Rod Av:    1.00 fish per angler
Boat Rod Av:    3.14 fish per angler
Sport: The Fish are starting to come back on the feed after the torrential rain earlier in the week. The day started tricky but improved as it progressed. The bank was a little quieter though with top rod going to Harry Smith and Dennis Duggan both with 2 fish. Dennis took both his fish with dries from Grindys Lawn. On the boats things are definitely on the up with Lee Cowking taking 4 fish by mimicking the same method Darren Booth used last week. Namely a booby on the point followed by two Dabblers and another booby on the top dropper, Lee commented on the fact that he had countless follows and bow waves after the flies that just came short. Top Honours on the boats today though are shared between Steve Bland and Stuart McCaughey. Steve started out the day pulling blobs but changed over to dries to finish the day with 5. The story was very similar for Stuart. With more settled weather on the way the fishing will improve day by day. See you in the lodge Pete.