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Stocks: Monday May 31st

Date:                             Monday May 31st
Report Author:               Ben
Best Catch:                        14 trout for Andy Cooper and for Phil Green
Heaviest Bag:                   5 fish weighing 14lbs 8oz Andy Harrison
Best Rainbow:                  9lbs for John Sykes
Best Brownie:                   10lbs 10oz Phil Green
Bank Rod Av:                   2.7 trout per angler
Boat Rod Av:                   4.7 trout per angler
Sport: It was a cracking day to fish on Stocks. The skies were largely overcast and the easterly wind never got up too much to cause a problem. There were great catches from all over the reservoir; the fish were high in the water and feeding on small black buzzers. The best catch went to Andy Cooper and Phil Green who got off to a flying start this morning when the breeze was from a more northerly direction. They took one long drift from curry’s cast right down the East Bank to Halstead’s Hike. Over the course of this drift they landed a staggering 21 trout. They fished ghost tip floaters with a damsel on the point and a blob on the top dropper. The trick was to roly-poly the flies just under the surface. Their catch included six brownies the best weighing 10lbs 10oz, five Blues to 3lbs and 10 rainbows to 4lbs. When they tried to repeat the drift the wind had swung around to the east and pushed them away from the shore. They still managed to finish the day with 28 trout. Over by Gull Island John Sykes was also enjoying good sport. John used a Montana nymph to tempt 11 trout the best was a rainbow that tipped the scales to 9lbs (pictured below). John said that there was a lot of fish in this area.
On the bank George Richardson was top rod with 9 fine rainbows and browns. John caught all of these on a half day ticket. He used a very skinny black taddy on the point and small black buzzers on the droppers. He fished them on a floating line by Two Trees and I can say that the buzzers out fished the taddy two to one. We had lots of other good catches today on dries. Steve Band, to name one, drifted across the main basin to tempt nine solid hook ups and lots of other splashy takes that didn’t connect. Tight Lines Ben

John Sykes with a cracking 9lb Stocks Rainbow

John Sykes with a cracking 9lb Stocks Rainbow

Stocks: Sunday May 30th

Date:                             Sunday May 30th
Report Author:                  Ben
Best Catch:                           7 trout for Nigel Blackley
Heaviest Bag:                      5 fish weighing 11lbs Nigel Blakely
Best Rainbow:                     Several at 3lbs
Best Brownie:                      Several at 2lbs
Bank Rod Av:                      3.5 trout per angler
Boat Rod Av:                       3.0 trout per angler
Sport: It was surprisingly quiet on Stocks today as Bank House was busy. I think everyone was trying to escape the stiff southerly wind! Apart from Nigel Blakely, all the anglers that had the best catches today didn’t hand their returns so their catches have not been included in the rod average. I do know that two anglers fishing in Newclose used slow sinkers to retrieve boobies and they had caught 12 trout by lunchtime but I am afraid that is all I tell you. Nigel fished from bell point with olive and orange gold headed lures to tempt his 7 trout. He too used an SSI line with a slow retrieve. He started out getting lots of nips and pulls but couldn’t convert them into fish. He suspected they were biting at the long marabou tail so he shortened it and sure enough trout started to take hold. Good angling.
The Dam area and Newclose Bay are still fishing well and I stocked Hollins Bay this morning with some fine trout so I am sure that whole area will fish well tomorrow. The wind has dropped off already so the conditions are looking much better for the morning. Tight Lines Ben

Stocks: Saturday 29th May

Best Catch:    15 fish by Paul Bebb
Heaviest Bag:     5 fish weighing 12lb by Stuart Morgan
Best Rainbow:    7lb by Neil Smith
Best Brownie:    3lb Stuart Morgan
Bank Rod Av:    3.57 trout per angler
Boat Rod Av:    4.00 trout per angler
Sport: Today was wet but mild with only a light breeze and this meant the fish were on the feed. Stocks Guide Paul Bebb was on the water with Stuart Morgan and they had a bumper session with 20 fish to the boat. They found the fish keen to chase black boobies on slow sinking lines with Blackhouse Bay and the Buoy line being their top areas. Also on the boats Paul Taylor had a Hectic half days fishing with 5 cracking trout from the dam and spillway. The biggest fish of the day also came from the boats with Neil Smith catching and releasing a stunning 7lb rainbow which stripped him down to the backing on 3 occasions. On the bank Mr Whittle lead the way with 8 trout including a brown of 4lb and a rainbow of 5lb he found a white fritz lure to be his top pattern and Hartleys and Bell Point to be his best areas. Also on the bank regular Peter Atkinson had 4 fish, 3 of which were brownies all on a bibio. And just to prove the old patterns can still work Geoff Casson had 3 fish all of which fell to a classic the Ace Of Spades. With a drier, warmer day tomorrow the fishing should be better than ever. See you in the lodge Pete

Stocks: Friday 28th May

Today we hosted tha Airflo Classic bank match and with the chance of a Full England cap up for grabs the competition was fierce

3x Teams + 9 Individuals fished today in very tough conditions.
Hot sunshine with strong winds made for a grewler of a match.

Jamie Hogg took top Individual spot securing his place in the final at Elinor along with Pete  Scholes in second.


1st. Jamie Hogg.
2nd. Peter Scholes.
3rd. John Hood.
4th. Gary Hyde.

3rd + 4th place finishers will need to wait untill all qualifiers are complete to find out if they’ve made it through.

Team results.

Only first place will be Going through to the final.

1st. The three Amigo’s.
Sam Baylie. Jamie Hogg. Peter Scholes.

2nd. Rainbow Warriors.

John Hood, Mark Tyndall,Phil Burgess

3rd. Prince Albert Falcons.{ fished a man down }.

Graham Kennely and Terry Phillips

Thursday 27th May.


Thursday 27th May.

Report Author:


Best Catch:

Several anglers landed 15 fish.

Heaviest Bag:

2 fish weighing 5lb for Andy Pollard.

Best Rainbow:

10lb for Andy Pollard

Best Brownie:

Several weighing 2lb 8oz.

Bank Rod Av:

3.00 trout per angler.

Boat Rod Av:

9.91 trout per angler.

Sport: We have had changeable weather here today, it has been mostly dry and sunny but we did see the odd shower this morning, the strengthening wind has been blowing from the south. There were some good catches made and some super trout caught with plenty of rainbows weighing in at the 4lb mark but the biggest was caught by Andy Pollard who tempted a Stocks double with a super 10lb plus fish. Andys huge trout along with several others was caught from Hollins bay and fell for a booby. There were some great catches from the boats today with a lot of trout being caught from the east side of the reservoir including the Alders, Blackhouse bay and ten acre foot. Richard Hood and Tom Bird landed a total of 20 trout between them. They found several areas along the east bank productive and caught their fish on a variety of patterns including blobs pulled fast and nymphs fished almost static. Mike Brown and Matt Eastham caught 15 fish in their boat. Matt and Mike found fish in a good few areas but found Newclose bay to be their best spot, with dabbler patterns attracting their trout. Rob Denson and Colin Riach both landed 15 trout each as did Alex? and Stuart? with various dabbler and wet patterns accounting for the majority of their fish. There were other fantastic catches made from the boats, too many to mention, as you can see sport was brilliant today. See you on the water Paul.