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Stocks:Sunday 21st June

Date:    Sunday 21st June.
Report Author:    Paul.
Best Catch:    13 fish for Bob Fitzpatrick.
Heaviest Bag:    5 fish weighing 14lb 4oz for Mr Niel.
Best Rainbow:    5lb for Mr Dryden.
Best Brownie:    Several weighing 3lb.
Best Blue:    4lb.
Bank Rod Av:     2.07 fish per angler.
Boat Rod Av:    3.50  fish per angler.
Sport: Today we saw light winds and warm temperatures and although the sun tried to break through it never really managed. There were some reasonable catches made today with the boats having the best luck. Quite a few anglers caught 5 fish but by far the best catch went to Bob Fitzpatrick and Steve Bland who landed a total of 22 fish in their boat. They fished right down the middle of the reservoir to catch their fish with a variety of dry flies being the most successful patterns. Although Bob and Steve landed a good number of fish they also said that they lost a lot and had countless other offers, they had a hectic day. Other effective patterns today included damsel, diawl bach and cats whisker and with the fish so well spread out you could do worse than try a drift right down the middle of the reservoir. See you on the water Paul.

Stocks: Saturday June 20th

Date:    Saturday June 20th
Report Author:    Pete
Best Catch:    13 fish by Steven Lind
Heaviest Bag:    10lb 12oz for 5 fish by Stuart Morgan
Best Rainbow:    4lb 8oz by Steven Lind
Best Brownie:    3lb by Dennis Dougan
Best Blue:    N/a
Bank Rod Av:    4.25 fish per angler
Boat Rod Av:    5.36 fish per angler
Sport: The day started well with good cloud cover and only slight winds these picked up a little as the day progressed but this didn’t seem to put the fish off with some good catches coming from both the boat and the bank. On the bank Stocks season ticket holder Rudolph Quigliana had a cracking days sport with 7 fishing falling to drys with a daddy long legs being his top pattern. Rudolph commented on how exciting the fishing had been and the fact that one of the stocks monsters had grabbed his daddy, took off and never stopped, smashing his 10lb fluorocarbon like it was 1lb line. Also on the bank regular Dennis Dougan had a good days fishing catching 5 fish from Grindys lawn including a beautiful full finned and spotted brownie, which he quickly released to fight another day.
Out on the boats Stuart Morgan had a good days fishing catching 8 fish from the alders and weighing in the heaviest bag of the day with 5 fish weighing 10lb 12oz. Also on the boats Stocks G-Tec anglers Nick Halstead and Carl Nixon had 16 fish between them all on dries with a new pattern under test called a Chebley???? (Don’t ask cos I don’t know) But top rod today was Scottish angler Steven Lind who had a cracking 13 fish from the East Bank, Steve was pulling lures just under the surface and found the fish eager to chase. With dries being the best tactics at the moment make sure to stock up on daddies, hoppers and beetles when you arrive because the action will be electric. See you in the lodge Pete.

Stocks:Friday 19th June

Date:    Friday 19th June
Report Author:    Matthew
Best Catch:    13 fish for Peter Andrews
Heaviest Bag:    5 fish for 12lb 6oz Steve Ainsworth
Best Rainbow:    3lb 9oz Peter Scholes
Best Brownie:    3lb Anton Gysbers
Best Blue:
Bank Rod Av:    2.71 fish per angler
Boat Rod Av:    4.71
Sport: Today we held the final qualifying heat of the Anglian water Airflow competition. Three teams set to the water to battle for two places in the final. Taking the top spot were the Stocks Falcons with 31 fish for 64lb 8oz. A cracking team effort with Ian Gaskell also taking top rod with 11 fish. Good angling guys! Second place went to the Stocks Barracudas with a strong performance netting 25 fish.
Commiserations to Team Enterprise who narrowly missed out.
Out side of the competition Cyril Procter and Peter Andrews had a super day with 22 fish! They found the fish at the dam and Newclose bay.
This morning saw the bulk of fish coming to the dry fly with Daddy long legs and hoppers doing the trick. Other methods doing the business seem to be the washing line with the good old cats booby accounting for a lot of fish! Buzzers and diawl bachs are still performing well with fish also eager to chase flies across the surface.
I now it sounds daft but dries, pulling, wets, nymphs are all accounting for good scores! As for areas now that the water has warmed up a little I would be just as happy drifting the middle basin as I would tight along the shore in New Close Bay.
Tight lines Matthew


Pictured right

The Stocks Falcons

Stocks:Thursday 18th June

Date:    Thursday 18th June.
Report Author:    Paul.
Best Catch:    Several anglers landed over 10 fish.
Heaviest Bag:    2 fish weighing 14lb 8oz for Brendan Ginty.
Best Rainbow:    6lb for Mike Laycock.
Best Brownie:    12lb 4oz for Brendan Ginty.
Best Blue:    N/a.
Bank Rod Av:     5.33 fish per angler.
Boat Rod Av:     8.42 fish per angler.
Sport  The wind was the main feature of the weather today with a strong, squally southerly hampering presentation and casting but despite these conditions there were some fantastic catches made and some cracking specimens landed including a super 12lb 4oz brownie that was caught by Brendan Ginty. Brendan caught his huge fish from Hollins bay with a pink disco fly. (See pic tomorrow) The boats fished exceptionally well today with several anglers landing well into double figures of trout. It was hard to say which was the best method because there were a variety of flies and patterns working well and many areas producing good catches. If the wind had not been so strong we would have seen some cricket scores. See you on the water Paul.

Stocks: Tuesday June 16th

Report Author:    Pete
Best Catch:    15 fish by Mr Blair
Heaviest Bag:    14lb 11oz for 5 fish by Alan Southern
Best Rainbow:    9lb 8oz By Stuart Cullen
Best Brownie:    Several at 2lb 8oz
Best Blue:    N/a
Bank Rod Av:    3.83 fish per angler
Boat Rod Av:    7.91 fish per angler
Sport: Well if you weren’t here today you missed an almost perfect day for fishing warm light breeze and decent cloud cover. This meant there were free rising fish over almost the whole reservoir with the best fishing coming from the boats with an average of 7.91 fish per angler. Top rod goes to Mr Blair who had all his fish on diawl bachs fished just under the surface. Also on the boats Stocks guide Paul Bebb was out with hic client Jimmy brown they drifted most of the reservoir and landed in excess of 20 fish all on dries. Our own Matt Taylor was also fishing this evening with Regular Rob Denson they had a cracking Haul of twenty fish again on nymphs and dries. On the bank Stuart Cullen had a cracking days angling with 10 fish from Hollins Point including a lovely fish of 9lb 8oz, most of his fish fell to damsel nymphs and shipman’s buzzers. See you in the lodge Pete